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Alec Padua
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So you’ve managed to finish all the class challenges in this game and at least tried defeating the Fenrir and you suddenly wanted to know how to speedrun Tribes of Midgard? Then look no further as we whip up this comprehensive guide for you on how to do that.

For those who are new to speedrunning, it is simply finishing the game as quickly as possible. Speedrunning Saga Mode is becoming popular for Tribes of Midgard and we’ve even heard some players finishing off the Fenrir in less than 7 Saga days (my friend did it in 5).

And here are some reasons why you should probably consider speedrunning Tribes of Midgard:

  1. You want to beat the Fenrir quickly for the Wolf Saga achievements.
  2. You want to farm Golden Horns for future cosmetic purchases.
  3. You want to beat records.

But before we dive into how to speedrun in Tribes of Midgard, we should know what classes to use for a fun and memorable experience. We’ll also tackle all the pros and cons of using each class in this speedrun guide.

We highly recommend doing this solo as well for an added challenge so that for every Saga attempt, you’ll improve in prioritizing tasks faster, and eventually you’ll be able to beat the Fenrir in less than 5 days.

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Best Classes To Use For Solo Speedrunning

Once your Viking hits Level 2, you can choose any of the classes below that suits your play style.





  • Highest damage combo output among the classes
  • Great mana output giving you the ability to almost spam your weapon skills
  • Easier to clear camps in early game
  • Faster clearing chance on Fenrir
  • Overpowered dodging when you get Reckless Roll blessing early
  • You can roll through temperature damage


  • Longer soul farming
  • Risk of dying in early days of the game unless you obtain Untamed Ashes and find a safe place to revive
  • Need to stack plenty of weapons because its blessing tree doesn’t have weapon durability perks
Warrior Blessing Tree

Blessing Tree Progression:

  • Level 3: Power Within
  • Level 4: Reckless Roll
  • Level 5: Mana Surge I
  • Level 6: Mana Surge II
  • Level 7: Final Act
  • Level 8: Heated Swap
  • Level 9: Free Fall
  • Level 10: Untamed Ashes





  • Easy soul farming through buying Hideout fragments at cheaper prices and selling materials at higher prices late game with the Haggle blessing equipped
  • High chance of clearing Saga quests faster
  • Build ramps and grounds on challenging obstacles in the map
  • You can travel back and forth from your Village to your last known location with Hermóðr’s Waystone
  • Save time in repairing weapons and armor since you’ll be equipping Dwarven Made blessing at the early days of the Saga which also saves you souls


  • Damage output reliant on weapons and runes
  • Beating Fenrir might take longer especially when not equipped with the right weapons and strategies
  • Cannot self-revive when solo
Warden Blessing Tree

Blessing Tree Progression:

  • Level 3: Dwarven Made
  • Level 4: Keeper’s Hands I
  • Level 5: Keeper’s Hands II
  • Level 6: Haggler
  • Level 7: Stairway to Asgarð
  • Level 8: Potion Stacker
  • Level 9: Thunder Embrace
  • Level 10: Axe Mastery





  • Faster map exploration and creating weather-resistant armor is optional since you’ll be having the Tempered blessing at the early stages of the Saga.
  • High healing regenaration rate increasing your surival against Fenrir at the late stages of the Saga
  • Good village defending skills especially during Blood Moon


  • Longer soul farming
  • Cannot self-revive when solo
  • Need to stack plenty of weapons if you don’t equip Weapon Durability in its blessing tree
Seer Blessing Tree

Blessing Tree Progression:

  • Level 3: Tempered
  • Level 4: Fast Revive
  • Level 5: Yggdrasil’s Roots
  • Level 6: Weakening Dew
  • Level 7: Hasty Impulse I
  • Level 8: Hasty Impulse II
  • Level 9: Thunder Embrace
  • Level 10: Home Coalescence

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Best Starter Kits That You Can Use

Best Starter Kits
Harvester Kit, Village Kit, Feral Kit (Circled in Blue)

For the starter kit, we highly recommend the Feral Starter Kit since it already includes a Nothing To Hide rune so this will help in increasing your damage output. This kit is unlockable when you’ve reached level 22 of your Season battle pass.

