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Inspector Waffles
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Review Overview

Inspector Waffles is a point-and-click detective adventure game from Goloso Games where players take on the role of Inspector Waffles. A sizeable adventure, where he has to solve a murder, by going to different locations, finding clues, and interrogating various characters. In this Inspector Waffles Review, we will be looking at everything the game gets right, and what the developers can improve for next time.

Story and Writing

Possibly the strongest part of the game is the writing. Its setting features anthropomorphic characters, though mostly cats and dogs that live everyday lives working at the police department or running hotdog stands. The dialogue is well written and quite funny at times. There are tons of puns, and sharp quips, as one would expect, but those are used in appropriate instances.

It captures the tone of a Noir-Esque setting quite well, and like every nice detective story, it goes places you won’t expect. It’s charming, but serious when it has to be, which is a pretty hard thing to pull off, especially when you have characters that look like cute cats and dogs. There isn’t anything to complain about, and I was satisfied with the story presented, and my input as a player felt acknowledged.


This is a game for point-and-click fans, and it’s very true to the core design elements that one would expect. Players visit different locations to examine the environment and look for clues. Your main investigation tool is your notebook that will automatically add clues as you find them. This also includes any important things you learned during conversations as well. Furthermore, the gameplay extends to the conversation system, where you will be interrogating different characters to continue the plot. It isn’t that complicated, and you won’t feel lost trying to wrap your head around the actual gameplay.

Inspector Waffles features point-and-click gameplay, and a notepad for players to use
Inspector Waffles Screenshot

There are also accessibility options to facilitate players that have a hard time with detective games. Players can opt for that at the start, and it will highlight important sections for you. This is highly appreciated, as it facilitates players that simply want to experience the story. You can also get hints by calling your mom (no, seriously), and that’s a good way to narratively add a gameplay mechanic, which you often don’t see.

There are also a few puzzles that might take you a bit, but it’s nothing difficult. Overall, the gameplay is there to service the narrative, and that works pretty well in this type of game. Waffles isn’t a silent protagonist either, and he has a few lines to keep things engaging even when you’re looking for clues in the environment, or solving a puzzle.

Visuals and Audio

Inspector Waffles features a retro pixel art style that really works in its favor. Most characters have a lot of detail and have memorable animations. Little touches like the tail swaying, really add to the personality. Buildings have a lot of elements, with appropriate lighting. The notepad shows up on the right side of the screen, which is ideal for reading. The quality of animations is decent, and the world feels alive.

Inspector Waffles a retro-pixel art aesthetic that we talk about in our Inspector Waffles Review
Inspector Waffles Screenshot

The interiors of buildings have tons of objects, and you will see characters involved in their own routine. These touches can go a long way to enhance the atmosphere, and the game pulls it off effortlessly. At times though, it can be a bit hard to examine certain parts of the environment because certain elements blend in. It isn’t too frustrating, but it can affect the pacing somewhat when you have no idea where the look for.

The game features a jazzy soundtrack, which is appropriate to the noir setting, and themes. It isn’t oppressive and works in the service of the narrative. While the characters aren’t voiced, there are a few nice sound effects between scene transitions. The sound design is one of the highlights of our Inspector Waffles review.

Replay Value

Now, this is a murder mystery, and after beating it, there’s not a lot of incentive to come back to it. It has some achievements that might require another playthrough, though. However, it’s not something you’ll be aching to come back to play again. This isn’t a negative, as some games simply exist to tell a great story, which Inspector Waffles does quite well.


Inspector Waffles has charm, sharp writing, and an absorbing story. It features a wide cast of characters with their unique personalities and a rich noir atmosphere. It’s light in tone but doesn’t shy away from serious moments either. The game doesn’t overstay its welcome and provides accessibility options for different types of players. While simplistic in gameplay, it’s paced well enough throughout its campaign.

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You can purchase Inspector Waffles on Steam, GOG, and now!

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This review is based on the PC version of Inspector Waffles. The key was provided by Hitcents

Review Overview
Great 8.5
Overall Score 8.5
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