How to Upgrade The Old World Klonkfist in Biomutant

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The Klonkfist is a very useful tool. It can help you access secret areas by breaking down walls, make sure to upgrade your Old World Klonfist in Biomutant.

The Old World Klonkfist is one of the first tools you get in the game. It’s a huge mechanical hand that can be used to break down walls to help you access certain areas.

It can also be used as a weapon. The Klonkfist is an excellent early game weapon that you can use as you search the world for stronger ones. It can help you get through some of the tougher enemies early on in the game.

To break a wall using the Old World Klonkfist, you must charge it up before hitting the wall. It takes three tries before you can completely break the wall and enter the area.

At first glance, it may seem that the Klonkfist can break every wall. However, at some point, you’ll run into a tougher wall that requires a level 2 Klonkfist to break. Follow the guide to find out how to Upgrade your Old World Klonfist to level 2 in Biomutant.

Triggering the Old World Klonkfist Upgrade Quest

To upgrade the Old World Klonkfist in Biomutant, you have to first trigger its corresponding side quest. Much like other open-world RPGs, Biomutant doesn’t have a streamlined series of events. You can pretty much go through most of the main story without even knowing that the Klonkfist can be upgraded.

I triggered my upgrade quest by simply encountering a wall that required a level 2 Old World Klonkfist. It wouldn’t let me destroy the wall saying that my Klonkfist was too weak to smash it. This started the Level 2 Old World Klonkfist upgrade quest, called Klick Klack.

Triggering the Old World Klonkfist upgrade quest by encountering an stronger wall

For some people, simply talking to an NPC that talks about Klick will trigger the quest. Klick is the character who will upgrade your Klonkfist for you. So try to either find a wall you can’t break through or the NPC who will direct you to Klick.

Once the Klick Klack quest is in progress, simply track the quest and go to the marked location. You should then find Klick in that area, and he will give you some further instructions once you interact with him.

High Voltage

Meet Klick to upgrade your Old World Klonkfist in Biomutant

Klick will give you the High Voltage quest, where you’ll have to find a Toxanol Zapstation and power up a bar of metal.

Finding the Substation is easy and is just around 400m away. Once you’re at the Zapstation, you’ll have to activate the lever to produce lightning. You’ll simply have to follow and stay inside a blue-ish circle and wait for the lightning to charge your piece of metal.

You’ll have to do this process three times before fully charging the bar of metal. However, after the second charge, a lightning-powered creature will appear. You can either fight the monster or pull the lever again and try to stay in the circle while dodging his attacks.

My suggestion is to just defeat the enemy first since it isn’t that difficult. Just be careful of his lightning attacks since those can deal some serious damage.

After charging the metal three times, all you have to do is go back to Klick and give him the metal and your Klonkfist. He’ll tinker around with it a bit and will give you back the upgraded Old World Klonkfist.

This new Klonkfist will now be able to destroy the stronger walls. That’s all you have to do in order to upgrade your Old World Klonkfist in Biomutant.

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