How To Sell Items in Lightyear Frontier

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Anwell Patdu
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I’m sure that after the first half hour or so, you’ll notice that items actually have some monetary value in Lightyear Frontier. Under the Economics tab, you’ll find detailed prices, along with increases or decreases based on their suggested retail value. But you can’t find a merchant or seller in sight. So, that brings us to this guide on how to sell items in Lightyear Frontier.

Unlocking the Merchant Landing Pad

Merchant Landing Pad

The merchant directly visits your farm once you’ve crafted the Merchant Landing Dock. The recipe only gets unlocked after getting rid of the Noxious Slime in Pine Heights and successfully restoring the area. Get your Irrigation Hose out and spray those deadly puddles! I suggest starting with the ones close to a pond or other water source, especially since you’ll have a limited water tank capacity at this point.

The Merchant Landing Dock only requires three things to craft: Red Crystals, Aluminum Rods, and Stone. Red Crystals are a resource that is unique to Pine Heights – you’ll need an upgraded Spike Saw to mine them. The remaining resources should be no sweat for an experienced farmer like you.

All that’s left is to find an open area near your farm, place the construct, and supply the materials. Get some shut-eye, and once you wake up, Lola’s Agri-Mechanicals will be open for business.

Selling Items in Lightyear Frontier

Selling Items in Lightyear Frontier

Lola arrives every day sometime in the morning. Her shop will be open until she leaves later in the afternoon. This gives you a decent window to do shopping or offload some of your resources. I like to spend a couple of days collecting items I want to sell and then selling them in bulk. This way, I won’t have to wait for Lola to arrive before I venture out.

You can pretty much sell anything you want in Lightyear Frontier. Lola buys everything in bulk as long as it has value. You can check the price of each item in the Economics tab or view them directly from Lola’s shop. There are even indicators of increased (or decreased) prices directly from the Sell tab, making it convenient to dispose of items at a higher value.

Lola’s Agri-Mechanicals will have a different stock of items every day. So, I suggest buying anything that fancies your eye right away since there’s really no certainty of when it’s coming back. You should also be on the lookout for items on sale. Lola regularly cuts prices in half – I even got a nice discount on some mech upgrades.

Wrapping Things Up

It can be fun to build your farm and expand with the buildings and decorations you unlock through the discovery of new items. You honestly don’t need to sell any items to get past the game’s early stages. However, the Lola can sell some rare items, unlockable recipes, and unique upgrades for your mech. These are some things you wouldn’t want to miss out on and will be the main reason you’d need to sell items in Lightyear Frontier.

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