How to Beat King of Puppets in Lies of P (Boss Guide)

A Dramatic Encounter.

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Pinocchio travels to the Estella Opera House in Lies of P to fight the King of Puppets and end the Puppet Frenzy. The boss fight is quite a challenge for most players since both phases of the boss have completely different movesets and require you to adapt on the fly.

We will talk about the King of Puppet’s moveset during the first and second phases, mention his weaknesses, and also disclose a cheese method for this boss fight for those who cannot kill him even after dozens of tries.

King of Puppets Boss Fight

Lies of P King of Puppets Boss Fight

You’ll be combating Disruption-causing enemies in Estella Opera House and expect the same from the boss, but that’s where things get a little interesting.

King of Puppets is weak to Electric/Acid attacks in his first form. Once he becomes Romeo, you can damage him more with acid-based attacks only.

The movesets in this fight will change drastically from slow and AoE-based to insanely fast and in-your-face attacks. There are two phases in this fight, so make sure that you keep an eye on your Pulse Cells during the first phase.

The Specter must be summoned for this fight, and you have to ensure that he stays alive till the second phase. Romeo is very aggressive & the Specter can help you a lot by taking aggro.

Ensure that you use the Cube’s wish to heal the Specter when the second phase starts.

Let us now take a detailed look at the King of Puppet’s moveset in Lies of P & figure out the best way to take him down.

First Form (Puppet Monkey)

King of Puppets Phase 1

The King of Puppets will be in his giant Puppet Monkey form when the fight starts. His attacks will have a lot of range and be mixed with quick and delayed strikes. He can quickly jump and change his position to get out of a corner as well.

Here is a complete list of all the moves King of Puppets can use in his first form:

  • Sweep: An attack where the Monkey sweeps his loose arm around him in an arch, causing damage to the player if they are on his flanks. This attack can be avoided by dodging to the front or parrying.
  • Forehand/Backhand Combo: A quick attack where the Monkey hits you with a forehand/backhand combo. You can easily block or parry this attack by pressing the button as soon as you see him winding his arms.
  • Wind Up Smash: King winds up his arms and then smashes them on the ground for a powerful AOE attack that can cause massive HP and stagger damage. You can avoid taking damage by running away.
  • Repositioning Jump: As mentioned before, The King of Puppets can quickly reposition himself by using one of his arms as a support and jumping to the other side. You can get caught in the grabbing arm’s area and take damage. Avoid that by rolling away when he’s about to jump.

    Once down to his last 50% HP, he will become very aggressive and start using these moves as well:
  • Tantrum: Usually done as soon as you drain 50% of his HP, the Monkey starts throwing a tantrum by thrashing both of his arms at the ground vigorously. No need to risk blocking this attack. Just back away to a safe distance and then close in for a few strikes.
  • Drill Charge: King of Puppets starts rotating his claw-like hands and then charges at you. The best way to deal with this attack is to back away.
  • Tornado: King starts rotating his upper body, with his arms stretched out, and starts moving in your direction. This is a wide attack that can reach you pretty quickly. The best strategy here is to get as far away as possible.
  • Body Slam into a Sweep Combo: The King of Puppets hurls his entire body at you, kind of like how you would jump in a pool.
    And then, after landing, he will use both of his arms to perform a sweep attack towards the front. Avoid the attack by moving to the flanks and then get a few hits in.
  • Monkey Sweep: The Monkey will lift himself up using his arms and then crawl towards you. Once close enough, he will hit you with an arm sweep. You need to carefully watch for the arm’s animation to play out and then block the attack.

That’s his moveset in the first form. The goal here is to deal electric or acid damage whenever you can. Don’t leave your Specter to tank all the damage as you need him in the second phase.

Most of his attacks are quite elaborate and easy to dodge. Avoid the AOE attacks by running away and chipping his HP from the flanks. He will go down soon.

Second Form (Romeo)

Romeo Phase 2

Once the second phase starts, Romeo will come out of the Puppet Monkey’s body. Now, the fight’s pace will change drastically. You should heal your Specter as soon as the second phase starts.

Romeo is weak against Acid-based attacks and throwables. He uses a Scythe and is very agile & aggressive. Here is a look at his moveset:

  • Fury Attack (Unblockable): Once the second phase starts, Romeo uses this unblockable attack where he balances himself on his Scythe’s handle and dashes forward for a quick slam attack.
    This attack can kill you if you are not full HP and end up taking all of the damage. Either double-dodge to the side or try to perform a perfect parry.
  • Overhead Leap: Romeo jumps towards you to close the gap and then ends the jump with an overhead scythe attack. This is a very quick attack, and the dodge window here is very narrow.
  • Slash: A standard horizontal scythe slash that can be chained in a combo. You can block or dodge these attacks.
  • Flank Strike: Romeo quickly jumps to either side of the arena and tries to hit you from the side. You can block and parry these attempts easily if you know his movements.
  • Fire Frenzy: Romeo imbues his Scythe in fire and performs a flurry of quick attacks. These attacks can be dodged and blocked.
  • Fire Dash: He can move around the arena pretty quickly while leaving a trail of fire behind. Walking in the flames will cause damage. Just don’t walk on the flames.

To deal with the King of Puppet’s second form in Lies of P, you have to be really focused and quick on your feet. Romeo will hammer you with a flurry of attacks. Your guard and parry need to be on point here. Otherwise, you won’t even get enough time to heal up.

Your Specter can take the aggro off of you, giving you enough time to imbue your weapon in Acid or heal up.

King of Puppets Cheese Strat


The fight with the King of Puppets in Lies of P might prove to be quite the challenge for some players. If you cannot figure out a way to deal with the second phase of the fight, you can use this cheese strategy to your advantage.

The overall strategy is similar to the one we used against the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. You will need the following items to make this cheese strategy work:

  • Acid Bombs at least 5
  • Charge Cells as many as you can equip
  • Cluster Bombs at least 5
  • Thermite at least 5
  • Other throwables that you can put in your extra bag.

The idea is to get to the second phase of the fight with your Specter at max or close to max HP. Deal with the Monkey Puppet by staying on his back and throwing as many Charge Cells as you can at him.

Deplete his HP while saving your Specter. Once the second phase starts, let your Specter take the aggro and try to stay on Romeo’s flank. Wait for him to stand still then dump all your Acid Bombs at him. After you run out of Acid bombs, use Thermites next.

In an ideal scenario, Romeo will go down before you run out of throwables. And that’s how you can easily cheese the King of Puppets boss fight in Lies of P.

We hope you found this boss guide informative and can easily beat this giant Puppet Monkey using the abovementioned strategy. Check WIG daily to keep tabs on Pinocchio’s adventures in Lies of P.

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