Minecraft Fabric vs Forge – What’s the Difference?

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Since Minecraft Fabric was released in 2018, there’s been a massive debate in the Minecraft community. Minecraft Fabric vs Forge – which is best? 

Well, the answer to that question depends on a lot of factors. For example, can your computer handle heavy games? Does the mod you want to play use Fabric or Forge? And which is the best Mod Loader for the version of Minecraft you play?

Below, we answer all these questions and more, so keep reading! 

What Are Minecraft Fabric and Forge?

Both Fabric and Forge are Mod Loaders for Minecraft – they allow you to add mods to the base game. Mods are modifications to the base game, dubbed vanilla Minecraft. 

They’re created by independent developers and not Mojang. Therefore, to add these mods to vanilla Minecraft, you’ll need a Mod Loader. That’s where Minecraft Fabric and Forge come in. These software pieces allow the mods to run smoothly with Minecraft’s vanilla code. 

But if they’re both Mod Loaders, surely they do the same thing? 

Not quite. While they both bridge the gaps between vanilla Minecraft and the mod, they interact differently. For example, Fabric is known for its lightweight framework and quick adaptability. On the other hand, Forge is more robust and can support more extensive mods.

Next, let’s look at Fabric and Forge to understand how they work and their advantages.

What is Fabric?

Fabric Logo
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Compared to other Mod Loaders, Fabric is relatively new. However, it’s gained popularity due to its ability to keep up with Minecraft updates much faster than Forge. In fact, Fabric allows developers to update their mods quickly enough for each snapshot! On the other hand, it can take developers months to update their mods for Forge. 

Fabric API (application programming interface) is lightweight, meaning it’s simpler than other Mod Loaders. But, again, this was an intentional decision made by the developers directly responding to Forge. 

In fact, Fabric was invented as a response to how long Forge took to update to Minecraft 1.14. The developers aimed to create a Mod Loader that doesn’t depend on the version of Minecraft. In addition, it was designed for mod developers to quickly update their mods for new updates – including snapshots.  

However, Fabric does not have helpers or interoperate layers. Essentially, this makes it hard for different Fabric mods to be compatible.

Highlighted Features 

  • Fabric’s programming interfaces are lightweight and modular, allowing for easier game porting.
  • Fast development allows mod creators to target snapshots and new releases.
  • The Fabric toolchain is available to everyone interested in using it. 

Fabric Mods That Stand Out

Here are five mods that are exclusive to Fabric that stand out to us:

  1. BetterSleeping Revived (Gameplay Mod)
  2. Biome Makeover (World Gen Mod)
  3. Sodium (Performance Mod)
  4. MC Dungeons Weapons (Weapons Mod)
  5. Origins (RPG Mod)

You can find more Fabric mods by checking out our 25 BEST Minecraft Fabric Mods article. 

What is Forge?

Forge Logo
Image Via ServerMiner

Forge is an open-source API that has been around almost as long as Minecraft. It’s known for its powerful capabilities and the heavy mods it can support. While Fabric is made for lightweight mods, Forge can handle mods that change the game completely.

Forge is famously known for its extensive library of Minecraft mods. We’ll list a few in the highlights below. Unfortunately, however, not all these mods have been updated to Minecraft 1.18 – never mind Minecraft 1.19. 

Here’s the thing; while Forge is impressive and powerful, it takes ages to update. When you compare Minecraft Fabric vs Forge, you’ll find mods updated much quicker on Fabric. This is due to Forge’s intensive API – making it a double-edged sword. 

Another thing that Forge has over Fabric is its compatibility features. Forge allows for multiple mods to integrate with each other – meaning a more complex modding experience in-game. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Forge is a heavyweight Mod Loader. This allows for mods to change Minecraft on a deeper level than Fabric can. 
  • There is a massive library of Forge mods to choose from.
  • Forge enhances the compatibility of mods, allowing you to merge them together in a game. 

Forge Mods That Stand Out

Here are five mods that are exclusive to Forge that stand out to us:

  1. Carpenter’s Blocks (Item Mod)
  2. Decocraft (Item Mod)
  3. Pam’s HarvestCraft (Food & Farming Mod)
  4. Biomes O’Plenty (World Gen Mod)
  5. Inventory Tweaks Renewed (Gameplay/UI Mod)

Minecraft Fabric vs Forge

The Minecraft Fabric vs Forge debate has been going on for a while now. Minecraft Forge and Fabric cannot be played together. While you can use both Mod Loaders separately, you can’t play Forge mods using Fabric and vice versa. However, while they shouldn’t be stacked against each other, it can be hard to choose between them. 

Regardless of your preference, these Mod Loaders are excellent for Minecraft lovers. 

Here are some pointers we haven’t mentioned in this article yet. These may sway your description on which Mod Loader to use:

  • Fabric is an API and Mod Loader. This means that developers can use it to make mods, and players can use it to load mods. However, that’s all Fabric can be used for. On the other hand, Forge is all that and a Minecraft launcher in itself. It’s a great alternative to the Vanilla Minecraft launcher. 
  • Forge is performance-heavy. If you have a computer that can’t run high-demanding games, Fabric might be the best choice. For example, if you play Minecraft on your everyday laptop, Fabric is the better choice. However, Forge is probably a better option if you have a gaming PC. 
  • Lastly, it’s important to note that many Forge mods require you to play earlier versions of Minecraft. Some of the best mods for Forge haven’t been updated to the latest version of Minecraft. On the other hand, Fabric doesn’t depend on the version of Minecraft you’re playing.

Mods For Minecraft Fabric vs Forge

With that all said, some mod developers are dedicated to their fanbase. Regardless of the Mod Loader their communities use, they want to bring their mods to both platforms. 

Here is a list of our top five mods compatible with Minecraft Fabric and Forge. 

You can find more mods by checking out our 15 BEST Mods For Minecraft 1.19 article. 


We conclude that the answer to the Minecraft Fabric vs Forge debate depends on you – the player.

If you were trying to decipher all the technical information out there, we hope this article cleared some things up. Additionally, we hope it helped you make up your mind on which Mod Loader to choose. 

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  • While I like the whole idea that it’s ‘faster’, I’ll have to agree with the Author, since Forge has more mods, I’m more likely to download their mods than Fabrics, HOWEVER, if I was to start creating mods (for some reason), I would probably choose Fabric since idk it seems easier..? If it turns out it isn’t I’ll just painstakingly port whatever unfinished mod I would have to Forge. The only big problem I have with the whole Forge Vs. Fabric thing is the fact that some Forge or Fabric creators out-right forbids the porting of their mod, which I can kinda understand, but if they give credit to you (and don’t try to make money off of it obvi), I don’t see the big deal. If any mod creator can explain this to me, feel free to. You can talk to me on youtube (whymebro2000) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS70XD27cJBB4voQmq-lsnQ (No this isn’t for self promotion, just if you really wanted to talk to me (for some reason) I want to be sure you can.)

  • stuff that will cause world peace:
    1: no more wars
    2: world hunger resolved
    3: youtube adds dislikes button and removes ads
    4: forgbric (fabric and forge)

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