Microsoft Experimenting With Ad-Supported Game Pass Plan

Cutting costs comes with cons

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • The ad-tier will only cost $2.99 a month
  • Get first-party titles six months after launch
  • No EA Play, xCloud or other perks.

Microsoft’s Game Pass is the secret to the success of the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. With the promise of delivering their flagship titles for free to subscribers on PC and console, the service also touts a broad range of other features such as the ability to play a large variety of third-party and first-party games as well, Microsoft appears to be experimenting with an even more affordable ad-supported path for the service in a new survey.

Making Game Pass even cheaper

According to a new survey that has been spotted on the gaming forum, ResetEra, However, the more you read into it, the less attractive it sounds, which is why we feel the likelihood of this new tier actually happening are slim to none, unless it gets a lot of needed revision.

Here is an image of the offerings taken from the survey:

A look at the offering from the survey

The elevator pitch for the new tier is as follows:

  • You will get access to first-party games six months after launch instead of launch
  • An ad will play at the launch of the game
  • Will come bundled with Xbox Live Gold
  • Does not include EA Play
  • No discounts on games during sales
  • No Cloud Support (presumably xCloud)
  • No access to the library of 100+ games

The cost for the program is a paltry $2.99 a month, and while the price is indeed super low, a lot of the stuff here isn’t worth it at all and really takes the entire point of game pass away. The biggest catch is the six-month wait for a title.

Microsoft has been looking into bringing Game Pass to wider audiences, including their last push to family plans that is currently in testing in Columbia and Ireland.

All in all, we think its a very bad deal for value. What are your thoughts on the plan? Let us know in the comments section below.

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