How to Defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P (Boss Guide)

Putting the Masked Siblings Down for Good This Time.

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Abdul Muqsit
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We’ve already tangoed with the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P once during our visit to the Malum District, but they managed to escape that time. Well, worry not, as Pinocchio will get another chance to settle the score with the masked siblings and put them down for good.

This detailed guide will help you beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood during your second encounter with them at the Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field in Lies of P. We will talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each sibling individually to help you get rid of them one by one.

The overall moveset of the siblings remains the same as the previous fight, with some added moves and elemental-imbued attacks. All that and more will be discussed below, so let’s get into it!

Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss Fight

Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss Fight 1
Fighting the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

A few key things to note about your second encounter with the Black Rabbit Brotherhood are that this time around are:

  • All three younger siblings will come at you from the start, and the eldest will serve as the “Phase Two” of this fight.
  • The Youngest will inflict Decay damage.
  • The Eccentric will inflict Shock damage.
  • The Battle Maniac will inflict Fire damage.
  • The Eldest will use a Fable Art attack as well.

You can and should summon your Specter for this fight. He will need some HP or Defense buffs, depending on what your playstyle is. At this point of the game, your wish cube should be upgraded enough that you can heal your Specter at least twice.

We suggest that you kill the siblings in this order: Eccentric < Youngest/Battle Maniac together < Eldest. Killing two out of the three younger siblings will result in P fighting the remaining younger and eldest sibling together. And that is not easy.

The final two younger siblings should be killed close to one another so that you can solely focus on the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

Now let’s individually discuss their movesets and how to counter them best:

Eccentric (Electric Spear)


We suggest dealing with the Eccentric brother first, as his Shock imbued spear has excellent reach and can stagger/slow you down. Slowing down in a 3v1 means death.

Killing this guy would make moving around and maneuvering around the arena a lot easier. You can easily kill him with backstabs and aggressive attacks. His HP bar is not that big anyway. Isolate and get rid of him first.

Here is a look at his moveset (these attacks can also be shock-imbued):

  • Spear Thrust: He uses simple thrust attacks that have a good reach to poke you. It can be a single thrust or a combo of three or four hits. You can dodge, roll away, or parry all of the thrusts to break his posture.
  • Jump Attack: A standard jumping spear attack that can be parried or dodged based on your playstyle.

Youngest (Decay Swords)


The Youngest sibling has access to swords and knives. She coats them with Decay and has a very agile moveset. You would kill her first in the first encounter. This time around we suggest leaving her for second or third place.

The reason for that is her easy-to-drain HP bar and how much damage you can do to her. She usually goes down in seconds once you focus your damage towards her.

She can hit you with the following attacks (these attacks can also be decay-imbued):

  • High-Kick: She uses a high kick that sends you flying and also deals damage. This kick can be followed up with a slashing attack. You can avoid this move by stepping back or parrying it.
  • Blade Dash (Unblockable): She dashes with dual blades to deal massive physical damage. You can either move away from the straight line she will be charging in or hit her with a perfect parry.

Battle Maniac (Fire Sword / Grapple Hook)

Battle Maniac

The Battle Maniac might seem daunting at first, but if you match his aggression with an equally fast and relentless moveset, he crumbles pretty easily. He coats his sword in fire so be careful not to get caught in his multi-slash combos.

Here is the Battle Maniac’s moveset (these attacks can be fire-imbued):

  • Slash Combo: He uses a slashing combo at you that can easily be parried or dodged. The siblings don’t have extensive movesets when you fight them for the first time. They are just there to make life hell for you with chip damage.
  • Sword Strike: A generic sword strike that can be dodged or parried.
  • Grapple Pull: The Battle Maniac can pull you towards himself using his Grapple Hook and then continue with a sword slash combo. You can dodge to either side as soon as you are pulled to avoid the sword slashes.

Eldest (Giant Sword With Fable Art)

Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Once only one younger sibling is left, Phase Two will begin with the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood coming out of the coffin and thrashing you with his giant cleaver sword.

He just starts using a Fable Art that launches a damaging blue light at you. It can be avoided using the objects scattered around the arena. The rest of his moveset remains the same.

Here is a look at his complete moveset:

  • Fable Art Slash: He launches a wide blue light at you that can cause massive damage and even knock you down. The best way to deal with this attack is to hide behind the trash pile towards the right side of the arena.
  • Uppercut: Swing his cleaver sword from the ground up to throw you in the air and deal massive damage. P can block or sidestep this attack to get a few hits in.
  • Overhead Slash: He can smash his sword into the ground to pin you. He can do it once or chain it into a deadly triple-swing combo. Sometimes he likes to pair the combo with a jump attack as well. You can parry this attack to deal massive posture damage.
  • Horizontal Slash: Another attack that can either be a one-off or a three-hit combo. The Eldest swings his cleaver sword at waist length. You can roll away from the attack or try to parry it.
  • Spinning Attack: A spinning attack where the Eldest completes a full circle with his sword and then finishes with an uppercut slash. Parrying it can be too much for some, so we suggest dodge rolling away from him.
  • Jump Attack: This is by far the most deadly attack because of its insane reach and damage. The Eldest jumps in the air, locks onto you, and then slams his sword into the ground to deal massive damage.
    The problem here is that most players misjudge the range of this attack. He can cross a massive distance and still reach you. Be careful with your parry. We don’t recommend dodging away from this attack.
  • Dash Attack (Sometimes Unblockable): The Eldest charges at you and then dives with a sword attack. This attack will sometimes be unblockable and can be perfect-parried.

Cheese the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Run around the trash pile & spam throwables at the enemy. You can even dodge the Fable Art here.

This whole ordeal can be too taxing for some players, and they might have a hard time surviving till the second phase. The Eldest is not an easy enemy to deal with. So, we thought it would be best to include a cheese strategy for this boss fight.

 You’ll need the following items to successfully cheese the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P:

  • Thermite Bombs (as many as you can carry per slot)
  • Shock Cells (as many as you can carry per slot)
  • Acid Bombs (as many as you can carry per slot)
  • Any other throwable you want to use

You can easily deal with the younger siblings by using the Specter to take aggro off of you and then getting behind them to fish for backstabs. You can easily kill them with just backstabs while healing your Specter.

Kill the Eccentric brother, then make your Specter focus on one enemy while you deplete the other’s HP. Once both enemies are lowered to about 10-20% HP, then kill them together. The goal here is to leave the Eldest alone.

In an ideal situation, your Specter will have enough HP and even a heal left to deal with the second phase of the fight.

Once the Eldest comes out of the coffin, hide behind the trash pile (on the right side of the arena, close to the entrance) & you’ll be able to dodge the Fable Art attack.

This trash pile will be your savior throughout this fight. Keep running around it, and empty your pockets. If done correctly, the eldest will go down before you can run out of throwables.

And that’s how you beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P. We hope this guide was easy enough for you to follow along and that you get the W in your fight.

If you are new to Souls games, you should check our beginner’s tips guide for Lies of P to understand the game’s various mechanics better. We have a ton of other Lies of P guides on our website that can be worth your while as well. Check them out in your spare time!

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