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Alec Padua
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So you bought Tribes of Midgard for the first time and you’ve been itching to try every class right away but you want to do it in an efficient manner? We’ll show you how to unlock every class in Tribes of Midgard.

We created this guide so you can save plenty of hours grinding just to unlock the rest of the 6 classes. This is probably achievable in a day or two depending on your gaming skills.

Here’s a quick summary of the class challenges so you know what you’re getting into (and our recommended order of unlocking these classes)

  1. Seer: Exit the Bifrost ten times*
  2. Guardian: Kill three Jotunn in one saga*
  3. Sentinel: Block 25 attacks in 10 seconds
  4. Berserker: Kill 20 enemies in 10 seconds
  5. Warden: Survive beyond Day 15 in a Saga
  6. Hunter: Find all shrines in the map (Spoiler alert! There are 30 of them)

* – can be interchanged

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the challenges, let us begin!

What Class Should You Start As?

Tribes of Midgard - Warrior or Ranger?

Once you go on your first Saga and you reach level 2, you’re given two classes to choose from: the Warrior or the Ranger.

If you want a higher chance of unlocking more characters, we suggest going with the Warrior especially if you’re venturing out alone. The Ranger could also be used but he’s more suited for multiplayer sessions with your friends since he excels in ranged attacks.

So playing Ranger alone might take you a bit longer to complete every challenge, unless your sole purpose is to quickly unlock the Seer which we’ll discuss in the next part of this guide.

If you’re a lonely tryhard, you could actually unlock every class in one Saga with the Warrior (except for the Seer) assuming that you put your defenses up properly in the early game (gates and archer towers).

Or just call your friends and team up to help you accomplish unlocking the five classes in this game. But if you want the lone wolf’s route, read on you bloodthirsty Viking!

Speedrun The Seer Challenge Using Warrior

Tribes of Midgard - Warrior can be used to unlock Seer

Some might argue that there are other characters that are easier to unlock from the start but we highly suggest starting with this class first. Why? Because he has the most healing abilities in the game and it will greatly make your grinding for the other classes easier to accomplish especially the Warden and Hunter class.

The challenge for unlocking the Seer is you must exit the world via the Bifrost 10 times. To access the Bifrost you must slay at least one Jotunn. This is easily doable using the Warrior class.

If you want to be more efficient in your class unlocking, on your 10th Saga run, you must be able to slay three Jotunns instead of one. This is a chance for you to unlock the Guardian which is the next class that we’ll discuss and then leaving the Bifrost to unlock the Seer.

Another way if you want to unlock the Guardian right away is on your first Saga run, try to beat three Jotunns, then exit via the Bifrost then spam either Warrior or Guardian to unlock the Seer on the next nine Sagas.

For an added challenge, you could also go about unlocking the next two classes along the way in our list but we prefer using the Guardian for this one which we’ll elaborate why in the next section.

Use The Guardian To Unlock Two (Or ALL) Classes

Tribes of Midgard - Use Guardian to unlock both Sentinel and Berserker

The Guardian is the tank class in Tribes of Midgard so he will be essential to easily unlocking both the Berserker and Sentinel.

Having Defensive Pillar and Laws of Attraction are helpful blessings for the Guardian so make sure you have both of these before doing this challenge. Unlocking both Sentinel and Berserker can be done simultaneously and there are a couple of ways to do it.

One way is to go to the Land of Pools (or Smoky Highlands like what I did in my last run) and if you’re lucky, try to lure as many goblins as possible and make sure they are more than 20.

Then you could just block their attacks with your shield thanks to your Defensive Pillar blessing and finish them off with Laws of Attraction and spam attack with your weapon.

If the goblins you found weren’t enough to unlock the Berserker class, another way to do it is to wait for Blood Moon events beyond Day 10 and make sure you have at least some fortified gates deployed in your village.

Once the blood moon starts, wait for a couple of Helthings to group up in front of your gates, then you can spam your attacks together with the Law of Attraction blessing.

If you’re lucky to be alive after Day 15 of your Saga then you might have unlocked the Warden already but if you suddenly die in your session then proceed to the next section of this guide.

Use The Seer To Unlock The Warden

Tribes of Midgard - Use Seer to unlock the Warden (and Hunter)

So assuming you died in your last run as a Guardian alone and you wanted to unlock the Warden. This is where the almighty Seer comes in. As mentioned earlier, the Seer has the most overpowered healing abilities in this game so use them to your advantage.

Your Seer class should at least have these blessings equipped: Tempered, Yggdrasil’s Roots, Weaken, and Home Coalescence. These powerups give you weather resistance, seedling stun abilities (aside from healing), more damage against creatures, and added defense for your village, respectively.

Pro Tip: try to rebuild the Quarry as early as possible so you can get free building materials for your defenses in your Saga run.

Ideally, your gates and archer towers in your village should be maxed out before Fimbulwinter (Day 15 of your Saga) begins. This is because Helthing waves become endless and playing alone without defenses might hurt your chance of getting the Warden beyond the 15th day.

If you want to ensure that you unlock the Warden, you can always call your friends to help you out unless all of you die in peril.

Unlock The Hunter?

Tribes of Midgard Hunter

The Hunter currently has a low-tier blessing tree and is the hardest to unlock. So this could be an optional task for you to do unless you believe the devs can improve its skillset in the next updates. Since the map of Tribes of Midgard is huge, finding all shrines might take forever to complete especially if you’re playing alone.

If you manage to explore the entire map and find all the shrines, then you might be able to unlock the Hunter before Fimbulwinter even starts! Also, if this is the only class that’s left in your unlock to-do list, you may want to stack on Nótt for Speed runes for faster exploration.

That’s why having teammates around can help speed up this challenge. One map seed that we explored gave us a total of 30 shrines to unlock and it took us around four hours with a two-man team.

Tribes of Midgard 30 Shrines
That’s right folks, we found 30 shrines in one map, do the math!

But if you want to finish this challenge quickly, you’re gonna need more than two people to explore the map.

And there you have it! You now have the knowledge of how to unlock every class in Tribes of Midgard. Would you approach this unlock guide differently? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Also, feel free to check out our list of the best runes in Tribes of Midgard to help you build your passive combinations for your favorite classes.

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