Lili Joins The Roster of Fighters For Tekken 8

Lili Is Tekken 8's Latest Fighter

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Lili is back in Tekken 8
  • New trailer shows off her moves
  • No release date yet

Lili may not be a legacy character, but she is revered as a fan-favorite character from a good majority of the recent Tekken games, and if you are a fan of her nimble and flexible fighting style, you will be glad to know that she will be able to deliver devastating kicks and look beautiful while doing it in her latest trailer for Tekken 8.

Lili Is The Latest Fighter Added To Tekken 8

Lili is a relatively new character in the Tekken series, and while we have had a good look at a lot of the legacy characters in the series, she is a new face that feels familiar, especially if you are a fan of the previous Tekken games. Lili is a dangerous foe to say the least with combos that can easily keep the enemy in the air with little to no trouble and if you are looking for a fight, she is ready to bring it to you.

Her trailer is nothing short of elegance and poise.

It’s been a while since we have had additions to the roster, but it’s good to see Bandai Namco bring a new face after all this waiting. Lili is definitely a strong addition to the fighter list and while she is difficult to master, once you do get the hang of her, your opponent will have a hard time fighting you.

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