15 Awesome Minecraft Bed Designs

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Paulina Rodriguez
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Minecraft players rely on specific essential items to survive each day in their Survival world: a simple Crafting Table, a Furnace and a bed. You can start any of your adventures if you have all three set up in a dirt hole if you don’t want to put much effort into it. But what if you do want to put in the effort into creating a fantastic bedroom for yourself? In that case, we have 15 Minecraft bed designs, ranging from classic wooden-based blueprints to more thematic beddings.


Backboard Bed

Blackboard Bed Best Minecraft Bed Ideas for Survival Player
Screenshot by Gorillo

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It’s understandable if you don’t want to go overboard with your bed design if you want to keep things simple. With the following video tutorial by Gorillo, you can place some Bookshelves and wooden blocks to create a nice backboard with a lot of character. Surround the bed with matching-coloured Carpets to make it look more prominent, and don’t forget the classic Lanter for lighting.


Modern Bed

Modern Design Minecraft Bed 1.17
Screenshot by Anantrup

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We’ve seen many modern building projects shared within the Minecraft community that use Quartz blocks as their primary resource. So why not also incorporate it inside your bedroom? With this video tutorial by Anantrup you can set three beds side-by-side and surround them with minimalistic Quartz blocks to maintain a pristine look.


Canopy Bed

Best Minecraft Bedroom Bed Blueprint Banner Ideas
Screenshot by TinyCraft

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The next video tutorial by TinyCraft is a classic canopy bed that goes well in any base. It showcases red banners to create the curtains, but you can always change them to fit your bedroom’s aesthetics— even trying a fun banner design to combine! Using Barrels for extra storage and campfires to add more depth to the roof, the final results won’t disappoint you.

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Bed with Aquarium

Aquarium Grey Bed Minecraft Survival World Singleplayer
Screenshot by Gorillo

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The following video tutorial by Gorillo would work great on any base, given its simple yet effective approach. Having a nice, small aquarium in the background will create an interesting focal point towards the bed. It’s only a matter of catching your favourite fish to place inside the tank and watching them move around as you sleep until dawn.

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Fancy Double Bed

Fancy Double Bed Pillow Glitch Minecraft 1.17.1 Best Designs
Screenshot by Laya Minecraft

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Having a big bed is something we can all aspire to have at some point, right? Just follow this video tutorial by Laya Minecraft, and you’re all set! It also incorporates some popular Minecraft bed ideas like an aquarium and pillows, resulting in an elegant and pretty setup for any building project. Are you sleeping next to your partner or your best friend? Who cares! There’s enough room for everyone.


Mushroom Bed

Mushroom Bed Cottagecore Aesthetic Minecraft
Screenshot by TinyCraft

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If you want to embrace the cottagecore aesthetic in your Minecraft world fully, why not have a matching mushroom bed? This video tutorial by TinyCraft surrounds the actual bed with Red Mushroom blocks and uses Carpet blocks to hide it from plain sight. It won’t prevent you from actually using the bed when you need to, so it’s a clever trick you can rely upon to hide other elements in your bedroom!

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Studio Bed

Studio Bed Compact Design Creative Minecraft Building Ideas
Screenshot by One Team

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Some players like to self-impose building challenges to use their creativity in unexpected ways. As One Team’s video tutorial can prove, you can develop great solutions using as little space as possible, leading to attractive Minecraft bed designs combining functionality with style. Creating a small staircase with Trapdoors is quite an ingenious idea to replace the regular Stairs blocks!


Grave Bed

Spooky Halloween Ideas Bed Design for Minecraft 1.17.1

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Halloween is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate it than decorating your Minecraft world with thematic furniture? This video tutorial by Spudetti showcases a hidden bed inside a grave, perfect for a scary Halloween map. You can place it in a garden area or adapt your bedroom into a spooky vampire lair.


Compact Bed

Compact Bed Two-Player Design Minecraft Best How to Build
Screenshot by Gorillo

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Suppose you don’t want to spend too much time designing your bedroom. In that case, we suggest following this video tutorial by Gorillo where you can easily fit two bunk beds in a simple yet functional arrangement. You can also replace the bed on top with storage containers or crafting stations to maximize functionality, but we cannot deny how nice it looks as is! 

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Pink Bed

Cute Kawaii Room Bed Minecraft Video Tutorial Ideas
Screenshot by AmyYeah

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Sleep in a cute, comfy pink bed with Banners acting as pillows and other small decoration ideas that will make your bedroom look adorable! This video tutorial by AmyYeah doesn’t take too long, and it includes a good explanation of how to use the classic exploit to have the pillows into the bed. 

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Car Bed

Race Car Bed How to Build Minecraft Blueprint Design
Screenshot by Biggs87x

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Have you ever wanted to get away from classic Minecraft bed ideas and go for a more extravagant approach? We can propose the following video tutorial by Biggs87x using Quartz blocks and black Shulker Boxes to build the outer frame for a race car. The pattern is easy to follow, and, in return, you’ll have a fun element in your bedroom that will always stand out!


Gothic Bed

Gothic Dark Minecraft Bed Design Buidling Project
Screenshot by Spudetti

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Embrace the gothic aesthetic in your base with one of several beautiful Minecraft bed designs created by Spudetti. Unlike most entries showcased on this list, it uses Nether-exclusive blocks to recreate a dark ambience. If you’re planning to build a big bedroom, this could go perfectly right in the center. After all, choosing a royal goth aesthetic looks pretty hardcore.


Double Survival Bed

Survival Multiplayer Bed Layout Two Players Minecraft
Screenshot by One Team

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Considering how playing with friends can improve any gaming experience, we present you with one of many Minecraft bed designs out there meant for two players in a multiplayer world. This video tutorial by One Team combines beds with several crafting stations to ensure you and your friend have everything at hand. 

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Elegant Bed

White Bed Design for Minecraft 1.17 Birch Wood Elegant
Screenshot by JINTUBE

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JINTUBE has delivered an incredible video tutorial using a white bed as a starting point. The design adds that touch of elegance with a white frame surrounding the bed and a simple lighting setup on top. We love the extraordinary detail of creating a Leaves block flooring underneath the bed to give some sense of depth into the room without disrupting the room’s harmony.

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Medieval Bed

Medieval Bed for Minecraft Best Designs for 1.17

Watch Tutorial

Here we have a fantastic bed idea for your medieval base suitable for any royal! With this video tutorial by Spudetti, not only you’ll get some great inspiration for a medieval-themed bed– you can also check more of her Minecraft bed ideas to mix and match as you please.

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