How to Tell If PS5 Controller is Charging (All Methods)

Plugged In, But Is It Charging?

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Not sure whether your PS5 controller is charging or not? Read this guide to find out how to easily tell whether your DualSense is currently charging and how much charging it still needs.

To tell whether your PS5 controller is charging, simply press the PS button while the controller is connected to the console and you have a USB-C wire attached to it. You will see a flashing battery icon on the Accessories tab. This indicates that your controller is charging. The battery has 3 bars.

We’ve already talked about some key tips to help increase your controller’s battery life. Today, let’s talk about charging the controller and all the different ways it indicates its status.

While the Console is ON

The Accessories icon shows the charging status.

You can quickly tell whether your PS5 controller is charging by pressing the PS button on the controller and looking at the Accessories tab.

When the controller is charging, you’ll see a battery icon that fills 3 bars. This symbol indicates that your DualSense is charging at the moment.

While the Console is in Rest Mode

The lights will flash orange to indicate that the controller is charging.

If your controller is not connected to the console or in Rest Mode, you can still quickly tell that it is charging by looking at the controller.

A connected controller will flash orange lights to indicate that it is charging. If you can see these lights, your controller is charging successfully.

If you don’t see any lights, make sure that you have allowed your PS5 to pass power through the USB ports during Rest Mode. Or try using any other USB-C cable to ensure it is not a cable-related problem.

Alternatively, you can also try to reset your PS5 controller to eliminate any doubts in your mind.

We’ve tried to keep this technical guide as simple as possible. We suggest you check out the rest of our PS5-related guides on the website and stick with WIG for more informative content in the future.

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