How to Unlock the Myriad Tribe Gear in Biomutant

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu
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Each Tribe in Biomutant has a special weapon and gear set. Read our guide on how to unlock the Myriad Tribe Gear in Biomutant.

The Myriad Armor set is Rarity 40 Rare, with Decent IV Quality and Meta VII Material. It’s a decent armor set and is good in the early game.

It’s one of the items you get when you are allied with the Myriad Tribe and help them conquer enemy Outposts. After capturing the first Outpost, the Myriad Tribe’s Sifu will thank you for your help and reward you with the Myriad Boomerang.

The Myriad Boomerang is the first Tribe item you get from the Myriad Tribe in Biomutant. The Myriad Tribe Gear is the next set of rewards after capturing the second enemy Outpost.

Rival Outpost Takeover

To start the quest, just go to the marker and meet with some Myriad Tribe allies. There should be a small cave under the Sknapptrutt Outpost. They will tell you that scouts have found some Moth Nest’s close to the enemy Outpost.

Here, your main goal is to hit each Moth’s Nest three times to destroy them and force the moths inside the Outpost. This will distract the enemies and weaken the Outpost before the Myriads attack.

The cutscene showing the moth infestation inside the Jagni Outpost

After entering the cave, the first nest should be easy to find and destroy. Once you’ve destroyed the first nest, the next area will have three Jagni guards that you’ll have to face. There are two guards with ranged weapons, while the other only has a sword. I recommend going for the ranged Jagni guards first before dealing with the melee one.

The next nest shouldn’t be far ahead. After destroying this one, the next area should contain a bigger Jagni guard, and one ranged Jagni guard. Again, I recommend going for the smaller ranged one first, so you can focus on taking down the big one.

Before you get to the last nest, a ranged Jagni guard, two melee Jagni guards, and one big Jagni guard will be waiting for you. I suggest dealing with the ranged guard first, followed by the two melee guards and the big Jagni guard.

That’s the hardest challenge you’ll face during this quest. The final Moth’s nest should be right ahead behind a breakable wall. Just use your Old Klonkfist to strike the wall a few times and then destroy the last nest.

Unlocking the Myriad Tribe Gear Set

After destroying all three nests, a short cutscene will play, showing the Moths infesting the Outpost. The Outpost now belongs to the Myriad Tribe, and the Sifu will thank you for your help. During this time, you’ll be rewarded with the Myriad Tribe Gear. At this point, you’ve successfully unlocked the Myriad Tribe Gear in Biomutant.

The Myriad Tribe Sifu thanking you for capturing a rival Outpost

The Myriad Headwear gives you 14 armor, the Myriad Jacket gives you 17 armor, and the Myriad Pants give you 16 armor. Wearing the whole set gives you a total of 47 armor and doesn’t grant any unique bonuses.

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