Lies of P All Controls List (PC / Controller)

Having issues getting familiar with the controls? Worry no more, we've got you covered!

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Lies of P is finally out and players cannot wait to get their hands on the game. The game offers tons of controls that can be somewhat overwhelming. That is why this guide will show you all the controls for Lies of P.

We will talk about both PC and controller keybinds so that you can get familiar with them without any issues. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.

Lies of P Keyboard & Mouse Controls

Knowing the keybinds before you play the game will help you have a better time. If you have issues remembering the controls, check out the table below for all the keybinds. 

Go ForwardW
Go BackS
Go RightD
Go LeftA
Dash / DodgeSpace
Forward JumpSpace
Switch to WalkingZ
Instantly Check Details / Play Records MenuC
Normal AttackLeft Mouse Click
Charge Attack / Special AttackRight Mouse Click
Lock OnMiddle Mouse Button
Use Fable ArtsF
Use Legion ArmCtrl
Use Belt ItemR
Select Upper BeltT
Select Lower BeltG
Switch WeaponTab
Switch Legion ArmX
Use Item of Extra Bag’s Left Slot1
Use Item of Extra Bag’s Top Slot2
Use Item of Extra Bag’s Right Slot3
Use Item of Extra Bag’s Bottom Slot4

Controller Keybinds 

Use Legion ArmLT / L2
GuardLB / L1
MoveLeft Stick
Forward JumpL3
Select Upper BeltD-pad Up
Select Lower BeltD-pad Down
Switch WeaponD-pad Right
Switch Legion ArmD-pad Left
Special Attack / Charge AttackRT / R2
Normal AttackRB / R1
Use Fable ArtsY / Triangle
Use Belt ItemX / Square
Dash / DodgeB / Circle
InteractA / X
Camera RotationRight Stick
Lock OnR3
Settings / OptionsMenu
Instantly Check Details / Play Records MenuShare Button


That’s everything you need to know about all the controls of Lies of P. These settings will allow you to have a good time with the game. If you do not like some of the mentioned settings, you can always adjust them and see what works best for you.

What do you think about the game so far? Do you like the control scheme that Lies of P has to offer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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