Insomniac Writer Hints Fall 2023 Release Window for Spider-Man 2

A writer at Insomniac Games may have given away a hint of the release window for Spider-Man 2.

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Spider-Man 2 could release in Fall 2023.
  • Spotted on a writers personal website.
  • There is also mention of multiple Wolverine games.

An Insomniac Games Writer may have accidentally revealed the release window for the highly anticipated sequel to the 2018 title, Spider-Man 2. In a now edited line on their professional website, the indication is that the title is slated for a Fall 2023 release date. However, the statement has already been changed on their website. However, this is also the most likely scenario as well.

Is This A Release Window for Spider-Man 2?

Spider-Man 2 is a special game for so many reasons. It is the first time we will see Peter Parker and Miles Morales share the same game, where each of them have gotten their own dedicated games already, the two are now fighting more fearsome enemies in the sequel, the highlight of the show being the symbiotic menace – Venom.

According to a writer for the game, they accidentally included the following line:

Currently on the writing team for the upcoming Spider-Man 2 (release fall 2023) and Wolverine Games (release TBD)

Another curious thing to note here is that she mentions Wolverine Games in a plural tense which means that there are already plans for making a sequel to the yet-to-be-shown Wolverine game.

Peter Parker and Miles Morales Looking in the distance
Spider-Man 2 Screenshot

Keep in mind, Sony is not always stable when it comes to releasing their big titles.

God of War (2018) was released in April of 2018, Spider-Man in September of 2018, Death Stranding in November 2019, Last of Us part 2 in June 2020, Ghost of Tsushima in July 2020, and more recently, God of War Ragnarok in November of 2022.

Sony is rather sporadic when it comes to releasing its big titles, so we can’t really say definitively if Fall 2023 is the intended release date as these are internal dates within the company.

Spider-Man 2 is slated for a 2023 release date and will release exclusively for the PS5.

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