How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

Revolutionize Your Builds with Minecraft Concrete!

Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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Building various structures in Minecraft can require materials that go beyond the traditional blocks you can gather in the overworld. If you want a modern design, knowing how to make concrete in Minecraft is a must. 

With concrete, you have endless design possibilities, allowing you to make the best structures Minecraft players have ever seen. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of making concrete from scratch. 

Minecraft Concrete Powder Recipe

Concrete Powder Recipe

Compared to other blocks, you can’t directly make concrete in Minecraft. Instead, you’ll need to craft concrete powder and turn it into a solid block using water. 

Here’s what you need to make concrete powder: 

  • Dye
  • 4 Sand
  • 4 Gravel
  • On the top row of the crafting table, place a dye and two blocks of sand
  • In the middle row, put two blocks of sand and one gravel from left to right. 
  • For the bottom row, place three blocks of gravel
  • Collect the concrete powder by dragging the block to your inventory. 

Note: This recipe gives eight blocks of concrete powder and its color depends on the dye you put in the crafting table. 

Where to Find Materials for Concrete Powder

Concrete powder needs three materials to be made. Here’s where you can find each material in Minecraft: 


Where to Find Sand

You can find these blocks on any beach or desert. It’s also present on the ocean floor and can be mined by hand. 


Where to Find Gravel

This also appears on beaches and ocean floors. You can also find gravel in windswept gravelly hill biomes. 


Dye Recipe

There are various colors of dye and each of them has their own recipe. Here are the recipes for the five basic colors: 

  • Red Dye: Red Tulip, Rose Bush, Beetroot, or Poppy
  • White Dye: Lily of the Valley or Bone Meal
  • Black Dye: Wither Rose or Ink Sac
  • Blue Dye: Cornflower or Lapis Lazuli
  • Yellow Dye: Sunflower or Dandelion

Once you have the materials, access the crafting table and put any of the mentioned materials in the middle slot. Gather the dye and move it to your inventory.

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

Make Concrete in Minecraft

After making concrete powder, it’s time to convert them into actual concrete: 

  • Find a body of water in the overworld. 
  • Now, equip the concrete powder block and drop it in the body of water. It should immediately suck up the water and turn into a concrete block. 
  • Break the concrete block using any pickaxe and collect it. 

Once you’ve turned concrete powder into concrete, it will stay that way and you don’t have to worry about keeping it wet. 

Concrete Give Command in Minecraft

Concrete Give Command

For players who are in a rush, you can always use the “Give” command to obtain concrete in Minecraft. 

  • /give <playername> minecraft:blue_concrete 15

The “Give” command for concrete has different variations depending on what you need. 

For the <playername> add the name or playerID of the player you want to give concrete. You can also choose what color of concrete you want to give and the number at the end indicates the amount. 

  • /give <playername> minecraft:red_concrete 15
  • /give <playername> minecraft:blue_concrete 11
  • /give <playername> minecraft:gray_concrete 4

And there you have it! You’ve reached the end of our guide on making concrete in Minecraft. Now, it’s your turn to explore where you can use concrete in Minecraft and how to take advantage of it. 

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