Microsoft Looking To Bring Games To GeForce Now in New 10-Year Deal

Microsoft Offers Nvidia a 10-Year Deal Too

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Microsoft is looking to bring their titles to GeForce Now
  • You will still have to purchase games
  • No timeline has been shared

Earlier today, Microsoft committed to bringing Call of Duty titles to Nintendo for 10 years, and it seems that the company is making further efforts to further their ventures by bringing Nvidia’s cloud streaming service, GeForce Now into the mix. In a new press release, Microsoft is also offering the game streaming service a 10-year deal for offering their titles to the giant.

Microsoft and GeForce Now – Challenge Everything

Earlier today, Microsoft issued a press release, and in a new report by Tom Warren at The Verge, it seems that Microsoft is looking to make the most of their Activision-Blizzard acquisition by increasing their title accessibility where possible. While bringing Call of Duty to Nintendo was already a good gesture, the addition of GeForce Now to the long-term plan is also being remarked as something that could greatly help more players access even more quality titles on the service.

Phil spencer at tgs
Xbox Boss Phil Spencer

While a timeline hasn’t been specified for when the deal will begin, it has been stated that you will still have to buy the game to stream it on the service, however, the press release also mentions that you do not necessarily have to make the purchase on GeForce Now, but Steam, Epic, and Windows Store should suffice, however, we should get more clarity on this in a future update from either company.

WIth all the challenges Microsoft is facing in the acquisition, it seems that they are doing all they can to prove the deal will be a beneficial one for gamers should the acquisition be allowed, which is something that is commendable.

It has also been suggested that titles like Call of Duty will eventually be playable on GeForce Now which could also be a major game changer for the industry and can certainly make things interesting.

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