How to Beat Champion Victor in Lies of P (Boss Guide)

Victor is NOT a Natty Guys.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Champion Victor awaits P’s arrival in his arena at the end of the Grand Exhibition in Lies of P. Think of this boss as the “Bane” of Souls games. His moveset is easy to get used to, and his attacks are slow and deliberate. Still, if you are struggling with the Champion Victor boss fight in Lies of P, this is the ideal guide for you.

In this detailed guide, we’ll look at Champion Victor’s moveset and weaknesses to help you defeat him as swiftly as possible. Let’s just get into it without further ado!

Champion Victor Boss Fight

Champion Victor Boss Fight

Unlike the other bosses, like the King of Puppets or the Fallen Archbishop Andreus, who have two distinct phases with new HP bars, Champion Victor enters the second phase with the same HP bar (drained to 50%).

His moveset and aggressiveness changes a lot though. The trusty Specter can and should be summoned for this fight. Before we talk about an effective strategy for dealing with this boss, let’s take a look at his moveset.


  • Dash: Victor runs at P and punches him at the very end once he is close enough. You should run away from him, give yourself time to position correctly, and then parry the punch.
  • Hook: Champion Victor throws a standard hook punch that can be easily countered or blocked based on your preference.
  • Uppercut: A regular uppercut punch that can be sidestepped to get a few hits in as Champion Victor finishes the punching animation.
  • Foot Stomp: Victor stomps the ground to pin you down. This slow attack can be dodged by stepping back and then closing in for a few quick light attacks.
  • Consecutive Punches (might be unblockable): The boss punches you multiple times (the amount can vary) and keeps pushing forward to close the gap.
    You can hold your block or keep dodging away from the hits until he stops. Dodging away can be risky, especially if you don’t have enough stamina.
  • Fist Smash: Victor throws both of his fits on the ground. This smash attack can easily be dodged by stepping back. Once his hands are on the ground, flank and hit him 2-3 times for easy damage.
  • Jump/Punch: The boss jumps towards you and lands with a punch. Sidestep and hit him from the side.
  • Jump/Stomp: Just like the Jump/Punch combo, Champion Victor will jump in the air but this time, land with a stomp attack. Sidestep and hit him from the side.
  • Grab/ Punch Combo: Victor can grab Pinocchio in one hand and thrash him with punches with the other. You can identify that he is about to perform this attack by looking at his raised palm. As soon as you see it, dodge away quickly.

Strategy for Beating Champion Victor

Champion Victor Phase 2

After facing Champion Victor and looking at his moveset, it should be quite obvious that he is a brute boxer. There are no fancy attacks here. He’s just a not-so-regular-looking dude, throwing punches and kicks at Pinocchio.

Watch his limbs, and you should be able to perfect parry all of these attacks quite comfortably. He is weak against Fire. You should use the flame grindstone and keep hitting him from the sides when he is busy pummeling your Specter.

His attacks are slow and deal tons of damage. You need to step to the side and back off a lot when a hit is coming. Then, get in close for a few light attacks. Don’t get greedy though, as he can shrug you off and deal a lot of damage.

Chipping away small portions of his HP as your Specter takes aggro is the best way to deal with this boss. You will get the Reborn Champion’s Ergo upon defeating Champion Victor in Lies of P. This ergo can be taken to Alidoro and traded with the Frozen Feast weapon.

This was our detailed boss guide on the Champion Victor fight in Lies of P. We have covered all the main bosses you will face up to this point in the game and much more, so go and check those guides out as well. Stick with WIG for your daily Lies of P fix!

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