However, you can also choose either the Harvester or Village Starter Kit which you can unlock in early levels.

Get the Harvester Kit if you plan to build around Nothing To Hide because it will save you time from unequipping armor should you come across that rune during your Saga run.

If you use the Village Kit and you manage to pick up that rune, you’ll add time into unequipping every armor piece just to satisfy its effects. Every second counts in a speedrun.

You can also check out our best runes for Tribes of Midgard list if you want to know which ones to use in your speedrunning journey.

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Tips and Tricks For A Satisfying Speedrun

Every map in Saga mode will be different so if you feel like the map seed isn’t giving you justice, you can abandon your world and start another Saga. Tribes of Midgard right now is not like Muck where you can input your preferred map seeds.

However, you must take note of these essential tips if you want to beat Fenrir before Fimbulwinter comes. We would recommend doing these tips in order but you can always mix these up if ever the opportunity to do these tasks doesn’t present itself.

Rebuild The Quarry

Quarry Requirements
The Quarry is usually located near the Village so you won’t have a hard time spotting it.


  • 600 Souls
  • 12 Wooden Board
  • 9 Cut Stone
  • 6 Wrought Iron

The quarry is one of the most essential structures to have when speedrunning Tribes of Midgard. This is because you’ll be needing a lot of Cut Stone and Wrought Iron in your Saga run.

The Feral Kit already includes a Feral Hammer so it’s going to be easier to destroy barricades that you’ll see along the way. Destroying around 4 or 5 of these barricades is usually enough to rebuild the Quarry.

There might be some map seeds that don’t give away many barricades in the early game so if you feel like you’re getting hindered into doing a speedrun, you can always switch to a different seed.

If you want to speed up your search for barricades, follow the roads and look for upward/downward slope indicators in your map.

Barricade indicator
Try to look for this symbol on your minimap to gather materials from barricades. Having a Feral Kit will help you clear barricades faster but if you’re just starting, either go with Harvester or Villager Kit.

Also, don’t forget to level up your Tinker to at least Level 3 so that you can craft the required materials for both Cut Stone and Wrought Iron in case the materials that you’ve collected from barricades aren’t enough.

After leveling up the Tinker, we also recommend leveling up the Blacksmith to at least Level 3 or Level 4 if you managed to hoard a lot of souls which you will need for later.

If you have a good map seed, you might be able to complete the Quarry within Day 1. But if you’re new to speedrunning, getting the Quarry up before Day 3 is already considered fast.

Rebuilding the Lumberyard is optional if you want a steady supply of wood for your defenses later in your Saga run.

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Get A Quest From The Village Board

Personally, I go with The Witch-Hunt so I can remind myself to grind for souls or any quest that involves collecting resources.

Don’t forget to pick up a task from the Village Quest Board which is located near the healer because you will need Quest Fragments later on.

Here are some recommended quests that you can easily finish through exploring:

  • A Suitable Protection (Give away Village Armor Set – easy to finish when you have the Village Starter Kit)
  • The Witch-Hunt (Slay a Dökkálfar Witch)
  • Rock Solid (Rusty Pickaxe requirement obtainable in Quarry)
  • Empty Nights (Give away Raider Armor Set)
  • Life on the Farm (If you’re planning to rebuild the Farm go with this quest)

If you want some hints on where the Bridge is going to be, check the NPC markers for these quests if it appears on the board:

  • Glacier Peaks Raid
  • Harshest Winter

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Explore The Map As Much As You Can Until Day 3

Follow the dirt roads
Follow the dirt roads on your minimap

When solo speedrunning, you don’t need to defend your Village on the first three days because your NPCs can still handle the Helthings while you explore the map especially if you upgraded one of them to Level 3.

