How to Beat Green Monster of the Swamp in Lies of P (Boss Guide) One Ugly Swamp Monster.

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Abdul Muqsit
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Multiple NPCs warn you about the monster living at the top of the Barren Swamp, but imminent danger has never stopped you before. P will have to fight the Green Monster of the Swamp in Lies of P to obtain Golden Ergo for Venigni.

The Green Monster of the Swamp is very aggressive; you’ll fight him in a closed-spaced, trash-filled arena. We’ll talk about his moveset, weaknesses, and the best way to navigate around the boss to avoid taking damage and defeat him efficiently.

Green Monster of the Swamp Boss Fight

Fighting the Green Monster of the Swamp

The boss fight can start in a few different ways. The boss can either do an unblockable charged attack at you or go underground and pop up behind you.

If it is the former, get ready to perfect parry it. If it’s the latter, simply roll towards the boss to avoid being launched in the air.

You’ll be fighting the Green Monster of the Swamp across two phases, where it changes form as well. The boss’s moveset remains the same between both phases.

Your Specter can and should help you throughout this boss fight. The strategy we will be proposing also requires your Specter to stay alive and take aggro off of you. Let’s first take a look at the Green Monster’s moveset in Lies of P.


Green Monster of the Swamp Phase 2
The Green Monster of the Swamp Entering 2nd Phase.

The Green Monster of the Swamp has a very aggressive and mobile moveset. It can use its antennas to hit you with a barrage of swiping attacks. If you stay back, the boss will start charging at you and change his direction after hitting the arena walls. This boss is weak against Fire damage.

Here is a complete list of all his moves along with ways to avoid taking damage from them:

  • Floor Swip: The Green Monster throws a backhand attack that is close-range. You can dodge away or perfect parry the attack.
  • Decay Embued Swipe: A similar arm swipe attack that is coated with Decay. Getting hit will build up the Decay and kill you very quickly. Greenie will raise his arms before striking. Get ready to dodge or parry based on your playstyle.
  • Underground Charge: The Green Monster of the Swamp will enter a burrow and start charging at you while remaining underground. He is going to pop up behind you. The best way to tackle this attack is to roll towards the boss when it approaches you. You can dodge forward and avoid taking damage.
  • Ground Smash: The boss will smash both arms on the ground. This attack can be chained into a combo. You can parry or dodge this attack by blocking just before
  • Antennae Whip: The Swamp Monster will start swinging both of his Antennae and pushing forward in your direction. You should dodge, roll away, or to the side and get in for a few free hits.
  • Charge Attack (Unblockable): The boss will go into a frenzy state, start glowing red, and then charge at you. He will change direction and keep charging at you at least thrice in a straight line. Your best bet is to dodge to the side and avoid the straight line.

The boss takes over a broken puppet body in the second phase and becomes very aggressive, but his moveset remains the same. The intensity of the attacks will increase, but you can still deal with all of them the same way you’ve dealt in the previous phase.


You will get the following rewards for defeating the Green Monster of the Swamp in Lies of P:

  • Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo
  • Golden Ergo

This boss is slightly more complicated compared to Champion Victor, who had slow and deliberate attacks. But if you keep your eyes open, use your Specter to flank the boss and hit him with fire attacks then he should go down pretty quickly.

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