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Have you ever wanted to swim in Minecraft? Well, now you can! With this comprehensive guide on how to swim in Minecraft, you’ll be able to dive into the water and have an underwater adventure or just cool off on a hot day. 

There are so many wonderful things about being under the surface of the ocean, with schools of fish swimming by, dolphins playing near your boat, and even sharks that will stop for some fun. Aside from that, swimming is an awesome mode of transportation.

I love how it’s more than just a game – it becomes my own personal world that I get to explore. So what are you waiting for? Dive right in!

Getting Started With Minecraft Swimming:

The world of Minecraft is full of adventures. Now we are ready to explore the underwater depths, find some ancient structures, and grab some treasure. Also, don’t hesitate to make amazing underwater bases.

To swim, press the forward button, but remember to be in the water to do so. There is nothing inside the water unless you submerge yourself completely in it and then jump out, which is an old trick but still looks fantastic.

Swimming without knowing exact controls can give us nothing but consistent fear of drowning all the time. Let’s see how these controls can help you swim through waters in Minecraft. 

Minecraft Swimming Controls

One of the most frustrating aspects of Minecraft for some players is that they don’t know how to swim in the game. Knowing swimming controls is the key thing that can transform your experience entirely. 

Accept it or not, the goal of the game is to survive. In order to do that, you have to be able to swim using proper techniques that pro players follow. These will help you avoid any risky circumstances and drowning. 

Considering this, if you want to swim comfortably, with ease, and cozily inside the water, you must use the following keys:

Minecraft Swimming Controls for PCs

W-use to swim Forward.

S– use to swim Backward

A– user to swim Left.

D-use to swim Right.

These are keys used in the case of playing on PC. Playing Minecraft in PE requires the following keys:

Minecraft Swimming Controls for PE (Mobile Version)

: use to swim Left.

: use to swim Forward.

: use to swim, Right.

  : use to swim Backward.

Alright, what about the controls for PS4/PS5 and other consoles? How can we forget to mention the controls for PS4/PS5?

Swimming Controls for PS4/PS5

In order to swim in any direction in this fascinating game on PS4, I suggest you move the front stick twice in a row. Different keys can be used depending on the devices being played on.

For Emerging:

PS4  = X key

Xbox= A key

For Diving:

PS4  = Square Button

Xbox = Button B

Well, after knowing these basic keys and controls, it’s time to advance further. Have you heard of Sprint swimming in Minecraft?

Sprint Swimming

 Sprint Swimming

Sprint swimming allows you to swim at almost 5.612 meters per second speed. It is a little faster than walking. But the question is, how are you going to do that in Minecraft?

Sprinting or swimming at full speed underwater, a nightmare for everyone, and is just as simple as crawling in Minecraft. Just pressing W OR ↑ twice can result in swimming at full speed. 

Upon hitting any solid block or attacking a mob could end sprint swimming. Moreover, it would be possible to swim on the water’s surface and breathe simultaneously if you carefully measure swimming angles. 

Minecraft Cliff Diving

 Minecraft Cliff Diving

Have you ever heard about Cliff swimming? If not, then let me tell you, Cliff Diving moves up the cliff by Diving which is nearly impossible in real life. But guess it’s possible in Minecraft. 

Just by pressing the forward key, you can move up the cliff. 

Along with pressing 8 and forward key, it is also possible to climb the cliff at a high rate of speed. You can reach the top in just 15 seconds. 

Let’s move to another fascinating aspect of this game, which is swimming through the air.

Minecraft Swimming Through Air

Minecraft Swimming Through Air

The Minecraft feature that lets you swim through the air is an exciting concept! You can call this a Minecraft glitch or hack, but you can swim through the air. You can also use some mods to enjoy this.

For this purpose, you can dig a 1x1x2 hole, fill it with water, and then you can swim. Add a piston and a lead chain of repeaters and Redstone around the hole. 

Moreover, you have to activate the lever to turn on the Redstone. Then lastly, pick up the water with a bucket and dig one block deep to swim around. 

Alright, just by setting up your command box, you can swim in the air. That might ease things up a bit. In this way, swimming becomes an alternative to running. 

Last but not least, shifting the mode can make it look like swimming in the galaxy. That will help you expand your imagination. If you are bore with this you can try out some magic mods as well.

Lava Swimming?

Lava Swimming

Swimming in the lava. Does it change anything? I believe it does. The player loses all their items if they just fall into damn lava. 

So, here is an update now, and just swimming in lava won’t lose any items or kill you. Now you can collect all the items, i.e., diamonds present across the lava, by swimming into the lava. 

Turn on the Fire Resistance Effect, and the lava won’t harm you anymore. To make a fire resistance potion, you will need:

  • Brewing sand
  • Blaze powder
  • Glass bottles 
  • Water 
  • Magma cream
  • Nether warts

Let’s start by making the potion travel to the nether. Locate a nether fortress. Keep running inside your fortress unless you come across a staircase with some soul sand red fungus. 

And there you have it! Be robust with it. By combining three cobblestones and a blaze rod, the centerpiece has emerged. The effect also requires blaze powder. Now fill your glass bottles with water and place them at the bottom of the brewing stand. 

Don’t worry! It won’t take long. Place the nether wart in the top slot. Wait for it to fill into the water, and you have your “awkward potion.” No one likes awkwardness, right? 

So moving on, leave the potion in the below slots and magma cream. Finally, you have your fire resistance potion. Enjoy swimming in the lava. 

The next thing that can appear in your mind is whether we can build a swimming pool in Minecraft. The answer is YES!

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Final Words

So, now that you know how to swim in Minecraft and all the different ways there are to go about it. It’s time for you to get out there and start doing your laps! 

Whether you’re swimming through lava or just want a cool place to AFK with friends, we hope this blog post helped answer any questions you had on the topic of how to swim in Minecraft.  

If not, let us know what other topics would interest you so that we can make more posts like these. Happy swimming!

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