How to Defeat the First Boss Parade Master in Lies of P

A Rather Easy First Boss.

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Abdul Muqsit
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Great, you’ve just made it to the entrance of Krat Hotel, but there’s a boss between you and the hotel door. So, how do you defeat the Parade Master in Lies of P? What kind of moves does he use? How difficult is this boss? Learn all that and more in this detailed guide.

Neowiz has been pretty generous in letting players ease into Lies of P‘s world as their adventure begins by throwing less aggressive mobs and minibosses at them, unlike Elden Ring, where the Tree Sentinel greets you the moment you step into Limgrave.

Let’s learn more about the different mechanics the Parade Master utilizes and how you can quickly get used to his attacks to counter them in Lies of P.

Parade Master Boss Fight

Parade Master Boss Fight
Parade Master performing his unblockable move.

As we’ve mentioned before, Lies of P has done a great job of slowly introducing players to more advanced enemies that utilize multiple attacking and defending mechanics.

Parade Master is the first main boss you’ll face in Neowiz’s latest souls-like offering, and you’ll probably sigh with relief after finding out that the boss is considerably easy to beat.

Don’t get us wrong, though; you’ll absolutely get hammered if you are not focused during the fight and dodge/parry properly. Your main lesson here would be to perform a perfect parry.

The boss has two phases, with different movesets in each. Below, we’ll talk about each move and the best way to counter it.

Phase One

Lies of P Parade Master Phase One
Parade Master performing his unblockable move.

The fight starts with the Parade Master charging at you with his shoulder dash move. The boss will stick to you throughout the fight, and most of his attacks have a pretty big AOE. Dodging away will only work in a few instances.

Here are all the moves he uses during the first phase:

  • Shoulder Dash: This move is used to charge towards you. Getting hit by this attack will stagger you and also take off a small amount of HP. The stagger is dangerous; he usually chains this attack with a slam attack. To avoid getting hit, timely dodge to either side.
  • Single / Double-Handed Slam Attack: Most commonly used after a dash attack. These slam attacks cause stagger and HP damage. They can be easily avoided by parrying (which causes massive stagger) or dodging to the side.
  • Grab: A quick single-handed grab attack that deals damage. It’s easily dodgeable since the Parade Master’s attack animations are slow and elaborate.
  • Belly Flop: A wide area attack where the Parade Master jumps and falls flat on his belly. It can be easily countered. You can get at least 2-3 strikes in before the boss regains his footing.
  • Unblockable Ground Slam: The most dangerous attack in this phase. This unblockable attack is recognizable as the boss glows bright red just as he’s about to do it. You cannot block it. The only way to avoid taking damage is to perform a perfect parry.

After you’ve taken off about 50% of the Parade Master’s health, he goes into Phase Two.

Phase Two

Parade Master Pulls out His Head to Start Phase Two

The second phase of the fight kicks off with the Parade Master pulling his head out and using it as a weapon. He uses three new moves along with all the previous ones and becomes noticeably aggressive.

  • Chained Swinging Attacks: Two successive swinging attacks with a decent AOE. We recommend parrying both swings to build a stance break. Sometimes, the boss might throw a third swing in the mix. Be careful.
  • Delayed Weapon Thud: The chained swinging attacks end with the Parade Master resting his weapon on the right side. Getting caught in the animation can stagger you. Avoid that by staying on the left side during the swinging attacks.
  • Unblockable Sweep: Another fast unblockable attack where the only option is to perform a perfect parry. Otherwise, be prepared to lose a sizeable chunk of your HP.
  • Unblockable Weapon Slam: The most dangerous and damaging attack this boss can perform. You can only survive if you perform a perfect parry. Doing so will break his stance almost always, allowing you to get close for a massive damage blow.

As you can see, you’ll need to ace the perfect parry here. Once you do that, the Parade Master becomes a straightforward boss. We hope this boss guide was easy enough for you to follow.

Stick with WIG as we uncover the deepest mysteries of Krat and help you defeat the mightiest bosses Lies of P has to offer.

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