How to Beat King’s Flame Fuoco in Lies of P (Boss Guide)

Flaming Hot - Quite Literally.

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Abdul Muqsit
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You will have to defeat the King’s Flame Fuoco boss at the end of the Venigni’s Factory level in Lies of P. While it might seem like an easy fight against a giant furnace, it can still give you quite the hard time if you are not careful of his unblockable dashes and AoE attacks.

This detailed guide is going to discuss the King’s Flame Fuoco boss fight in Lies of P. We’ll talk about the boss’s moveset, how to best avoid taking damage, and how you can use your specter to flank the boss and deal tons of damage. So, lets get into it!

King’s Flame Fuoco Boss Location

Entering Kings Flame Arema
King’s Flame Fuoco boss room.

The King’s Flame Fuoco boss is located at the very end of the Venigni Factory level in Lies of P. You will enter a room with massive acid tanks and a few enemies creeping about.

First, head left and go up the stairs to find Venigni; the man of the hour. Activate the Stargazer next to him to make trips to the boss room shorter.

Once done, you can now go across the room and down the flight of stairs to reach a door with a red light. That’s the boss room. There is a specter summon stand next to the door as well. We recommend using the specter for this fight.

Boss Fight

Lies of P Kings Flame Fuoco Feature

Once you enter the room, Fuoco will start marching towards you and start hitting you or the specter with his giant hammer-fisted right hand. This boss has a lot of sweeping, dashing and AoE attacks in his arsenal.

There is no proper second phase in this fight. The boss just adds a few new attacks to the mix. Let’s talk about his moveset in detail.


King’s Flame Fuoco Burning the Ground.

Here is a list of all the attacks and moves King’s Flame Fuoco will use against you in Lies of P:

  • Sweep Attacks: He can drag his right hand to perform either a left or right sweep. It has decent range and if you dodge late, you will get caught in the radius. We recommend parrying this attack. He sometimes chains two or three sweep attacks together.
  • Sweep Combo: Fuoco chains three consecutive sweeps together while moving forward. This attack lets the boss cover a lot of ground and has wide radius too. If your parry game is not strong, simply dodge to the side twice and move away from the attack.
  • Hammer Charge (Unblockable): He charges up his right hand and dashes at you with full speed. This attack is unblockable and the only valid option here is to perform a perfect parry. Doing so will cause massive stagger damage to the boss.
  • Uppercut into Ground Slam: Usually executed right after the Hammer Charge attack, the King’s Flame will throw a right uppercut at you and then slam the same fist into the ground. Double parrying both movements will deal massive stance damage. Or you can double dodge out of the way.
  • Delayed Overhead Slam (Unblockable): Charges up his right fist and throws an overhead slam. Can be parried easily if timed right.
  • Cannonballs: It can also shoot you with precision using it’s left hand that has a cannon fitted into it. These shots can easily be avoided if you keep moving sideways.
  • Tar Shower: The boss will become stationary and start spewing out a lot of tar in different directions. Stepping into it will damage you and slow you down as well. The tar puddles can be easily be avoided by keeping an eye on the ground.
  • Burning Ground (AoE): The most dangerous attack this boss has. It will release flames across a large area of the arena and cause the Overheat status effect to build up. You need to clear the status effect by using a Purification Ampoule item. Sometimes standing behind the pillars in the arena can prevent you from taking flame damage.


Kings Flame Fuoco Boss Fight 2

You’ll get the following rewards for defeating the King’s Flame Fuoco boss in Lies of P:

  • High-Powered Flame Amplifier
  • King’s Flame Ergo
  • Flame Grindstone

The best strategy here is to keep parrying his unlockables to inflict decent stance damage. Then, once his health bar flashes white, hit him with a charged heavy attack & execute a death blow.

And that’s how you defeat the King’s Flame Fuoco boss in Lies of P. If you liked this guide then do check out our other Lies of P coverage where we talk about different topics including troubleshooting, boss guides, beginner tips and much more.

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