Least Played Champions in League of Legends (Patch 14.4)

Find out which champions aren't picked in the current patch.

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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There are more than 165 champions in LoL but not all of them are played equally. Some champions have a significantly higher pick rate than others. Today, let’s talk about some of the least-played champions in League of Legends.

Keep in mind that we will only talk about the least-played champions in the current patch (14.4). So, you can expect this list to look different when the next patch drops. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.


Rumble (Mid)

Pick RateWin Rate

Starting off the list of the least-played champions, let’s talk about Rumble in the mid-lane. Rumble is a solid champion that is quite deadly in the right hands.

However, he is often played in the top lane. Despite having a 51.55% win rate in mid, his pick rate is only at 0.6%.

Rumble also has a ban rate of 2.3% which is decent considering how many champions there are in the game. If you see a Rumble in the mid-lane, you can expect him to know what he’s doing.


Ziggs (Mid)

Pick RateWin Rate

Ziggs is a good champion who has fantastic poke and zoning abilities. He is one of the best artillery mages in the game who can chunk down HPs without any issues.

However, despite being a good artillery mage, he isn’t picked a lot in the mid-lane. Plus, his win rate is low as well at the moment since there are better options you can choose from.

Ziggs is mostly seeing success in the bot-lane and even has a higher win rate as well. If you want to play Ziggs, make sure that you choose him in the bot-lane so that you find more success.

He isn’t banned a lot (having only a 0.2% ban rate), so you can expect to get him in almost every game.


Swain (ADC)

Pick RateWin Rate

Swain is one of my favorite champions to play as a support but his pick rate as an ADC is extremely low. This is mostly due to players preferring other ADCs or mages at the bot-lane.

Despite that, his win rate is quite good sitting at 52.07% which is great for Swain players. If you know how to play the champion, you’ll have a great time as he can dish out a lot of damage quickly.


Maokai (Top Lane)

Pick RateWin Rate

Maokai is the best support in this patch and has a high pick rate. However, Maokai in the top lane only has a pick rate of 0.6%.

His win rate is average sitting at 50.56%, so if you want to pick him, the support role will be ideal. However, his ban rate is at a whopping 28.5% which is one of the highest in the game right now.


Rell (Jungle)

Pick RateWin Rate

Rell is a champion that has always had a low pick rate and it isn’t any different in the current patch. Riot did a mini-rework for Rell and that increased her pick rate a bit but she isn’t the most popular in the jungle.

Rell’s win rate is bad as well these days sitting at 47.83%. So, if you want to play her, make sure it’s in the support role.


Heimerdinger (Support)

Pick RateWin Rate

I despise Heimerdinger in any role but we will talk about the support role for this list. He has the lowest pick rate in the support role with it being only 0.6%.

His win rate is quite low as well sitting at 47.76%. Supports that can engage on the enemy are being preferred in the latest patch.

So, that naturally puts Heimer’s pick rate extremely low.


Zyra (Jungle)

Pick RateWin Rate

Zyra is one of the strongest supports right now due to how well she synergizes with the current items and season. However, she only has a 0.6% pick rate in the jungle.

Despite Riot trying to push her as a jungler a while back, players aren’t picking her. This is also evident from her low win rate because there are much better options you can choose from.

Since she is a solid support at the moment, her ban rate is around 6.8% which is quite high in LoL.


Hwei (ADC)

Pick RateWin Rate

Hwei is a fantastic champion who can dish out tons of damage and AoE spells. However, despite all that, he only has a 0.5% pick rate as an ADC. Keep in mind that he is picked a lot more in the mid-lane.

One reason for such a low pick rate might be that he has a ban rate of a whopping 16.8%. Otherwise, he is a great champion and I prefer playing him at the bot-lane.

This is due to this insane wave clear and the ability to harass enemy ADCs without having to get in auto-attack range.


Rumble (Jungle)

Pick RateWin Rate

Sitting at a measly 0.5% pick rate, Rumble makes his way back on the list – but this time as a jungler. Despite being a decent jungler, Rumble doesn’t have a good pick rate or win rate.

He isn’t doing all that well in the jungle due to several reasons. The major reason is that there are better options to choose from and how well they perform in the current patch.

If you are used to playing Rumble in the jungle, you might find a bit of success but overall, I suggest avoiding him at the moment.


Tahm Kench (ADC)

Pick RateWin Rate

Finally, let’s talk about the least-played champion in League of Legends in the current patch – Tahm Kench. While Tahm has a slightly higher pick rate in other roles, as an ADC, he only has a 0.5% pick rate.

That’s not to say that he doesn’t find success. He has a whopping 52.97% win rate as an ADC which is superb.

Having a ban rate of only 0.7%, you can expect to get him in almost every game if you prefer picking Tahm Kench. Still, there are better options which is why he isn’t picked that regularly in the bot-lane.


Those are the least-played champions of League of Legends in the current patch. Keep in mind that we discussed champions in relevant roles and not extremely off-meta picks that only a few players play.

As an honorable mention, Skarner has the lowest pick rate in the jungle sitting at 0.4% but if you look at higher elo, his pick rate is higher as well. So, we didn’t put him on the list this time.

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