Leaker Hints At Potential God of War Ragnarok DLC or Expansion

It Is Too Soon For The DLC

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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God of War: Ragnarok Screenshot
  • Leaker has hinted at DLC or expansion for the title
  • Set for a 2024 release date
  • Contradicts game directors statement about DLC for the game

A reliable leaker on the scene named insider_wtf has hinted at the prospect of God of War Ragnarok getting either DLC or an expansion next year, even though Cory Balrog has long since stated that there will not be any DLC for the title amidst the release last year.

God of War Ragnarok DLC Incoming?

On his Twitch stream, the leaker went on to make a claim that the title could be getting something along the lines of a DLC or an expansion in 2024. While the details are cryptic and vague at best, they have also said that the development is about 60% complete.

While this has made many people skeptical of the claim, Sony did this once before with The Last of Us back on the PS3 with the release of Left Behind for The Last of Us on the PS3 and PS4. However, that was a 1 year gap between the two, and ever since then, Sony has seldom done this with other first-party singleplayer title has gotten post-launch content with Ghost Of Tsushima: Iki Island, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Miles Morales, etc.

The ending of Ragnarok was pretty open-ended, so it wouldn’t be too far for one to assume a small Miles Morales sized experience for fans to get excited for the next entry in the God of War series.

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