How to Defeat Mad Donkey in Lies of P (Boss Guide)

Hits Like...a Donkey?

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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As instructed by Sophia, Pinocchio sets out to find Geppetto in Lies of P. Once you finally reach the wagon where Geppetto is sitting, you meet a rather angry individual with a donkey mask. You’ll have to fight this Mad Donkey on the bridge to progress further in Lies of P.

This boss guide will help you determine the sole mechanic of this fight. You cannot win in a head-on clash as the Mad Donkey doesn’t easily get staggered and has a massive sword with a lot of reach.

Mad Donkey Boss Fight

Mad Donkey Boss Fight

Until this point, all of your fights could easily be dealt with perfect parries. That changes here. The Mad Donkey fight in Lies of P is designed to teach you the backstab mechanic.

Before we get into that, let’s take a look at the Mad Donkey’s move list:

  • Overhead Swing Combo: This attack is used the most often by the Mad Donkey. He chains a quick overhead swing with a slow and more powerful one. To prevent taking any damage, simply dodge away.
  • Horizontal Swing: A quick side slash that cannot be easily dodged. You should counter it with a perfect parry and get in a few strikes before backing away from his attack radius.
  • Vertical Swing: A quick upward slash that has a very small dodge window. You should counter it with a perfect parry and get in a few strikes before backing away from his attack radius.
  • Unblockable Triple Combo: The Mad Donkey turns red and charges up to start his triple combo. He tries to hit you with a double attack and then charges for a slower, more powerful third hit.

On paper, it might seem as if the Mad Donkey would be easy to beat, seeing as how little move variety he has. But don’t be fooled, this boss is very agile despite carrying a massive sword on his shoulders.

He can match your pace and dodge roll towards you to close the distance. He’s a donkey, rightfully so, he is pretty relentless with his rage. So, where does this leave the player? How should you beat the Mad Donkey in Lies of P easily?

The answer to that…Lies *kek* on his back. Let us explain in detail.

Back Stab

Sidestep between his attacks to perform a backstab blow once the prompt appears.

This boss has a very strong stance and can relentlessly hurl sword swings at you even if you are trying to counter-attack or block. The Mad Donkey’s sword is massive and has a relatively slow swinging speed.

If you are careful, you can see the attacks coming, then step dodge to get behind the boss. As strong as the boss’s front is, his back is vulnerable to death blows.

It should take about 4-5 perfectly timed deathblows to defeat the Mad Donkey in Lies of P.

And that’s how you beat the Mad Donkey in Lies o P. After that, Pinocchio can meet Geppetto and find out where he needs to go next.

This is merely the start of your adventure, and many fearsome bosses Lie in wait. Stick with WIG if you want detailed guides on all of the main and side bosses in Lies of P.

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