Low Priority Queue in League of Legends: All You Need to Know

Find out how the LeaverBuster system works.

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Riot Games has done a good job at ensuring toxic players get punished for regularly leaving the game or being AFK on purpose. That is why we will show you everything you need to know about low priority queue in League of Legends.

We will talk about the LeaverBuster system and how much penalty you can get depending on how much you leave. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.

League of Legends: Everything You Need to Know About Low Priority Queue

If a player leaves games, they will get hit by the LeaverBuster. You can see who is affected by this at the end of the game when a small “Leaver penalty applied” is written underneath the summoner’s name.

You can even get hit by this if you dodge games during champion select since it disrupts the flow of other players. Depending on how much you leave, you’ll get hit with harsher penalties.

01 minute queue delay1 game
15-minute queue delay5 games
210-minute queue delay5 games
315 minute queue delay5 games
424 hour queue lockout
Followed by Tier 3 Penalty
1 day
53-day queue lockout
Followed by Tier 3 Penalty
3 days
61-week queue lockout
Followed by Tier 3 Penalty
7 days
72-week queue lockout
Followed by Tier 3 Penalty
14 days
via Riot Games

Once you are in low-prio queue, you cannot leave champion select or matches either. If you do, the entire penalty will be applied again. However, if someone else leaves; causing your game to end quickly, that will still count as a normal game and you won’t have to redo the queue.

This is done to discourage players from leaving games or dodging too many queues. This also applies to players who decline too many matches without accepting them. Since Riot knows there are cases when you have to leave the game in an emergency, the first penalty is quite lenient.

LeaverBuster System

Now that you know how the LeaverBuster system works, let’s talk a bit about how it impacts players. Getting hit by it doesn’t only mean that you’ll have to wait before queuing up.

You can also face penalties for your XP or LP gains. So, if you are trying to climb the ranked ladder, you might get less LP per win and lose more if you lose. This can make it extremely difficult to raise your MMR and get the rank you desire.

To know if you’ve been hit by the LeaverBuster system, enter a lobby and click on PLAY. If you have a low-prio queue, you’ll get a prompt. Plus, you can see an info banner on the top explaining if you have a low-prio queue or not.

How To Get Out of Low Priority Queue?

If you are hit by the LeaverBuster, worry not because there is a way you can get out of it. Depending on the tier of your penalty, you’ll have to complete at least 5 games in low-prio queue without being AFK or leaving.

If you have a low-prio of tier 4 or above, you’ll have to wait a day or more before being able to queue again. Even then, you will have to wait 15 minutes before getting into a queue for 5 games.

If you leave the game again after finishing your low-prio queue, you’ll be either hit with the same level of punishment or a tier higher. It takes a long time to reset your low priority counter so make sure that you don’t leave games or dodge a lot.

Also, you cannot complete your low-prio by playing custom games, practice tool, or TFT just to name a few. You have to play matchmade games to finish your queue.


And there you have it; that’s everything you need to know about the low priority queue in League of Legends. Getting hit by the LeaverBuster can feel extremely bad but it is there to make sure everyone has a good time playing the game.

While there are some games where you just have to dodge, make sure that you don’t do it often. Do you think the LeaverBuster system is fair? How would you improve it? Let us know in the comments below!

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