A general rule of thumb is to follow the roads you see on the map as these will lead you to shrines and a couple of merchants and sorcerers.

This will also lead you to find the bridge to the Fenrir’s lair quickly. If ever you’re playing as a Seer and you managed to stumble upon a Smoky Highlands Sorcerer and you haven’t found the Bridge yet, you can purchase a treasure map that can give you its exact location for 800 souls.

Smoky Highlands - Bridge Treasure Map
When in doubt of your exploring instincts, it doesn’t hurt to buy a map.

So prioritizing map exploration while collecting materials is an efficient way to speedrun a Saga. Collect some Mushroom Oils along the way if you manage to find the Land of Pools early so you can get access to higher Health Potion rarities late in the game.

If ever you managed to discover an Ash Beach, try and stack as many Amethysts as you can because you will need it later for Epic weapon upgrades such as Sigyn’s Blade. Collect some Seaweeds as well if you want to stack on some Health Potion III later on.

Also, make a habit of storing all of your materials in your War Chest every time to go back to the Village reducing your chances to rage quit in case something bad happens to your character. Trust me, you’re going to need all those materials in the late stages of the Saga.

If after a few runs you’ve become used to not dying, then you won’t need to store everything in the War Chest. After all, if you’re gonna optimize your runs later and you die from a non-Fenrir-related event, you’re bound to repeat anyway.

Having Soul Potions can also come in handy so if ever you suddenly have over 1,000 souls, you have some sort of protection in case you die in the middle of your Saga explorations also reducing your chances of rage quitting.

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Get Your NPCs To These Levels

  • Tinker Level 3 (You can max this if you want better gathering tools)
  • Trapper Level 3 (For access to Health Potion III)
  • Blacksmith Level 5 (So you could craft legendary weapons)
  • Armorer Level 3 (For stronger shields; optional to max because I rarely craft body armor since I play with the Feral Starter Kit)

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Get A Rare or Epic Weapon Before The First Jotunn Appears

Left To Right: Raider Axe III, Múspelheim Maul IV, Nornir Axe II

Another essential tip to know on how to speedrun Tribes of Midgard is having a powerful weapon. Usually, the Jotunn spawns on Midgard at around Day 2 or Day 3 so having at least a Rare weapon should do the job.

We recommend at least having a Raider Axe III if you want to finish off the Jotunn as quickly as possible. Try clearing as many camps as you can so you can have more souls to upgrade your Blacksmith.

Múspelheim Maul is pretty decent but don’t even bother crafting this weapon if you’re aiming for a Day 5 Fenrir clear unless you’re playing as a Seer and you managed to explore Smoky Highlands. However, this maul is enough to get you into beating Fenrir in less than 10 days.

If you are able to find Land of Pools early, a better weapon to craft would be a Nornir Axe I (or II) since this has a faster attack rate and Lightning damage making it a perfect weapon defending against Helthings.

Nornir Axe even has healing capabilities so it also increases your chances of survival. You might be even lucky if your first Jotunn encounter is an Angrboða because her weakness is Lightning and having Nornir Axe will greatly help you in finishing her off within a minute.

Left To Right: Sigyn’s Blade IV, Baldr’s Blade, Fenrir’s Fang

You can even craft the Legendary Sigyn’s Blade IV in the late game giving you an overpowered life steal ability or Baldr’s Blade if you prefer giving away massive lightning damage against the Fenrir.

There’s also Fenrir’s Fang that you can unlock once you beat the Saga achievement for beating the Fenrir five times.

To summarize, we recommend using any of these weapons for your Saga run since they are the easiest to craft based on experience (these are subject to change once we find something better):

  • Raider Axe III
  • Múspelheim Maul IV (II can also work since you’re only after Fire Trail) **
  • Nornir Axe II
  • Sigyn’s Blade IV*
  • Baldr’s Blade*
  • Fenrir’s Fang (if you hunted enough werewolves) ***

* – recommended for Fenrir

** – hard to craft if you’re aiming to beat faster records but for a speedrunning beginner, this is doable for Saga runs that will last more than 5 days

*** – unlockable via achievement for beating the Fenrir five times

Just a gentle reminder that you’re after completing the Saga with less time as possible and you won’t have the time to flex your best weapons unless there’s a speedrun rule that requires having an Epic or Legendary weapon.

