Is Palworld Crossplay (Explained)

Thats a Nope. (For Now)

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Palworld is a fun new survival game that lets you capture and befriend Pals (Pokemon), build massive bases, fight other Pal Trainers, and….the game has weapons too! With a game of such a massive scale, you might be wondering whether Palworld supports crossplay / cross-platform progression or not.

No, Palworld does not currently support crossplay OR cross-platform progression. Your progress is tied to the platform on which you buy the game and you cannot play with Xbox players if you’ve bought the game on PC. The devs have plans to add crossplay to the game later.

Palworld Crossplay News

As we’ve stated above, Palworld does not support any kind of crossplay or cross-progression between PC & Xbox. If you’ve bought the game on PC, you cannot play with anyone who is on Xbox.

All hope is not lost, thankfully. The devs have stated on their official Steam FAQ blog post that they are currently working on adding crossplay support to the game. It’ll be added soon. There’s no fixed date as to when the feature will be added though. Hang Tight! is all we can say for now.

You might be interested in these beginner’s tips if you’ve just started your Palworld journey. They’ll help you get some pretty cool pals pretty early on.

Palworld Multiplayer Features

Multiplayer Palworld
Palworld’s World Browser Menu. (You’ll see all your servers here)

Palworld lets you create multiplayer servers that can house up to 32 players at once, and you can also play the game in 4-player coop. You can invite your friends to your server if you’ve enabled Multiplayer from the world settings.

Your character is also tied to the world it was created in. This means you cannot take your character to some other world and retain its level. You’ll have to create a new one. [Devs have promised to provide server/save transfer at a later date as well]

Palworld can also be played completely offline by yourself. We’ve tested Palworld’s graphical performance on the Steam Deck. It runs rather well on the handheld. You can get around 30 fps almost everywhere in the game.

You can also make custom adjustments to the game’s difficulty to make it exactly how you want. Dont like the nighttime? you can make it pass quickly. Are you taking too much damage per hit? You can tweak that too!

Palworld is pretty welcoming toward players new to survival/base-building games and adds enough flavor to the genre to keep things fresh.

We are pretty excited for Palworld’s future. The game sure looks promising, and there’s a lot of fun to be had in catching Pals, assigning jobs, and building bases. Stick with WIG for your Palworld fix!

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