How to Upgrade The Klawbar in Biomutant

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The Klawbar is an important tool that you can use to open jammed doors. Follow these steps to upgrade the Klawbar as soon as you can in Biomutant.

There are different areas that you can’t access unless you smash a wall or pry open the door. To these things, you’ll need the Old World Klonkfist or the Old World Klawbar, respectively. These are some of the only tools that help you explore different areas.

Unfortunately, there are some walls or doors that require an upgraded version of these tools. Just like the Klonkfist, you’ll have to visit a specific NPC in-game and finish their quests.

To upgrade your Klawbar in Biomutant, you’ll have to find a character named Pebble. Pebble is located in Knack Hill, just a little to the west of Sknapptrutt Outpost. You’ll just have to talk to him here, and he’ll give you the quests.

He requests you to check out three different climbing locations and see if they are safe for him to climb. The quests are straightforward to do and require little to no combat to accomplish.

After finishing the quest, Pebble will upgrade your Klawbar to level 2. For an easier time, follow the guide to know how to upgrade the Old World Klawbar in Biomutant.

Unlocking Pebble’s Quest

When it comes to the different quests, Biomutant offers various ways for you to unlock and find them. Pebble’s quest is no different. I personally simply stumbled upon Pebble in Knack Hill as I was exploring the area around Sknapptrutt Outpost.

Meeting Pebble for the first time in Knack Hill

Other players say that they found Pebble out from an NPC that told them to find Pebble. Some players also simply unlocked the quest by encountering a door that requires an upgraded Klawbar to open. So it can differ from player to player, depending on what you do in the game.

How to Upgrade your Klawbar to Level 2 In Biomutant

Once you’ve spoken to Pebble, he’ll give you three climbing tests. He simply just wants you to climb through these routes and check if they are safe enough for him to climb.

The first one is right behind Pebble in Knack Hill. This one you can immediately finish once you start the quest. The next one is quite a long way ahead, located around 2000m from Knack Hill.

The second climbing spot is located in Yerpfields. The Tree of Life and a village named Snodesburg is just close by. Climb up and secure the spot for Pebble. The final one is located very far away, around 2600m away from your current location. So I suggest fast traveling to save up on time.

Pebble’s climb spot test in Yerpfields

The last one is located in Mushimosh Mire. This is located just a little to the left of Pingdish 6K. Just climb up this last one and return to Pebble in Knack Hill. The nearest fast travel point is located at Sknapptrutt Outpost, then you can just make a quick sprint to Pebble.

After completing the climbing spot tests and returning to Pebble, he will ask for your Klawbar and return it upgraded to Level 2 for you.

Obtaining the upgraded level 2 Klawbar in Biomutant
Obtaining the upgraded level 2 Klawbar in Biomutant

You can now pry open tougher jammed doors. Congratulations! You now know how to upgrade your Klawbar to level 2 in Biomutant.

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