The runes can help you boost your damage output anyway so spend your time wisely.

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Complete The Bridge

Oops, I forgot to bring Ancient Cores (and sorry for those who get triggered with the Cut Stone requirement)


  • 2,500 Souls
  • 50 Cut Stone
  • 30 Wrought Iron
  • 10 Ancient Core

Once you find the bridge, there’s a Shrine nearby that you can fast travel back and forth to your village so if ever you received a lot of Cut Stone and Wrought Iron from the Quarry. These materials are usually brought to your Village War Chest so all you need to do is get these materials and place them on the bridge.

Getting armor for your Saga run is also optional at least in my case since I always have my Feral Starter Kit with me. If I’m going to craft armor, at least go with the Feral set if I want to have a small ounce of cold-weather protection, or just stack some Coldproof Elixirs if I’m going to search for Fenrir’s Lair (except when I’m playing as a Seer)

You won’t need any Elixirs when fighting the Fenrir anyway but if you’re using a Feral Starter Kit, we recommend stacking potions since you’re sacrificing armor for high damage output.

Also, don’t forget to build Village gates at least before the first Blood Moon starts (Day 4) so that you won’t have a hard time defending against Helthing hordes.

Bonus Tip #1: We heard rumors that you can “hack” this step if you see some terrain close the bridge area and you can build ramps/grounds off it. We found this Redditor achieving that very hack in this post.

Bonus Tip #2: We know we didn’t mention the Ranger as one of the classes to play when speedrunning Tribes of Midgard but we found this speedrunning video from kokonotu on YouTube.

If you go to the 14:56 timestamp, you will see that the Ranger can skip the bridge-building part just by jumping over the Fenrir Lair area using Ullr’s Step.

From there he can just activate the Shrine and fast travel and voila, he doesn’t even need to complete the bridge anymore — time and resource-saving hack achieved! However, to achieve this, you will need a map seed that can let you Ullr’s Step to Glacial Peaks.

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Days 5, 9, and 13 Are Vacation Days After The Blood Moon

Helthings will not appear tonight
Great, time for exploring. Carry on Feral warrior!

What we mean by vacations is that there are the days where “Helthings will not appear tonight”. So if you haven’t finished exploring the entire map, then these are the days when you could do it in your spare time.

This is also probably the best time to do event or quest fragment tasks as well if you’ve fully equipped your character with the necessary weapons and armor.

An easier way to remember these days is that after every Blood Moon, expect a vacation the next day.

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Buy Hideout Fragments

Ash Beach Sorcerer - Hideout Fragments
Just flexing my soul. Finally, I can afford those Hideout Fragments.

A good strategy for quickly accomplishing this task is to find an Ash Beach Sorcerer in the early days of your Saga run.

You can buy a Sorcerer’s/Merchant’s Map from the Bright Forest Sorcerer to increase your odds in finding the Ash Beach Sorcerer. It will only cost you 150 souls per map.

Since we’re speedrunning, we recommend buying the Hideout Fragments once you’re done with getting the other fragments to unlock the Fenrir Lair.

It will cost a total of 7,500 souls (1,500 souls/per fragment) if you buy from the Beach Sorcerer and it’s cheaper if you play as a Warden with a total of 5,625 souls (1,125 souls/per fragment) assuming you are equipped with the Haggler blessing.

