How to Stop the Windmill & Rescue the Gnome in BG3

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Abbas Ahmad
Abbas Ahmad
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Baldur’s Gate 3 has its fair share of comical quests, but Rescue The Gnome definitely takes the cake. This rather hilarious side-quest takes your character through a series of events that’ll ultimately decide the fate of an innocent Gnome.

Make the wrong choice, and poor Gnome is no more. Of course, to make sure that doesn’t happen, we’ve come up with a helpful little guide explaining how to stop the windmill in BG3.

Setting Up For The Quest

Rescue Gnome BG3

Like most quests in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll stumble across Rescue The Gnome quite randomly. Once you’re done saving the Goblin Sazza and guiding them back to their home village, a  group of Goblins will ambush you as you cross the Stone Bridge at Blighted Village. The only way to get this fabled quest is by remaining neutral and not drawing your sword. Of course, this means passing a few persuasion checks, but anything for our Gnome friend, no?

The reason for this passiveness is that you’ll run into a couple more Goblins as you head deeper into the village. These vicious fiends will have a Gnome tied to a windmill – a fate they threaten onto you as well if you fail. If you’d turned the Goblins hostile on you at the bridge, these guys wouldn’t be half as diplomatic and would turn their swords onto you without any conversation. 

How To Save the Gnome In BG3

Goblin Ambush In BG3

With some successful persuasion checks, you can convince the Goblins to let you and Gnome off. However, our friend still has their limbs tied to a windmill, and only we can save him. 

Here’s how to stop the Windmill in BG3. Enter the Windmill building, and you’ll find a set of levers. One of them will prompt the “Brake”, and the other will queue the “Brake Release” mechanism. In order to save Gnome in Baldur’s Gate 3, you need to trigger the “Brake” lever.

Once done, you can successfully untie and release Gnome. Our antagonized friend will be very grateful for your help, and he’ll reward you with all the items in his bag. However, if that doesn’t interest you, and you feel the Gnome deserves a much more cruel fate – you can choose to push the “Brake Release” lever and send him flying into space. 

Push The Brake Lever To Save Gnome In BG3

That’s all you have to do to complete the quest. You can either save an innocent soul who had their day ruined by some heckling Goblins or subject them to a hilariously cruel fate. 

If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other Baldur’s Gate 3 guides. Comment down below to tell us what other quests you’d like us to cover!

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