12 Incredible Sims 4 Save Files (2023)

Find the ideal save file and start your journey.

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Save files make the gameplay experience extremely fun and interesting in The Sims 4. Luckily, there are tons of files available, but it can get overwhelming to find the perfect one. That is why this guide will show you 12 incredible The Sims 4 save files in 2023.

Some of these files work with the base game, while others may require various expansion or game packs. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can find new characters, lots, and even new careers in some of these files. With that said, let’s dive right in.


Dizzy Isy Sims 4 Save File

Dizzy Isy Sims 4 Save File

Starting with a save file that I love and am using currently, Dizzy Isy Sims 4 save file. This file is regularly updated which makes it perfect if you want to use it with the latest version of The Sims 4. You can expect to find over 200 custom clubs alongside tons of houses, lots, and rentals just to name a few.

Keep in mind that you need to have all the packs for this save file to work or a lot of items will be missing. A lot of worlds have also been renovated and filled with interesting details like new books, mysteries, and pictures.

Also, the empty lots will fill up quickly with NPCs if you don’t use them so keep that in mind while using this file.


Not So Strangerville

Not So Strangerville

This save file requires you to have The Sims 4: StrangerVille game pack. It primarily removes all the weird effects from the flora of the town to make it more peaceful. This makes the experience more beginner-friendly since you won’t have to solve the entire mystery of the town.

If you have not completed the mystery yet, you might get spoiled with this file. I highly suggest that you play through this game pack normally before using this save file because the mystery is extremely fun to solve and unique as well.


Simsie Save

Simsie Save

If you’ve followed this creator for some time, you’ll know that they put a lot of effort into their projects. The same can be said about this save file as well. This massive file contains over 400 new lots, renovated versions of every EA community lot, renovated versions of the worst of the EA houses, and more than 300 new families.

If you love interacting with new characters, you’ll be happy to know that each of these families has their own careers, traits, stories, and more. Plus, since this file gets updated regularly, you can expect to find new things like more characters, lots, and tons of renovations.


Ratsave Sims 4 Save File

Ratsave Sims 4 Save File

Like some other save files on this list, this one also requires you to have various game packs for it to work. While you can still download it, some of the items will be missing – which won’t give you the entire experience.

This massive save file contains over 200 entirely new Sims, along with tons of makeovers for current Sims. Since there are so many new characters, a lot of their narratives intertwine, which makes it even more interesting to talk to them.

The worlds of Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, Newcrest, and Magnolia promenade are completely rebuilt, which gives them a whole new look.


Sweetie Wright_84 Save Files

Sweetie Wright_84 Save Files

Before I talk about this file, I’d like to mention that there are two versions – populated and non-populated. Depending on what you prefer, you can download the relevant version and install it to your game.

The populated version contains over 100 households with unique storylines and characters that you will surely find interesting.  All households have backstories but are left open-ended, so you can decide how the stories play out.

The non-populated version has all the houses and other lots without any Sims. So, you can create your own Sims and place them in all the lots. If you do not like building but love character creation, this version is perfect for you.


Base Game Save Files by J. Q. Hani

Base Game Save Files by J. Q. Hani

If you do not have any of the packs, this save file is for you since it doesn’t require any CC, mods, or game packs. Due to that, it only affects the worlds present in the base game. The characters in the base game have had a few makeovers to make them look better.

Plus, tons of new outfits have been added as well for different weather conditions which is always a welcomed addition. As the creator says, make sure that you back up your previous save files in case something goes wrong.


Corner Save File for Sims 4 by Chrissie’s Corner

Corner Save File for Sims 4 by Chrissie’s Corner

This save file has been in the works for more than 4 years which is extremely impressive. The primary reason for this is that every lot and building is being renovated. Plus, all the characters are also getting makeovers which is great.

Some of the new lots in Willow Creek include a gym, spa, park, library, and many more. There are a lot of residential lots as well that you can fill with your Sims. You’ll also find new families and pets in this save file as well.


Isleroux’s World

Isleroux's World

This file has a lot of effort and love put into it. You can expect to find new lots, traits, and much more. The best part is that it gets updated for each new expansion or game pack released. The whole file has a mysterious aura to it and includes new lots like a new diner, bistro, and many more.

Plus, tons of new characters are also included for you to fall in love with and follow their story. You can also find 93 new clubs (which is insane, might I say). All worlds have new lots with their unique traits, and you can find new starter houses in almost all the worlds as well.

It also pays homage to previous Sims games which is always good to see. Finally, a lot of the base game towns have been altered and improved. This is a massive save file!


Skyward Palms

Skyward Palms

This is an amazing save file that adds 4 new lots to the game. Three of them are community lots while one is residential. In it, you get Skyward Apartments, Sofia Restaurant, Teen Hangout Bar, and a Basketball Stadium.

All of these locations look absolutely stunning as a lot of detail and love was put into them. All of the buildings have a distinct look that makes them look different than everything else in the game.


Newlyn Hills

Newlyn Hills

To use this file, you must have some of the game packs, stuff packs, and expansions packs as well. It is a completely CC-free save file that covers Newcrest (Newlyn Hills) and Magnolia Promenade (Lynport). You can also expect to find Blythe Harbor Lite (Willow Creek) – which the creator previously covered.

In this file, you will find various new lots, families, and clubs. All of these are spread across the three locations aforementioned. It enhances those areas and makes them more entertaining.


Portsim Game File

Portsim Game File

While Starlight Boulevard is usually filled with celebrities and glamor, there is a dark theme that this save file explores. This file changes Del Sol Valley and fills it with graffiti and junk everywhere. This is perfect for players who like to immerse themselves in the narrative and lore of the game.

If you want to have an area that resembles the slums of LA, this is the perfect save file for you.


Ten Years Later by Charly Pancakes

Ten Years Later by Charly Pancakes

Finally, let’s talk about the Ten Years Later save file. As the name suggests, this file takes place ten years after the base game, and it shows what the characters and places would look like after a time skip.

More specifically, Willow CreekOasis Springs, and Newcrest will be affected by this save file instead of all the worlds. Since such a long time has passed, you’ll notice new lots like houses and various buildings. Plus, some of the previous lots have been removed as well.

The best part about all this is that there are new Sims in these locations as well. All of them have their own lore and families, which makes it interesting to interact with them.


And there you have it; those are 12 incredible The Sims 4 save files you can try out right now. Depending on the type of gameplay you are looking for, you’ll find something interesting in each save file.

Which save file is your favorite? Do you prefer another file that isn’t on this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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