Latest Nvidia Drivers Add Support for Counter-Strike 2

Latest Nvidia Drivers Directly Name Two Counter-Strike Titles

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • CS2 and CS: GO 2 spotted in latest Nvidia drivers
  • No official mention of either title by Valve
  • Potential update to new engine

According to the latest Nvidia Drivers and some cyber sleuthing, there seems to be support for a game that may or may not exist, depending on how this works. However, considering the infamous GeForce leaks, it would not come as a surprise if this would turn out to be true as well. While it is hard to imagine Valve working on a new Counter-Strike title, we can’t also dismiss the idea.

Is Valve working on Counter-Strike 2?

Updating your Nvidia drivers is a run-of-the-mill practice for PC Gamers in order to always get the best performance from the latest titles released for the platform. Sometimes the driver will even hide support for not-so-big titles as well so Nvidia can just keep the rollout to a minimum as well and mainly prioritizes pushing these driver updates for major AAA title releases. In the most recent driver update, courtesy of some data mining, we may have learned about the existence of Counter-Strike 2.

Alongside Counter-Strike 2, CS: GO 2 was also mentioned in the executables, which could obviously mean Global Offensive 2, which again could also be a thing. While CS: GO and DOTA 2 still enjoy a major share of Steam’s daily userbase, it will be curious to see what Valve can do with these potential updates to the now-aged engine, particularly with the power of the updated Source engine.

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