How to Visit Earth in Starfield (Explained)

Finding Earth - Story SPOILERS Ahead!

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Seeing how massive the star systems and the map of Starfield are, most players wonder whether they can find and visit Earth in the game. Earth can be traveled to early in the game, but our good old planet holds many dark narrative secrets. This guide will tell you how to visit Earth in Starfield and its importance.

To visit Earth in Starfield, travel to the Sol Star System. You can spot the dusty Earth globe and its moon in this star system. Feel free to travel to this desolate and almost resourceless planet whenever you feel like it.

This guide will explain where the Earth is located on the map, when can you fast travel to it, and tell you about the story SPOILERS tied to the planet as well. You’ll discover the real story behind why humanity had to leave the earth in search of a new home.

Reach Earth in Starfield

Sol Star System
Sol Star System – Just above the Alpha Centauri System

Once you’ve completed the introductory missions in Starfield and have gained the ability to fast travel freely, you can then go to Earth. Typically, people attempt this after landing on New Atlantis and joining the Constellation.

You’d be surprised how close it is to New Atlantis. Earth is located in the Sol Star System, which is just above the Alpha Centauri System.

  • Open your star map.
  • Select The Sol Star System and press X to travel to it.
  • Once you load into the star system, open up your map again and select Earth (the dusty planet) to zoom in on it.
  • Mark any point where you want to land and press X to enter Earth’s atmosphere.

Earth surely looks very different in Starfield and is inhabitable. You can still find some resources on it and discover a few points of interests by reading books.


Earth Resource Map
The planet details show all the resources and Flora/Fauna breakdown on Earth.

Here is a detailed list of all the different resources you can find on Earth in Starfield:

  • Iron
  • Water
  • Dysprosium
  • Lead
  • Chlorine

Land near the rocky areas if you are trying to farm for Iron or Lead. The entire planet is covered in sand, so good luck finding anything of interest other than these resources.


Here are all the different landmarks you can unlock on Earth by reading other books and completing certain missions in Starfield:

  • Nasa Launch Tower: Unlocked by completing the Unearthed story mission. [Contains massive spoilers]
  • The Shard: Unlocked by reading the Oliver Twist book.
  • Hong Kong: Unlocked by reading Maurice Lyon’s Journal book.
  • The Empire State Building: Unlocked by reading the Our Last Heritage book.
  • Shanghai: Unlocked by reading the Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics book.
  • St. Louis: Unlocked by reading the Prince of Destiny book.
  • Dubai: Unlocked by reading the Race to the Heavens book.
  • Los Angeles: Unlocked by reading the Hope Family Tree book.
  • Osaka: Unlocked by reading the Diary of Kyosuke Nagata book.
  • Cairo Pyramids: Unlocked by reading the The Ancient Civilization of Egypt book.


What Happened to Earth in Starfield?

Earth in Starfield
Earth in Starfield.

You must be wondering what happened to Earth after seeing it in such a dry and desolate state. Well, a lot happened. But to uncover those secrets, you’ll have to finish the Unearthed story mission.

The gist was that scientists on Earth were trying to build a Grav Drive and trying different methods to accomplish this feat. One day, a scientist named Victor Aiza got a hint on how to create a Grav Drive and an idea of the damages it can cause.

Victor started experimenting on it despite knowing the harm it was going to cause the Earth’s atmosphere. He succeeded eventually, but at the cost of ruining the Earth’s atmosphere, making it uninhabitable for almost all living creatures.

Humans then had to flee the planet, leaving billions behind to die, and settle on Jamison to build New Atlantis. You’ll uncover the dark secrets of the Earth by visiting an Old Nasa Station at the end of the game.

And that’s how you can travel to the Earth in Starfield. Keep visiting WIG to read more informative content on Starfield, and let us know your favorite part about the game so far. Keep your helmets handy during exploration, and be vigilant of Space Pirates, BYE!

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