How to Beat Survivor in Lies of P (Boss Guide)

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Abdul Muqsit
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As you explore Venigni’s Factory and search for the man himself…you will come across a hidden room with a rather sad-looking individual with a mask in the middle. Talk to him to find out that his name is Survivor and that he absolutely hates puppets. You have to fight this Survivor guy in Lies of P if you want his costume and mask.

This detailed guide will talk about the Survivor’s insanely aggressive moveset, how you can counter him, and a few different ways to use your surroundings to create gaps and catch a breather. This Lies of P boss guide will ensure that you can defeat this sad Survivor as swiftly as possible.

Survivor Boss Fight

Boss Fight
Move Around a lot. Don’t Get Cornered.

The fight will start as soon as you climb down from the ladder, and the Survivor will come at you, sword swinging, with his multi-hit combo. This is a mini-boss, so there aren’t multiple phases to this fight.

You just have to get used to his aggressive moveset and your surroundings. Then it’s just a matter of remaining calm and finding openings to backstab the enemy. You can easily defeat the Survivor in Lies of P by backstabbing him a few times.

Let us first talk about his moveset, and then we’ll move onward to the strategy.


Here are all the moves the Survivor will have up his sleeve when you fight him in Lies of P:

  • Sword Slashes: He can alternate between a few different sword slash patterns. It can be a single, double, or even quadruple strike. They are easily parriable and dodgeable. We recommend parrying the single or double strikes to inflict decent posture break damage.
  • Upward Thrusts (Triple Combo): Survivor’s signature move would be his triple upward thrust combo. Don’t get caught in this combo, or you’ll lose around 75% of your HP. Dodge away or parry if you are confident. He can turn his attack into an unblockable variant too.
  • Dashes: Survivor dashes around the area a lot to close the gap. He can chain his dashes with other moves to keep you pinned down. You can counter-dash to maintain a safe distance.


Use the table to catch a breath if his attacks become too overwhelming.

First of all, you should know that there is a table in the area. That table is going to come in handy. Whenever you feel like the boss is overwhelming you…just start circling the table to regain stamina or grind your weapon.

The goal here is to find openings between his attacks to get behind him and perform a backstab. Similar to what you did with the Mad Donkey. Go in for a 1-2 hit combo and don’t use your charged attack.

The whole ordeal should take less than 3-4 minutes if you are parrying his attacks properly and backstabbing him as well. Use the table to top off your HP, regain lost stamina, or grind your weapons.


You’ll get the following rewards for defeating the Stalker in Lies of P:

  • Stalker’s Promise (Emote)
  • Survivor’s Mask
  • Survivor’s Hunting Apparel

That’s how you can easily beat the Survivor mini-boss in Lies of P. It might seem a bit daunting at first, but once you learn how to parry and sidestep into a backstab, things get a lot easier.

You’ll get good at the game in no time and be known as the deadliest puppet of justice ever. We plan to cover all of the major and mini-boss fights in Lies of P. So, stick with WIG for your daily Pinocchio fix.

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