How to Sleep in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Everything you ever need to know about sleeping in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Including how to sleep in Animal Crossing.

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Ever wondered how to sleep in Animal Crossing? Perhaps you might have heard of how you can dream about faraway islands, and exploring new worlds. Well, this article will explain how you can sleep in Animal Crossing, as well as some other nifty little sleep-related tricks.

How to Sleep in Animal Crossing?

To sleep in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, all you need to do is approach a suitable piece of furniture and jump on. Certain items such as beds, cots, or hammocks, can be leaped on when walking toward them. Your character then lays on their back where they can fall asleep.

To leap up on a bed, all you have to do is walk into it from either side. Make sure there is no item blocking you, although the mechanic is pretty forgiving anyway. Walk into the bed as seen in the image below, and you will jump on!

A character walking towards their bed in Animal Crossing.

When you do so, you will be given two options. You will be asked if you just wish to lay there, or if you wish to get some sleep.

It is important to note that if it is your first night on your island, you will not get these options. Instead, your character will automatically fall asleep, and the game will progress to the next day. It will then adjust to the same time that your Switch is set to.

The popup message that displays when you lay in bed in Animal Crossing.

“I’ll just lie down”

If you select this option, your character won’t actually fall asleep. Instead, they will just lay on the bed until you move the left analogue stick in either direction. This will cause your character to get up out of bed.

Although you won’t be asleep, you can relax in this position for as long as you wish.

“Yeah, I want to sleep…”

If you click that you wish to sleep, your screen will turn dark for a few seconds. You will then wake up in what is known as the Dream Suite. This is where you can enter a dream of your choosing, or create your own…

How to Dream in Animal Crossing?

As mentioned above, to fall asleep in Animal Crossing you must select the appropriate option when entering a bed. This will teleport your character to the Dream Suite. In doing so, you will meet with Luna – who refers to herself as a guide to the library of dreams.

Luna welcoming you to the Dream Suite.

Luna will then explain to you the concept of dreams in the Animal Crossing game. A dream is essentially a stored memory of one’s island, frozen in the time it was set. Everything on the island will remain the same, including the time, weather, season, and items/builds.

Dreams then have dream addresses registered to them, which is a unique identifier for the dream. This can then be shared with other players to visit your dream. When visiting a dream, you will spawn with no items of your own. Similarly, you will not be able to bring anything back with you.

Luna will inform you that you can either create your own dream address, or you can search for one. Note, you will need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to use the dreaming features.

A screenshot of the options that Luna offers you when you fall asleep.

How to Sleep Until the Next Day in Animal Crossing?

Unfortunately, unlike other similar cozy games such as Stardew Valley, sleeping does not progress to the next day. In Animal Crossing, the game’s time is fixed to the time set on the device. Essentially, in-game time mirrors real life time.

But how do you progress to the next day then? Well, you can always just wait like a normal, patient person. Or you can time travel.

Time travel in Animal Crossing is when you close your game, change your Switch’s date or time, and then reopen the game. This will trick Animal Crossing into believing it is a different date or time.

Note, this can have some dangerous consequences such as rotten turnips or unwanted residents appearing. Seriously, time travel is pretty dangerous. Back to the Future made that pretty clear…

The Dream Suite in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

That pretty much covers how to sleep in Animal Crossing. By now you should have a pretty good understanding of how to catch some Z’s in the game, and how to enter the Dream Suite. If you enjoyed this guide, feel free to check out my others!

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