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Get The Other Fragments To Unlock The Fenrir Lair

Fenrir Lair Requirements
Nothing more satisfying than reactivating the Lair early in the Saga (Credit: Blisterino)
  • 25 Quest Fragments – Finish at least one quest from the Village job board
  • 5 Hideout Fragments – Buy from the Ash Beach Sorcerer
  • 50 Event Fragments – Get these from random map events (e.g. Stag, Rooster, Prisoner)
  • 15 Jotunn Fragments – Get these from slaying Jotunns

If you’ve managed to place all the fragments in the Fenrir lair except the Hideout Fragments and you suddenly have no budget to buy these with your souls there’s one thing you can do: sell everything in your Village War Chest.

Go to your Village War Chest and get everything and sell them to whoever Merchant you find on your map. If you have extra artifacts, sell those as well because they give away a lot of souls (stonks)!

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Beat The Fenrir Before Fimbulwinter (or less than 5 to 10 days)

Attacked By Fenrir

Fimbulwinter is where Midgard enters an endless winter phase so that means neverending Helthing spawns. This usually happens on Day 14 of your Saga.

So you should have access to the Lair on or before Day 13 starts or you’re gonna have a bad time.

Make sure that your village Fortified Gates are at least Level 3 and you have completed all of the Archer Towers. This is to ensure that once when you’ve defeated Fenrir, you can safely Bifrost out of Midgard while your defenses hold.

If you value high damage output, another defensive approach is to upgrade all your NPCs to Level 5 and maxing out the Archer Towers to Level 3 while ignoring the gate upgrades. Also, make sure that the Yggdrasil has over 5,000 HP.

The only downside of this gateless approach is that this is more expensive to do than the first one but your NPCs have a higher chance of surviving against the massive Helthing horde.

But if you’ve managed to beat Fenrir in less than 10 (or 5) days then you might not even worry about maxing out your Village defense levels.

Luckily, Fenrir’s health doesn’t reset every time you die so you just have to keep on coming back to the lair until you defeat him.

Stack up on some Mana Potions as well because this will greatly boost your DPS from using your weapon abilities.

With the right weapons and skills, you might be able to defeat Fenrir in around 5 to 10 minutes which will also give you enough time to escape Midgard through the Bifrost once Fimbulwinter begins.

Fenrir Trick

Upon fighting Fenrir, here are some quick tips to increase your odds of surviving:

  • When the Fenrir howls, dodge roll away from him because he will unleash a powerful AoE skill. You can hit the tail once you’ve escaped his howl.
  • If you have Baldr’s Blade, Sigyn’s Blade IV, or Nornir Axe II, you can also use their healing skills safely after the Fenrir howls.
  • If you managed to craft Múspelheim Maul IV (or II), take advantage of its Fire Trail skill. It gives away a faster DPS and with the right runes equipped, it can give away massive damage.
  • Try to stay under the Fenrir’s belly and keep spamming your attacks and weapon skills against him. It is most likely you won’t get hit with his frontal attacks.

Once you’ve mastered beating the Fenrir consistently in less than 14 days, you can proceed with attempting to beat it in 9 days then eventually 4 days, which is the optimal speedrun.

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Where To Share Your Speedruns

You can share your Saga runs on but you will need to upload a full video of your Saga run to YouTube for the moderators to review.

You can also check the latest leaderboards of who holds the best record in clearing Tribes of Midgard here. Share your gameplays as well in the Tribes of Midgard Discord or Reddit channels.

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We hope you enjoyed our ultimate guide on how to speedrun in Tribes of Midgard. If you like this guide, feel free to bookmark this page as this gets updated depending on the game’s latest patches.

Here’s a short video from my recent Twitch stream beating Fenrir for the first time while Fimbulwinter was about to start.

Watch this bonus video if you want to see how I failed miserably in this speedrun attempt before officially beating the Fenrir using the Harvester Starter Kit.

You can also watch Blisterino’s full speedrun here where he was able to beat Fenrir in Day 5 of Saga Mode (shoutout to him as well for helping me complete this guide during my Twitch streams)

It’s perfectly normal if you don’t get the speedruns on the first few tries so don’t be too hard on yourself.

If you want more of these kinds of guides, reviews, and other gaming news, make sure to follow WhatIfGaming on Twitter to stay updated.

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