How to Unlock Manufactories in Skull and Bones

Taking Over Manufactories...One Heist at A Time!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Making sure that you unlock several manufactories to produce pieces of eight is vital for end-game players in Skull and Bones. But there are a lot of manufactory locations to claim in the game, and unlocking them requires engaging in PvP as well. This might be a bit too cumbersome or time-consuming for some players.

Players can unlock manufactories in Skull and Bones by reaching KINGPIN infamy rank, then completing reoccurring hostile takeovers and legendary heists to unlock these locations throughout the map and start earning pieces of eight from them.

What if we told you there’s an easy way as well, which doesn’t require any PvP? Intrigued? Well, if you are, keep reading as we make your brutal pirate life a lot easier!

Hostile Takeovers

First and foremost, you must reach Infamy Rank: Kingpin 1 before Hostile Takeovers and Legendary Heists become available. This rank signifies that you’ve entered the late-game stage.

The first way to unlock manufactories in Skull and Bones is by completing Hostile Takeover events that occur every 30mins on the different capurable manufactory locations.

In a hostile takeover, 6 players compete to take over a manufactory location by weakening its defenses and then defending against counterattacks while fending off other players as well. Once the danger is over, the manufactory will be yours to keep and profit from.

You’ll also need to fund the manufactory with silver. It will only produce pieces of eight until it has silver funding. You can also upgrade each manufactory to increase its production speed & capacity.

Legendary Heists

Destroy the Ship
Sink the marked ship.

The blue takeover event that appears on your map every 30 minutes is a Legendary Heist. This is another method of unlocking a manufactory in Skull and Bones without PvP. Instead of fighting actual players, you’ll be teaming up with two other players and sinking another CPU-controlled ship.

Once you destroy the ship and loot the resources it drops, you’ll need to sail back to any den and turn the resources in. There will be a timer on your screen, so make sure that you reach your den before the timer runs out.

Upon reaching the den, the manufactory location will be unlocked for you to fund and produce pieces of eight from. Easy? Wasn’t it?

Did you know that Skull and Bones supports crossplay and cross-progression as well? Read more here!

Now that you know how to unlock manufactories in Skull and Bones, you can speed up the process of acquiring Pieces of Eight currency and purchase a lot of different ship upgrades from the Black Market.

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