How to Solve the Imperial Gardens Puzzle in Remnant 2 (Solution)

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As you enter the last leg of your adventures in Yaesha, you might come across the Imperial Gardens in Remnant 2, a dungeon with mazes and ancient buildings. This dungeon has a rather tricky symbol-based puzzle that unlocks a secret room, and we are here to help you crack it.

To Solve the Imperial Gardens Puzzle in Remnant 2, you need to find four stone tablets around the dungeon and note down which shapes are drawn on them. Then select those shapes on the wheel, and the secret room will become accessible. Their order doesn’t matter. You need to input the correct shapes.

Let’s talk about the puzzle, its mechanics, and whatever else is hidden in The Imperial Gardens in more detail and help you clear the area faster and unlock all of its secrets.

Solving the Puzzle in Imperial Gardens

Plinth Wheel Solution - Remnant 2 Imperial Gardens Puzzle
The image shows the shapes we had to input. This could be the correct answer for you too. Try it :))

Ok, so once you reach the rooftop with the Plinth wheel, you might start wondering what to do with all the shapes and options you have. The answer lies with the stone tabs scattered around the dungeon.

Each stone tab will have a specific shape etched on it. You need to find all four tabs, remember their shapes, and then input them at the 12 o’clock position of the plinth wheel.

Symbols carved on Stone Tablets
This is what a Stone Tab looks like.

The location of these stone tabs can vary for every player. So, it is best that once you find the Plinth wheel, you thoroughly check every room around the area and ultimately explore the entire dungeon.

You will spot some blocked doorways with root saps in the middle. Shoot them to open up a path. Those blocked rooms can potentially contain stone tabs.

In case you want to check these spots quickly, we have included a map image marking the locations for all four stone tabs in our world.

Stone Tab Locations - Remnant 2 Imperial Gardens Puzzle
Stone Tab locations (in our world)

Once you find all four stone tabs and input their corresponding shapes onto the Plinth wheel, the floor next to the wheel will open up. Drop down and collect the Crossbow Long Gun.

Crossbow Stats

The Crossbow you get for solving the Imperial Gardens Puzzle in Remnant 2 might be a bit slow, but it sure packs a mean punch. And it’ll get even nastier once you upgrade it. Here are its complete stats:

Ideal Range23m
Falloff Range70m
Max Ammo27
Critical Hit Chance10%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus115%
Stagger Modifier10%
Base Stats

Alrighty then, you’ve solved the puzzle and got the prize…its time to head out, right? Well, no. Turns out, there is a hidden room with a second Plinth Wheel in the Imperial Gardens. So, let’s find out where that is and how to unlock it.

Unlocking the Secret Room in Imperial Gardens

Secret Room Location - Remnant 2 Imperial Gardens Puzzle
Hidden Room Location in Imperial Gardens

Once done with the main Plinth Wheel, head over to the location in the image above, and you should come across an ancient tower with an elevator. This is where the hidden room in the Imperial Gardens is.

Secret Room

You can go into the hidden room behind a fake wall, but you’ll come across another wheel and a locked door. To open it, go back outside and climb the stairs to find yourself in front of an elevator.

Step on the elevator to activate it and then roll out of it immediately. You need to look at the elevator walls as it goes up and notice the four shapes drawn on them. That’s what you need to input on the wheel.

Hidden Symbols
A Symbol appears on the moving elevator wall.

Entering the four symbols and opening the locked door will reward you with the Blooming Heart Relic.

This relic restores 35% of the user’s total health over 5 seconds. It also spawns 3 Healing Orbs that each grant 30% of the user’s max HP over 5 seconds. These orbs will remain on the ground for 20 seconds before disappearing.

We think Yaesha has some of the best puzzles among all other worlds in Remnant 2 based on how unique each puzzle is. Not every day, you get to race against a deadly elevator while being chased by enemies on a narrow staircase.

And that’s how you solve the Imperial Gardens puzzle in Remnant 2 and unlock the hidden room in the dungeon as well. For more informative guides on R2, keep visiting WIG!

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