Is Warzone Cross Platform? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Richard James
Richard James
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Being one of the latest successful battle royale titles to date, Warzone has been improving and expanding ever since its release in 2020. The new map, Caldera has been a major uphaul to the original Verdansk. 

While these updates are great and all, does Warzone have basic features like cross-generation play? Or even better, is Warzone cross-platform compatible?

The short answer is yes, Call of Duty: Warzone has always been cross-platform ever since its release back in March 2020. This means you can expect to play the game with your friends on different platforms without any hiccups. 

Needless to say, cross-platform compatibility automatically entails cross-generation compatibility as well. With that said, here’s a detailed look at how everything works.

Can Every Platform Play With Each Other?

As of yet, you can expect to play Call of Duty: Warzone on the following platforms:

  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X | S
  • PlayStation 4 & 4 Pro
  • PlayStation 5

Consequently, all these platforms can play with each other without any specific limitations. However, the PC version will not be able to play with Aim Assist due to the inherent advantages a keyboard and mouse bring to the table. 

How to Play Cross-Platform?

cross platform warzone

The entire process is relatively automated. Therefore, there is not much you need to do to manually initiate a cross-platform lobby. Simply add your cross platform friends as typically would and invite them to your lobby. 

Bear in mind that multi-platform friends are rather tough to add through name search alone. Therefore, you would need their Activision accounts to make it work. With that said, here is how you can add your friends in Warzone:

  • Head to the Social menu usually located in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Select the Friends Tab and hit the Add Friends button. 
  • Add your Activision Account Name and ID in the search bar, it will follow the format below:
[Account Name]#[Account Number ID]

If you are unaware of your Activision account and ID then you can recheck it by hovering on your level meter in the lobby. The ‘#’ is mandatory when entering an ID.

Do You Need to Enable Cross-Play in Warzone?

enabling crossplay in Warzone

Luckily, the game already does it for you! For example, a PS4 player does not need to do anything other than add their next-gen PS5 friend in the lobby. Similarly, an Xbox One player can play with an Xbox Series X | S player with no prior adjustments. 

While this seamlessness is great, some players have been complaining about the unfairness of the mechanic, including certain related issues:

While these issues certainly do exist – especially cheating (we’ve seen our fair share of it ourselves), we’re presuming that recent acquisitions will streamline things a bit further. Fingers crossed.

How to Disable Call of Duty Warzone Cross Platform Matchmaking?

Enabling and disabling crossplay can be as simple as clicking a button, quite literally! The ability to play with your friends is great and all but there are times when you get sick of console players with robotic accuracy. We get it, it is hard to match platforms against each other and expect it to feel fair. 

Therefore, here is how you can disable crossplay from Warzone:

  • Head to the Options menu and click the Account Tab.
  • From here, scroll down until you see the Crossplay option. 
enabling and disabling crossplay
  • Enable or Disable it according to your requirements. 

Note: If you do disable crossplay, then your friends from other platforms will be unable to join your lobby until you turn it back on. Therefore, make sure to turn it back on when needed.

Is it Worth Playing Crossplay on Warzone?

Platform wars have always been commonplace in the online gaming community. You get to see an Xbox player complain about how the PlayStation is garbage. Consequently, the PlayStation players spare no effort in declaring the superiority of their console. Meanwhile, a PCMR player laughs at the naivety of both of them and the cycle continues. 

While the war never stops, it has clawed itself onto the Warzone community too. Therefore, you might get to hear certain complaints from some seriously skilled Warzone players in the crossplay matches.

Needless to say, it’s still a great way to enjoy yourself with your friends. However, your solo experiences might differ. 

All in all, Warzone does have crossplay compatibility, and you are given the option to disable it. However, the option to pick whichever poison is up to you.

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