How to Defeat Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P (Boss Guide)

The Parade Master Got an Ugly Haircut?

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Pinocchio will have to fight a familiar face again as he navigates the ruined Krat City to reach the Hotel. The Corrupted Parade Master is waiting for you exactly where he was before in Lies of P. Deadlier than before, the first boss of Lies of P has a few new tricks up his sleeve.

This boss guide will teach you how to beat the Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P as fast as you can while talking about his moveset, resistances, and weaknesses in detail. Keep reading to find out more!

Corrupted Parade Master Boss Fight

Corrupted Parade Master Boss Fight

The last obstacle you need to deal with before you can reach Hotel Krat awaits just outside its doors. The Corrupted Parade Master has arisen from the dead and is completely overtaken by corruption.

This means in typical carcass fashion, he is immune to acid and weak against fire-based attacks. You cannot summon your Specter for this fight since your connection to the Stargazer system has been interrupted due to the attack on the Hotel.

This time, the puppet will start the fight with his hammer and his face will be covered with corruption strands. He carries over almost all of his previous moves with slight modifications, such as Decay application.


Let’s look at the Corrupted Parade Master’s moveset in Lies of P to figure out the action plan here.

  • Mace Charge: The Corrupted Parade Master will start using this attack whenever you are at a distance. He charges his mace behind him and starts charging at you.
    He leaps forward at the very end and then swings the mace. This attack can be easily dodged by dodging into the boss right before the sweep.
  • Ground Stomp: He can stomp the ground in front of him with his mace. This attack can easily be parried to inflict stance damage or dodged away from.
  • Body Slam (into Crawl) combo: The most dangerous attack in his arsenal. The Corrupted Parade Master launches his body towards you and ends up in a ground belly flop. Unlike the previous fight, he doesn’t stop there.
    After landing, he will crawl forward with his arms four times, and his arm sweeps will deal a lot of damage. You need to stay away from him and then close in for some strikes right after the fourth-arm sweep.
  • Mace Sweeps (Can be Unblockable): The boss swings his mace at you, and most of the time… his second or third swing is unblockable. You can either stay away from him or perfectly parry all of the attacks.
  • Decay Roots AOE: Sometimes, the Parade Master will stick his mace to the ground and launch decay roots at you in a straight line. It’s very easy to avoid them; simply dodge to either side.
  • Minions: The Corrupted Parade Master can also summon Decay-imbued minions to aid him in battle. They are very slow and will only chip away little bits of your HP if you get too close.
    You can deal with them when the boss is far away, OR keep kiting them around the arena.

Strategy For Defeating The Corrupted Parade Master

Corrupted Parade Master Phase 2

This fight is a marathon of sorts. You are alone, and the enemy is quite aggressive too. Ensure you are using fire-imbued weapons, and keep an eye on your stamina bar.

We suggest you keep triggering the boss’s Mace Charge attack by staying away and then dodge into him right before he swings his mace once he starts charging at you.

If done correctly, you will dodge behind him and be able to land a decent number of hits before he recovers. Keep doing this until he starts belly-flopping.

Once he starts using the Belly Flop attack, get away from him, count his arm swings, and get close after the fourth swing to deal a lot of damage. Then get away and recover stamina. Don’t be greedy. Keep an eye on your stamina bar.

When he summons minions, try to keep them aligned behind the boss and then use your Fable Arts to deal damage to both the boss and the minions at the same time.

The idea is to slip in between his animations and deal damage from behind. Keep at it, and he should go down pretty soon.

This is a relatively easy boss when compared to the horrors you’ve faced before him. We hope you found this guide helpful, and check out our other Lies of P coverage as well.

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