How to Solve the Music Puzzle in Remnant 2 (Solution)

A Melodious Struggle

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Your entire quest in Yaesha revolves around killing a wolf and saving a doe. And to do that, you first need to solve a music puzzle in Remnant 2, which lets you access the boss room. But solving this puzzle is no easy task. You’ll first need to explore all of Yaesha to reach a certain room and pull a particular lever.

To solve the music puzzle in Remnant 2, you need to activate the lever on the opposite side of the puzzle area, then read the hint from the book near the checkpoint inside the room.

Then go to the pinwheel and pull & push the pins according to the hint. Once done, pull the lever next to the pinwheel. Doing everything correctly will trigger the right tune, and a bridge will appear.

Let’s take you through all the steps and help you quickly solve the music puzzle in the Lost Temple of Remnant 2. We’ll tell you how to find the lever, the hint, and how to set the pinwheel properly. Just follow along.

Pull The Lever to Start the Music Puzzle in Remnant 2

Activate This Lever - Remnant 2 Music Puzzle
Reach this lever by exploring all of Yaesha.

The music puzzle in the Lost Temple cannot start unless you pull the lever in the image above to start the pulley mechanism.

And to find this lever, you’ll have to go through all the main dungeons in the world and come out the opposite side to access it. We got to it after defeating the Mother Mind boss in The Nameless Nest dungeon.

Once done, you can open the shortcut door below the lever to go back to the puzzle area. There is a checkpoint in the middle of the room. Activate it and then read the book on the table nearby.

Figure Out the Hint

Now the tricky part starts. You might have seen the pinwheel already. It has five columns and eight rows. Each Column has a symbol on the top. So how do you produce the desired song notes?

Well, first off… you need to check the hint on the book’s first page near the checkpoint. Open the book and note all the symbols and dashes on the first page. These symbols are different for everyone, so it’s crucial that you understand how the puzzle works.

Hint - Remnant 2 Music Puzzle
Note down the Symbols and Dashes. Read the colored text for a better understanding.

There are eight rows. The hint contains eight symbols and dashes. You just have to pull the pins for the symbols mentioned in the same order and leave them pushed for the rows with a dash on them.

Push & Pull Pins To Solve the Music Puzzle

Pin Wheel - Remnant 2 Music Puzzle
They are marked 1-5 from Right to Left. Refer to this picture when reading about the inputs below.

Now that you are on the pinwheel, first, go through all the rows and columns and make sure all pins are pushed (seated). That way, it’ll be easier for us to tell you which one to pull.

The five columns have been marked from Right to Left (1-5): refer to the image above for guidance. Note that your hint will be different from ours. Based on the hint we got from the book, here is the push/pull pattern you will be following:

  • Row 1: Pull the pin under the 1st Column
  • Row 2: Empty – All pins will remain pushed.
  • Row 3: Pull the pin under the 2nd Column
  • Row 4: Empty – All pins will remain pushed.
  • Row 5: Pull the pin under the 3rd Column
  • Row 6: Pull the pin under the 2nd Column
  • Row 7: Pull the pin under the 5th Column
  • Row 8: Empty – All pins will remain pushed.

Once you’ve set the inputs correctly, back out of the pinwheel and pull the lever on the left side. This will trigger the pinwheel and play specific music notes based on the pins you pulled. If done correctly, you’ll hear the same tune as the one played by the NPC nearby.

Activate The Lever Next to the Pinwheel

Once the song ends, a bridge will appear, connecting the puzzle area to the boss room, where you’ll face off against the Ravager Wolf and decide whether you want to save or kill The Doe of Yaesha.

This was it for our Remnant 2 Lost Temple Music Puzzle guide. We have many other informative Remnant 2 guides that can help you find rare weapons, solve intricate puzzles and defeat challenging bosses. Go ahead and check them out!

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