Minecraft Fabric vs Forge – What’s the difference?

Whether you’re new to modding or an old Minecraft player who played when mods didn’t exist, you might get confused with one thing. What are Fabric and Forge? Which one should I pick? That all will be answered with this blog post. So let’s get into it, shall we?

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What is Forge?

Forge is a mod loader for Minecraft. It was first introduced in 2011 to the Minecraft community a few years after its initial release. The reason for becoming so popular was due to its compatibility and ease of use.


  • Massive selection of mods. Since it’s been in the Java community for so long, this mod loader has an enormous amount of mods.
  • Preferred by Mod Creators. There are quite a lot of mod creators that like Forge for their reasons. Mostly it’s due to having more intermod support than Fabric.
  • Mods are more compatible. Due to having more helpers and interoperability layers, it’s easier to create mods on Forge that are compatible with each other. This makes it also easier to make huge mod packs.


  • It takes a long time to update. One of the biggest problems with Minecraft Forge is its inability to update quickly. For example, it took seven months for the Forge team to update Forge to 1.13. 
  • Toxic Community. Another problem of Forge isn’t directly related to the mod loader itself, but its community. Many mod creators have reported that the Forge team hasn’t been constructive in answering their questions.

Forge Mods that Stand Out

From the massive amount of mods available, we wanted to show you some of the most impressive mods currently out there:

Biomes O’ Plenty

Minecraft Forge Mod Biomes o Plenty

Biomes O’ Plenty is a fantastic mod that adds tons of new foliage and biomes to the overworld. This gives you a more significant reason to go exploring!

Create Mod

Minecraft Mod Forge Create Mod

Create mod is another fantastic mod. With this mod, you can create helpful contraptions like elevators, auto-miners, and much more. The best part is that it’s beautiful to look at.

Farmer’s Delight

Minecraft Forge Mod Farmers Delight

Tired of the same old food you get in Minecraft? Farmer’s Delight has got you covered. With this mod, you can grow new plants like tomatoes. Plus you can cook brand new food items like different soups, burgers, even spaghetti and meatballs!

What is Fabric?

Fabric is the new kid on the block. This mod loader was created in 2016 and became publicly available in 2018. It has gained popularity due to the excellent pros that we’ll get into shortly.


  • A “lightweight” mod loader. While this might not mean a lot to mod users, it’s game-changing to mod creators. Due to being “lightweight”, generally, it’s easier to create and update mods. Plus, the mods will load faster.
  • Updates more frequently. Due to the lightness of this mod loader, they can quickly update the game! It took just a few days for it to be updated to 1.17.
  • Can mod every version. Another benefit of Fabric is that you can mod almost any Minecraft version. These include snapshots!


  • Not as popular. When you look at Curseforge, you can see that not many mods have been created for Fabric. About 25% of mods on Curseforge are made for Fabric.
  • No Interoperability Layers or Helpers. While Fabric’s biggest strength is that it’s lightweight, it’s also its biggest downfall. Due to not having any interoperability layers or helpers, it can’t make mods compatible with others as easily.

Fabric Mods That Stand Out

Just like with Forge, here are some of the most impressive mods that are available on Fabric:


Minecraft Fabric Mod Sodium

While this mod doesn’t add any new blocks or items, it does make your Minecraft world load way faster. It’s even faster than OptiFine. Just check out the difference on the screenshot above!

You can download Sodium here.


Minecraft Fabric Mod Origins

Origins helps you spice up your Minecraft game. Before you start the game, you’ll be asked who you want to be. You can choose from various options like being a normal human, enderian, blazerborn etc. Each one has its pros and cons.

Better End

Minecraft Fabric Mod Better End

The end has been relatively the same since it launched. The only major thing that has changed was the addition of chorus fruits and end cities. Better End will change all of that. With many new biomes to explore, you’ll never be bored again!

Can I play both Fabric and Forge at the same time?

Unfortunately, you can’t. It would be awesome to play with Biomes O’ Plenty and Sodium together, but it’s not possible yet. But all hope is not lost.

A team of mod creators is working on a mod that helps you play mods from both mod loaders simultaneously. However, it’s a very experimental mod and might not see the light of day. The team has already scrapped one of their mods called PatchworkMC due to its complexity. But they are working on a replacement.

Fabric vs Forge – Which one is Better?

Minecraft Fabric vs Forge – which one should I choose? That all depends on the Minecraft player you are, but I’ve got to say Forge is the better one. Why? It’s because of the number of mods available for it.

But does that make Fabric inferior? Not at all! We first have to understand that it’s been just a few years that Fabric has existed. Plus, there are a lot of reasons to think that Fabric is the future of Minecraft modding:

  • A more lightweight mod loader. Due to being so light, there are many reasons to believe that this mod loader will become more popular. It’s faster in every way. Fabric updates quicker, mods are created and updated more rapidly, plus it loads Minecraft faster.
  • Friendlier community. Many mod creators who have switched to Fabric have told that the community in Fabric is less toxic than on Forge. This makes Fabric a more attractive place to be for new mod developers.
  • You can do more on Fabric than Forge. Another thing that multiple mod creators have been talking about is the potential to do mods that they couldn’t have done on Forge. This is due to Forge having a stance of not modifying Minecraft’s game code. But with Fabric, that’s not a problem!


As you can see, both mod loaders are great for their reasons. Forge has more mods available, but Fabric gets updated more quickly. While it’s currently better to pick Forge, I’d still recommend you try out Fabric mods. There are a lot of amazing mods out there!

So which one do you enjoy more – Fabric or Forge? Comment down below.

Andreas Ojala
Andreas Ojala
What's up? My name is Andreas Ojala, and I have been gaming since 2004 on PSP. Nowadays, I'm playing PC games, especially the open world and first person shooter games.

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  1. While I like the whole idea that it’s ‘faster’, I’ll have to agree with the Author, since Forge has more mods, I’m more likely to download their mods than Fabrics, HOWEVER, if I was to start creating mods (for some reason), I would probably choose Fabric since idk it seems easier..? If it turns out it isn’t I’ll just painstakingly port whatever unfinished mod I would have to Forge. The only big problem I have with the whole Forge Vs. Fabric thing is the fact that some Forge or Fabric creators out-right forbids the porting of their mod, which I can kinda understand, but if they give credit to you (and don’t try to make money off of it obvi), I don’t see the big deal. If any mod creator can explain this to me, feel free to. You can talk to me on youtube (whymebro2000) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS70XD27cJBB4voQmq-lsnQ (No this isn’t for self promotion, just if you really wanted to talk to me (for some reason) I want to be sure you can.)

  2. stuff that will cause world peace:
    1: no more wars
    2: world hunger resolved
    3: youtube adds dislikes button and removes ads
    4: forgbric (fabric and forge)

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