Minecraft 1.20: Release date, Features, Beta, & All We Know

Minecraft 1.19 has brought a mix of emotions. So it’s no wonder why Minecraft fans have already started thinking about Minecraft 1.20.

Additionally, there are tons of rumours about the mysterious structure in the centre of Ancient Cities. Why is it there? What are the Redstone systems underneath? Could it be a portal?

We’ll explore these questions, new features, the release date and everything we know about Minecraft 1.20.

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Release Date

While there is no official release date for Minecraft 1.20, we can look at previous release dates to predict one.

For example, Mojang has been releasing two updates yearly, aside from 2020, due to covid. Mojang generally releases an update in June and in December. Here’s a quick recap of previous releases:

Minecraft EditionUpdate TitleRelease Date
Minecraft Java Edition 1.19The Wild UpdateJune 2022
Minecraft Java Edition 1.18Caves & Cliffs Part IINovember 2021
Minecraft Java Edition 1.17Caves & Cliffs Part IJune 2021
Minecraft Java Edition 1.16The Nether UpdateJune 2020
Minecraft Java Edition 1.15The Buzzy Bees UpdateDecember 2019
Minecraft Java Edition 1.14The Village & Pillage UpdateApril 2019
Minecraft Java Edition 1.13The Aquatic UpdateApril 2018
Minecraft Java Edition 1.12The World Of Color UpdateJune 2017
Release dates for previous Minecraft updates over the past 5 years

With this data, we can note three things:

  1. Starting in 2019, Minecraft has released two updates yearly.
  2. However, these updates have been pretty small, adding bees or creating pillagers and raids.
  3. Larger updates like the Caves & Cliffs update were broken into smaller parts. Alternatively, bigger updates like the Aquatic Update took a whole year.

Our Minecraft 1.20 Predictions

We may get a minor update in December this year. This could be along the lines of a biome revamp. Then, we’ll receive a more extensive update next year in June.

Alternatively, we could see another large update broken into two parts. Part 1 will be released in December 2022, and we’ll see part 2 in June 2023.

But what is the theme of Minecraft 1.20, and what new features can we expect to see?

Minecraft 1.20 New Features

In Minecraft 1.19, there are a couple of blocks and items that you can only get in creative. So it’s fair to say that these will be released in Minecraft 1.20. We can also look at previous concept art to see what Mojang is working on behind the scenes.


Minecraft concept art drawn by Mariana Salimena
Concept art for Minecraft 1.19 by Mariana Salimena

During Minecraft Live 2019, Mojang asked players to vote for the next biome to be updated. Mountains won the vote, but other biomes included the swamp, badlands and savanna.

Since the mountain biome won, we got the Caves and Cliffs update. However, in the Wild Update, we see the new Mangrove Swamp biome. So it’s reasonable to assume that one of the other biomes may be updated in Minecraft 1.20.

While this is speculation, we’re betting we’ll see a dessert biome next. The biome vote video suggested vultures, new cacti and tumbleweeds – which seem fun. But if the update is based around deserts, we might see more like meerkats, new desert landscapes or village generation.

Other potential biomes include the jungle biome or the birch tree forest. We’re excited to see what Mojang has up its sleeve.

Alternatively, Mojang might call for another biome vote in Minecraft Live 2022.

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Two bundles next to each other, one closed and one opened.
Bundles could be added in Minecraft 1.20

What new items will be in Minecraft 1.20? While there have been no official leaks, we can look at the items already in-game. For example, in creative, you can get hold of a bundle.

A bundle allows a player to group up to 64 blocks inside a pouch, which helps with inventory organisation. However, the item hasn’t been released just yet. Mojang is still working on the mechanics for all versions of Minecraft.

We can expect to see the bundle released in Minecraft 1.20.

Another interesting item that could be added is a jar of fireflies. Fireflies were a mob planned for the Wild Update, but Mojang scraped them from the update. However, the planning and mechanics were already developed for this mob, so we’ll likely see them soon. We guess you could catch fireflies in a glass bottle and use them as a light source.

