How to Unlock the Sewer in Stardew Valley

Do you have what it takes to unlock and stand the smell of the Sewer?

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Stardew Valley is a farming simulator with unlockable areas like any other farming game. This includes the Sewer. But how to unlock the Sewer in Stardew Valley?

The Sewer can only be unlocked if you have the Rusty Key from Gunther. To obtain the Rusty Key, you need to donate 60 different minerals and artifacts to the Museum.

Museum with a complete collection

After donating 60 items, Gunther will appear at the front of your house the following day. If you are playing co-op, the host player must talk with Gunther at the Museum instead.

Gunther giving the Rusty Key

There are multiple ways you can acquire a mineral or artifact.


Dig an Artifact Spot

Dig an Artifact Spot

While walking around the town or your farm, you may notice that there are spots that look like there are moving worms. These spots are called Artifact Spots.

If you see an Artifact Spot, use your Hoe to dig this spot, and you will receive an item. One of the items you can dig up is an artifact.


Crush a Geode

Crush a Geode

When you are mining, you can find a Geode. They come in different types: Basic, Frozen, Magma, and Omni Geodes.

Clint, the Blacksmith, can open Geodes for 25g. A Geode Crusher can also break Geodes.


Break an Artifact Trove

Break an Artifact Trove

Similar to Geodes, Clint can break Artifact Troves for 25g. These troves have a very high chance of giving you an artifact. You can trade 5 Omni Geodes to the Desert Trader for 1 Artifact Trove.


Fish Treasures

Fish Treasures

Fishes and trashes are not the only things your rod can give you. There is a chance that you can fish treasure chests. These chests may contain rare artifacts and minerals that you can donate.


Mine for Minerals

Mine for Minerals

You can donate minerals to the Museum, and the Mines is a treasure trove for them. Different gem nodes scattered around the mines will give you gems when you break them.


Kill Monsters

Kill Monsters

Killing monsters can reward you with artifacts. Every monster drops a specific artifact. However, the chances are relatively low.


Till Dirt at Mines

Till Dirt at Mines

Certain floors in the Mines have dirt patches. There is a chance you can get a random Artifact when using your Hoe to dig these patches.

Description of an undonated artifact

Tip: You will know that an artifact or mineral has not been donated to the Museum yet if the item’s description appears like this.

What Can You Find in the Sewer?

Unlocking the Sewer with a Sewer Key

When you get the Rusty Key, you can finally unlock the Sewer. The Sewer is open 24/7.

Krobus' Shop

The Sewer mainly features Krobus’ Shop. Krobus is a friendly monster and the sole occupant of the Sewer.

The Statue of Uncertainty

You can also find the Statue of Uncertainty in this area. If you want to change professions, you can pay 10,000g.

The Sewer is also home to the Mutant Carp. It is one of the five Legendary Fishes in the game.

The Locked Mutant Bug Lair

The Sewer also has another unlockable area which is the Mutant Bug Lair. It can be unlocked when you get the Dark Talisman quest.

Those are all you need to know about unlocking the Sewer in Stardew Valley. If you need expert tips in the game, check out our guide.

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