How To Unlock The Platinum Camo In Modern Warfare 2

Achieve the unachievable. Platinum Camo

Abdul Wasay Farooqui
Abdul Wasay Farooqui
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Modern Warfare 2 has a new revamped camo system in place, and players are looking at ways to unlock the latest camos as soon as possible. After unlocking the Gold camo, people try to unlock the platinum.

This guide will explain how to unlock the Platinum camo. In order to get the Platinum camo, you must complete all the Gold camos for the respective gun class. For example, if you want to unlock Platinum for Assault Rifles, you need to unlock Gold Camos to all the guns in the category, such as Kastov, M4, and M16. So let’s get into it!

How Camo Challenges Work

Mastery Camos can be obtained by doing particular challenges. After unlocking the Gold Mastery Camo, you have to unlock the Platinum Mastery Camo. 

This guide will explain how to unlock the Platinum camo in Modern Warfare 2.

Mastery Camos can only be used on the same weapon category and can not be switched between classes. On the other hand, normal Camos can be swapped without any restrictions.

How Do You Unlock The Platinum Camo

Locked Platinum Camo EBR-14

To unlock the Platinum camo, you must complete all the gold camo challenges in all the weapons of the same category and then do the Platinum challenge, which we will explain in the table below.

Assault Rifles25 longshot kills
SMGs25 longshot kills
Battle Rifles25 longshot kills
Snipers 25 longshot kills
Shotguns20 longshot kills
Pistols15 longshot kills
Melee10 double kills
Riot Shield10 double kills
Launchers25 enemy killstreaks, equipment, or vehicles

Each weapon in the category requires a different set of challenges to be fulfilled before allowing you to equip the gold camo. Once you unlock them all, you can do the platinum challenge.

The challenges for gold camo will differ for an SMG, Sniper, or Shotgun, for example.

These Gold Challenges are pretty basic. This guide will look at the challenges required to obtain gold for the Assault Rifle.

Level 1Get 50 kills with the M4
Level 8Get 50 kills while ADS with the M4
Level 14Get 10 double kills with the M4
Level 19Get 15 kills from behind with the M4
Locked Platinum Camo M4

After finishing all these challenges, head to the gunsmith panel and press customize. Here, you will see multiple options. Choose camo.

After going to the camo screen, check if the platinum is unlocked. You can use your controller left stick or WASD to hover over it and finally select it if it is unlocked. 

If you can not select it and it is grayed out, press on the weapon mastery panel above, and it will let you know what needs to be done to get the camo.

Best Loadouts To Unlock Gold Camo

.50 GS Platinum Camo

As unlocking the Gold Camo is mandatory and the most challenging part of these camo grinds, we have curated these loadout guides to give you an edge over your opponents. 

If you plan to unlock the Platinum camo for assault rifles, try our FTAC-Recon, and M4 Loadouts.

These loadouts are carefully and thoroughly created for you guys to use and have the upper hand compared to regular players. These loadouts give you the best possible variation of the weapon, as well as detailed play style guides.

Best Game Modes To Unlock Camo

These are the best game modes to complete weapon challenges, as they can regularly rotate you around the map.


Invasion is the most accessible game mode to unlock camo, as it involves bots, and you can easily camp at their spawn point, repeatedly killing them as they keep spawning at the exact location.


Hardpoint is a game mode that regularly rotates the objective around the map, which allows you to be in a flanking position nearly all the time and get easy kills.

How To Equip The Platinum Camo In Modern Warfare 2

Gunsmith Page with Gold Camo

To equip your Platinum Camo, Select the gunsmith panel on top of the equipped weapon. After going into the gunsmith panel, press the topmost button that says Customize.

Customization Page

Here you will see many options. Choose the camo option. After going into the camo page, you should see the mastery camos on the left in colors. Use your left stick on the controller to select the camo. 

Camos Page

If you are on PC, there is a bug in the game currently that does not let you select it from the mouse. Use WASD to select the camo and press Space to select it instead.

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