Midnight Suns Ghost Rider Build Guide: Complete Overview

Ghost Rider is a powerful character with a deck that really synergizes.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a brand-new tactical RPG that’s turn-based and focuses on next-generation card-game mechanics. Understanding the cards available is vital to playing with the best deck build. This guide will look at Midnight Suns Ghost Rider and which cards are vital to ensuring a successful deck build.

The game focuses on building relationships with different characters and clever gameplay to level up and improve your cards at play. But which cards should you focus on for Ghost Rider, and which work hand-in-hand to create the best deck?

Overview – Ghost Rider Build Guide

Ghost Rider holding a flaming chain and fighting alongside Iron Man
Ghost Rider fighting alongside Iron Man
Image Via Marvel

Ghost Rider, aka Robbie Reyes, is one of the first damage characters you pick up in the game. He excels in what he does – dealing damage to enemies using chains, blades, and hellfire flames. However, while Ghost Rider deals a ton of damage, everything comes at a cost.

Ghost Rider relies on taking damage to deal out increased damage to foes. Luckily, to mitigate this effect, he consumes souls from defeated enemies on the battlefield to regain health.

Despite this wicked health cost and regain mechanism, Ghost Rider is one hell of a character to have on your team. With the right combos and deck build, you’ll easily send the HYDRA forces and demons back to their makers.

A Guide on Ghost Rider Build Card Types

Before we dive into the specific cards for Ghost Rider, it’s good to understand the different types of cards within the game. Each deck needs eight cards in total and at least one of the following types:

Card TypeType DescriptionType SymbolExample
Attack cardsDeal damage and rake in Heroism pointsCrossed swordsLash
Skill cardsProvide support effects and add Heroism pointsA shield with a diamond symbolHellmouth
Heroic cardsUse Heroism points but are special abilities specific to your characterOrange orbs with a number Hell’s Fury
There are different card types depending on the action you’d like to achieve

Best Midnight Suns Ghost Rider Build

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a good Ghost Rider build looks something like this:

  • Judgment x 1 (Heroic)
  • Soul Collector x 1 (Skill card)
  • Hell’s Fury x 1 (Heroic)
  • Lash x 3 (Attack)
  • Hellmouth x 1 (Skill card)
  • Straight To Hell x 1 (Skill card)


Judgement gameplay screenshot.
Image Via fextralife

Our first Heroic card in the deck is Judgment. The card consumes 25% of his health to deal damage to an enemy. That works out to two damage points per health. The card damages everything nearby and allows you to recover 105 health on redraw.

You can upgrade the card, which will then deal damage to nearby enemies as well. The upgrade then allows the damage to spread to nearby enemies, which works excellently when protecting your team.

Judgment isn’t the only card that consumes health points in this deck, so using Judgement might not seem like the wisest choice. However, combining Judgement and Soul Collector is a great combo. In addition, having a support unit in your squad can provide Ghost Rider with the health restoration he needs.

Soul Collector

Image Via fextralife

This card is a must for the ultimate Ghost Rider card build, so it’s no surprise why we included it in this guide. The passive card allows Ghost Rider to absorb souls from enemies killed. With every four souls collected, your health bar rises. It increases your max health value and restores some of the health lost during attacks such as Lash and Judgement.

In addition, the card works hand in hand with other cards that give you souls. So keep using the method of soul collecting to increase your health pool so that losing health through attacks is no longer a major concern.

When using Soul Collector and Judgement in unison, the higher your max health pool is, the more damage is dealt through Judgement.

Hell’s Fury

Image Via fextralife

Hell’s Fury is a single-target attack that uses 1 Heroism to use. While in your hand, Hell’s Fury gains +53 damage each time Ghost Rider takes damage from an attack or ability. Keeping this in mind, it’s clear that you’ll want to get this card in your hand as early as possible.

Keep the card in hand, and once you’ve taken enough damage (typically in round 2), the damage dealt to enemies is worth the wait.

Hell’s Fury works perfectly in combination with Judgement. First, using Judgement will weaken your enemies on the battlefield and remove any blocks. Then, you’ll deplete most enemy health bars using a “charged’ Hell’s Fury.


Image Via fextralife

As a quick attack that gives you 1 Heroism, you’ll want two or three cards in your deck. Its forceful knockback will send your enemy flying. Unfortunately, Ghost Rider will also take 105 damage. Still, thanks to Soul Collector and Hell’s Fury, this won’t be much of a problem.

Because the card is a Quick ability, it’ll refresh a card play when you knock out an enemy. So essentially, you’ll get a free action per knockout.


Image Via fextralife

The Hellmouth card creates a drop with an increased chance to KO enemies for 2 turns. In addition, it provides you with one strengthened, which is why this card has made it into the build guide. Getting strengthened increases your damage by 50%, which always comes in handy.

