How to Make Purple Dye in Minecraft

Embrace the Beauty of Purple

Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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Color adds beauty to the world of Minecraft, where you can make amazing landscapes and eye-catching structures. Among all the different colors, one that stands out for its elegance and charm is purple. 

In this article, we’re going to show you how to make purple dye in Minecraft. From finding rose bush to mining lapis lazuli, we’re going to explain everything you need to obtain this hue in the game. 

Minecraft Purple Dye Recipe 

Purple Dye Recipe in Minecraft

To get your hands on Purple Dye, you will need the following: 

  • Blue Dye or Lapis Lazuli
  • Red Dye
  • Access your Crafting Table and place one Blue Dye/Lapis Lazuli and one Red Dye. 
  • Grab the Purple Dye and drag it into your inventory. 

How to Make Blue Dye in Minecraft

Blue Dye is a primary color in Minecraft and is one of the main ingredients for Purple Dye. To make Blue Dye, you will need either of these materials: 

  • Lapis Lazuli – this is the hardest material to find for Purple Dye. Lapis Lazuli can be mined deep underground near the lowest layer. When mined with a stone pickaxe or better, it drops 4 to 9 Lapis Lazuli. 
  • Cornflower – these are usually found in Flower Forests, Sunflower Plains, Meadow Biomes, and regular Plains. It has bright blue petals which makes it easy to spot in open fields. 
Make Blue Dye in Minecraft

After gathering the required materials, here’s what you need to do: 

  • Place your Crafting Table on the ground and access it. 
  • Put one Lapis Lazuli or Cornflower in the crafting grid to make one Blue Dye
  • Collect the Blue Dye and put it in your inventory.

Note: Mining Lapis Lazuli blocks with Fortune III enchantment has a chance of dropping up to 36 items. 

How to Make Red Dye in Minecraft

The second item you’ll need to make Purple Dye in Minecraft is Red Dye. You can craft this item using any of these materials:

  • Poppy
  • Red Tulip
  • Beetroot
  • Rose Bush

Flowers generate naturally in specific biomes. Poppy, Red Tuilip, and Rose Bushes are usually found in Plains, Sunflower Plains, Dripstone Caves, Deep Dark, and Flower Forest.

Beetroots are obtained from harvesting a fully grown crop block. This drops 1 Beetroot and 1-4 Seeds. These crops generate naturally in villages or can be grown from planted beetroot seeds.

Red Dye in Minecraft

After obtaining any of the flowers mentioned above, you can now make Red Dye:

  • Access your Crafting Table
  • Place one Poppy, Red Tulip, Beetroot, or Rose Bush
  • Collect the Red Dye by dragging it into your inventory.

Making Purple Dye in Minecraft

Make Purple Dye in Minecraft

Once you have enough blue and red dye, you can start making Purple Dye. 

  • Place your Crafting Table on the ground and access it. 
  • Now, place one Blue Dye or Lapis Lazuli in the crafting grid. 
  • Get a Red Dye and put it in the crafting grid as well. 
  • Collect the Purple Dye by dragging it into your inventory. 

Where to Use Purple Dye in Minecraft

Purple Dye can be applied to sheep to dye their wool. You can shear this afterward for 1 to 3 blocks of purple wool. If you have tamed cats and wolves, applying Purple Dye to them will turn their collars purple. 

You can also use Purple Dye for the following: 

  • Stain glass, wool, leather, beds, terracotta, and shulker boxes. 
  • Make Purple Concrete Powder by mixing purple dye with sand and gravel. 
  • Combine with compounds to make balloons or glowsticks in Bedrock Edition.

Give Command for Purple Dye in Minecraft

Give Command Minecraft

Finding lapis lazuli and open plains with flowers can take a while. Luckily, you have the option to use “Give” if you really need Purple Dye ASAP. 

To use the “give” command, type the following: 

/give <playername> minecraft:purple_dye 15

The <playername> indicates the name of the player you want to give the item to. “minecraft:purple_dye” is the item ID of Purple Dye and the number at the end indicates the amount of Purple Dye that will be given to the player. 

And there you have it, the art of making purple dye in Minecraft is now within your grasp. With the option to make this color, you can take your builds to the next level. 

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