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The new blocks in Minecraft 1.20 will ultimately depend on the new biome or dimension. So, for example, if we get a birch forest update, we could see blocks like tree mushrooms.

If we get a new dimension in Minecraft 1.20, we can expect to see a variety of new blocks to play with.

It’s also interesting that the fletching table has no in-game use. However, we can see a target block in the Redstone puzzles under the Ancient City centre structure. Is this a coincidence? Probably. But we can only wait and see what Mojang has planned.

The Deep Dark Theories

Screenshot of an Ancient City with a possible dimension portal.
Screenshot of an Ancient City with a possible dimension portal.

Our next topic revolves around the question of why would Mojang include the Deep Dark biome? Other than creating a home for the Warden, why include the mob in the first place? We may find out in Minecraft 1.20.

When exploring an Ancient City, you’ll always find a mysterious structure in the centre. You’ve probably wondered what it’s all about if you’ve seen it yourself. It’s surrounded by reinforced deepslate, a block only found within the structure. Could this mean that it’s a portal to a new dimension? Is the Warden the protector of a world of riches? Will the dimension could the citizens that used to live in the Ancient Cities?

Many players have been speculating that the new dimension would be the Aether. We know that Mojang has recently hired the creator of the Aether, @kingbdogz, which could hint at the next dimension. However, looking at Aether’s Twitter page, you’ll see that they’re working hard on their next version.

However, this isn’t to say that there won’t be a new dimension that KingbDogs is working on. With his background in dimensions and world-building, Mojang clearly recruited him for their next dimension.

Minecraft 1.20 Lore

For those who have been following the lore of Minecraft, 1.19 brought out new snippets of lore. For example, the fragmented music disc holds a story that could explain where the Warden came from.

Game Theory has released a whole video dedicated to the lore of Minecraft 1.19, which you can find here.

Mojang has said they don’t plan to release any new dimensions, so why is there a portal-like structure?

It’s possible that the Warden came from the portal, bringing the skulk with it. On the other hand, the Warden may be an extension of the skulk, hence why it drops a catalyst.

So what does this mean for 1.20? Will the lore continue, and we’ll get an explanation for the Deep Dark? Perhaps we’ll learn more about the Wither – the only mob strong enough to take the Warden on. We’ll have to wait to find out.

Beta Versions and Snapshots For Minecraft 1.20

Lastly, there’s the question of Beta versions of Minecraft 1.20. When will we start seeing new features in Snapshots?

Well, @LadyAgnes’ Twitter page is full of information about Minecraft updates. She tends to retweet important posts from all the developers on the team, and we recommend following her for updates.

For example, Jay, aka @Mega_Spud, announced a snapshot release that fixes some bugs in Minecraft 1.19. For example, a current bug is Allay’s duplicating items.

If you’ve been following Minecraft 1.20 news on Twitter, you might have seen this tweet from @SmokeyStack_. He’s a data miner and has recently discovered some code already in the Minecraft snapshots. The code reveals that there’s most likely going to be an editor mode added to the game. In addition, it’ll add powerful tools to the game intended for experienced players. It sounds like it’ll be some toolbox mode.

While snapshots are revealing, it’s most likely that we won’t see any Minecraft 1.20 features until after Minecraft Live which is on the 27th of October 2022.

Speculated Minecraft editor mode
Image Via @SmokeyStack_

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Final Thoughts

And that’s all we know about Minecraft 1.20. We know it’s not a lot of information. That’s because everything is still tightly under–wraps. We could get a hint of Minecraft 1.20 in the monthly Minecraft Now events, but nothing huge would be announced.

The truth is that Mojang is listening to its community. They hold yearly mob votes to see what the players want. We won’t be seeing any concrete Minecraft 1.20 news until after the Minecraft Live event. This years Minecraft Live event is scheduled for the 27th of October 2022.

We hope that this article has sparked some interest in Minecraft 1.20. We’ll keep you updated with any news we discover throughout the year.

What are your thoughts and speculations? Let us know in the comments below, or chat with us on Twitter!

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