As you may have noticed, this build is all about synergy; this card is no exclusion. Using the increased damage with Judgement is a killer combo against all enemies on the battlefield. Use this combo to clear the most challenging hitting targets quickly and efficiently.

Straight To Hell

Image Via fextralife

Straight to Hell is a final card (meaning you won’t be able to do any more actions within that turn) and replaces Ghost Rider with a drop until the end of the turn. This prevents Ghost Rider from taking any damage during your enemy’s turn. We know that using Judgement and Lash will deplete your health, so using the drop will give Ghost Rider the protection he needs until it’s your turn again, and you can regain health.

That said, if you spend the time to upgrade the card, Ghost Rider will regain health when he comes out of the drop. This is obviously a major bonus for this character. Additionally, the card can be modified to recover health if you redraw the card.

Alternative Midnight Suns Ghost Rider Builds

While the above build is ideal, every player has a different combat style and may prefer alternative cards. For example, Straight to Hell can be swapped out for Drain Soul.

The following two cards aren’t in the build because they just don’t make the cut – either there’s a better Heroic card available, or the card cost is too high.

Swap Straight to Hell for Drain Soul

Drain Soul gameplay screenshot.
Image Via fextralife

Drain Soul isn’t a card worth including in the main build, with only four Heroic cards allowed in a deck. However, it can easily be shaped with Straight to Hell. It has the same function (more or less) but allows you to gain health from damaged enemies instead of healing yourself.

The card allows chain 2 + lifesteal and +1 chain for all drain soul cards. So every time you build up four souls, you’ll draw one of these cards, allowing a block increase of 105.

Include Retribution in Your Deck

An attack card that gives you two souls, Retribution is a sound card to have in your deck, but unfortunately, it requires that you discard a card at random.

The idea that you’ll need to discard a potentially helpful card just to gain two souls isn’t appealing to many players. That’s why the card didn’t make the ideal build in the first place.

Use this card in place of Hell’s Fury.

A Guide to All Ghost Rider Cards

Card NameCard TypeCard DescriptionHeroism Required
JudgmentHeroicConsume 25% health to damage an enemy – 2 damage per health. 105 health recover on redraw.1
Soul CollectorSkillPassive card that allows you to regain health per 4 enemies defeated.0
Hell’s FuryHeroicGain +53 damage when Ghost Rider takes damage while card is in your hand.1
LashAttack (Quick)Forcefull Knockback in any direction. Ghost Rider takes 105 damage and gains +1 Heroism.0
HellmouthSkillCreate a drop with increased chance of to KO enemies for 2 turns. Gain +1 strengthened and +2 Heroism.0
Straight To HellSkillReplace Ghost Rider with a drop until next turn. Final card. Draw a card and gain +2 Heroism0
Drain SoulHeroicChain 2 + x Lifesteal. On redraw, gain 105 block. Give all Drain Soul cards +1 chain and +1 heroism cost.1
RetributionAttackKnockback. Discard a random card and gain two souls. On KO, draw a card.0
Penance StareHeroicConsume 50% to deal damage (4 for each health). Exhaust card.4
Hell RideHeroicDamage each enemy in a line. Discard your hand. 3
Here are Ghost Riders available cards

Midnight Suns Ghost Rider Combos

One of the best combos include Ghost Rider, Sister Grimm, and Captain America

The best combo of characters for Ghost Rider is to include an ally that will offer support, healing him after attacks that drain his health. Additionally, such as Captain America, allies that taunt enemies and draw fire are crucial.

A good combo team is Ghost Rider as your attack card, Captain America as a tank, and Sister Grimm as support. As the attacking card, Ghost Rider will deal most of the damage to the battlefield. At the same time, Captain America will taunt enemies and draw fire. Drawing fire away from Ghost Rider is a critical tactic, as it’ll prevent him from losing health too quickly.

Sister Grimm will be the support unit, keeping both Ghost Rider’s health topped up and Captain America fit and healthy.

Other good pairings would include:

  • The Hunter (Flexible)
  • Wolverine (Tank/Distributed Damage)
  • Captain America (Damage/Tank)
  • Sister Grimm (Support)

Final Thoughts

Ghost Rider is one of the first characters to join your team. Leveling up your relationship with Robbie will upgrade your deck build.

While his attacks drain his health and often leave him vulnerable, certain cards can mitigate the health loss. Teaming Ghost Rider with the right allies will allow him to heal himself.

While he may not seem like the best damage character at full glance, Ghost Rider is worth your time and can immensely damage the battlefield. He’s a character you defiantly don’t want to overlook throughout the length of your campaign.

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