How to Beat Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P (Boss Guide)

Scrapping with the Scrapped Watchman.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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After defeating the Mad Donkey and meeting Geppetto in Lies of P, you will be tasked with exterminating the rogue puppets at Krat City Hall. That’s where Pinocchio will face off against the Scrapped Watchman. This is as far as you could go in the game’s demo build.

We’ll give you a detailed breakdown of his moveset and how it changes between phases 1 & 2. Follow this guide to learn how to beat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P swiftly.

Scrapped Watchman Boss Fight

Scrapped Watchman 1
The Scrapped Watchman entering the arena.

As Pinocchio fights his way to the central hall of Krat City Hall, he finally comes across the final boss of the area, the Scrapped Watchman. Once a dutiful puppet regarded by many…now turned rogue, causing distress in the City Hall district.

You’ll be dealing with the Electric status effect throughout this fight. Almost all of the boss’s 2nd phase attacks are unblockable and are imbued with electricity. You’ll need some planning and a grasp of the Watchman’s attack timings to win here.

Thankfully, the game allows you to summon a specter who can be a great distraction while dealing decent damage to the boss. We recommend using the specter for this encounter, as it makes the whole fight significantly easier.

Phase One

Scrapped Watchman Phase One
Phase One of the fight.

The Scrapped Watchman will be on all fours for the major part of this fight. He has some pretty aggressive and wide attacks in his moveset. As always, performing a Perfect Parry will cause massive stance break damage to the boss.

Since we have recommended that you summon a specter for this fight, we will assume you have done so and suggest strategies accordingly.

They will still be viable if you are soloing the boss, but things might take a little more time because the boss will be focused on you.

Let’s take a look at the Scrapped Watchman’s moveset during the first phase of the fight in Lies of P:


  • Delayed Strike (Triple Combo): The boss will swing each of his arms with a slightly delayed animation and try to squash you. You can either dodge this attack by moving to either side or perform a perfect parry. We recommend doing the latter.
  • Frenzy Rush (Unblockable): The Scrapped Watchman will start rushing towards you with both of his arms swinging. He ends the rush by falling flat on his belly. This is an unblockable attack and can either be dodged or parried. Getting caught in the rush will carry you throughout the arena, and then you’ll get squashed under his belly. Most probably resulting in death.
  • Jump into Ground Slam (Unblockable): He will quickly jump into the air and crash on you to deal massive HP damage. Another unblockable hit that can be parried to make the boss’s health bar glow, indicating an opening for a death blow.

These are the main attacks he uses with some variations here and there. He might use one delayed strike and then chain it with a Ground Slam. Get used to their timings and parry windows.

Once you’ve depleted the Scrapped Watchman’s HP below 50%, he will transition into the second phase.

Phase Two

Scrapped Watchman entering Phase Two.

The Scrapped Watchman will let out a terrifying shriek and a small blast of electricity that covers the nearby ground with electric puddles. This is how he enters the second phase of the fight.

He still uses all of the moves he could use in the first phase, only now…they will all be covered in electricity and be unblockable. You really have to nail some parries here. Or hope that your specter is alive to take his attention off of you.

  • Cannonball: The boss will jump into the air, roll into a ball, and come at you at full speed. You can perfectly parry this attack to deal with massive posture damage. Or, you can dive out of the way.
  • Electric Puddles: The boss will frequently release shockwaves that leave puddles around the arena. He pairs these shockwaves with his other moves. This is why you must focus on maintaining a safe distance when trying to heal. Don’t get killed by stepping into a puddle of electricity when your HP is low.

Keep shuffling around the boss and use your summon to draw his attention. The goal is to stagger him enough and then go for a death blow. Or…you can stick close to his hind and chip away at his HP.

Rewards for Defeating Scrapped Watchman

You’ll be rewarded with the following items upon defeating the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P:

And that’s how you beat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P. He becomes a bit annoying in the second phase, but if your specter is still alive, things will be a lot easier. Stick to his back, keep hitting him with 1-2 hit combos, and avoid the electric pools.

You’ll bring him down in no time! We hope you found this boss guide informative and easy to follow. Stick with WIG for more boss and gameplay guides on Lies of P.

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