10 Minecraft Fountain Design Ideas

Let the waters of creativity flow in you!

Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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Get ready to transform your world with enchanting water features. In this guide, we will show you 10 amazing Minecraft fountain ideas that will surely add a touch of beauty and grandeur to your virtual landscapes

From the elegance of a Japanese fountain to the fiery allure of a heart-shaped lava fountain, we’ve got something for every builder. 

Join us as we review some of the best Minecraft fountain design ideas. Discover inspiring designs to take your builds to the next level!


Big Medieval Fountain

Big Medieval Fountain Ideas

If you are looking for a center piece for your medieval town, this big fountain by Flashhaft can fit any medieval-themed build. The fountain is built on a 15×15 grid and mostly made of stone blocks and slabs.

Four pillars surround the fountain, which holds some lanterns for lighting. Water flows from a single pillar with slabs extending from all sides. These pillars seamlessly directs the flow of water to the center of the fountain.


Simple Garden Fountain

Simple Garden Fountain

This fountain by Goldrobin boasts simplicity and elegance at the same time. Having a straightforward design, you can easily fit this fountain into your garden or village. It may even work as a centerpiece for a mansion’s driveway.

What makes this build so nice is the usage of various blocks that highlights each layer of the fountain. The fountain is also built on a 15×15 grid and features two layers where water overflows before reaching the basin.

Materials for the fountain include chiseled bricks, polished andesite, stone bricks, and cobblestone.


Knight Fountain

Minecraft Knight Fountain Ideas

If you are making a medieval castle and want to add some flair to the exterior, this Minecraft fountain by NeatCraft might give you some ideas. What screams more of the medieval era than a knight riding a horse, right?

Besides looking amazing, this fountain design will also test your building skills. Making a knight and a horse out of blocks isn’t the simplest thing, but the tutorial explains everything in detail.

Materials used for the fountain include stone, polished andesite, and chiseled stone bricks. The knight’s body is made from waxed weathered/oxidized copper slabs and waxed exposed copper stairs were used for the horse.


Sandstone Tier Fountain

Sandstone Tier Fountain

This sandstone tier fountain idea by Munkei is currently one of the best Minecraft fountain designs out there. It features a three layers that allow water to overflow from each level before reaching the base.

Chiseled sandstone blocks are used for each level of the fountain which provides some accents on the sides. Bricks and more chiseled blocks are used on the top part of the fountain, which makes up the portion where water suppose to come out.

For us, this fountain will be a great center piece for a community park or garden.


Japanese Fountain

Japanese Fountain

Fifth on our list is this Japanese Fountain by Sekai. The structure of the fountain features stone walls with accents of wood pillars and lanterns. Two cherry blossom trees can be found at the sides of the fountain, which completes the Japanese theme of this build. 

Materials used for the fountain include stone, stone slabs, stone stairs, spruce trap doors, and dark oak planks.

Sekai is also using Jerm’s Better Leaves add-on for the pink leaves. 


Dragon Statue Fountain

Dragon Statue Minecraft Fountain Ideas

We assume that this dragon statue fountain by Master Majesty drew inspiration from the Merlion Statue and took it a step better. 

In a clever twist, this extraordinary fountain design shifts away from the Merlion and introduces a majestic dragon that spouts water from its mouth.

One idea that came to our mind is to use lava for this fountain to make it appear that the dragon is spitting flames from its mouth.

Materials used for the fountain include cobblestone blocks, stairs, slabs, redstone lamps, spruce trapdoors, stone slabs, and redstone torch. 


Heart Lava Fountain

Heart Lava Fountain

Prepare to be captivated by this mesmerizing Heart Lava Fountain Design by Pachimarik. It’s perfect for infusing your loved-themed Minecraft structures or worlds with a fiery passion.

The highlight of this Minecraft fountain is the burning lava that is enclosed in a heart-shaped aquarium-like structure. 

Materials used for the fountain include pink stained glass, smooth quartz blocks, smooth quartz slabs, lanterns, brain coral, and sea pickles. 

Pachimarik also used dirt as a guide while laying the stained glass to form the heart-shaped structure. 


Garden Fountain

Garden Minecraft Fountain Ideas

This garden fountain design by Minecraft Fantasy Builds brings tranquility and elegance to any garden. Its design features a cleverly crafted fountain that serves as a focal point, creating a serene atmosphere within the landscape. 

Materials used for the fountain include oxidized copper stairs and slabs, dirt, grass, spruce planks, and spruce stairs. 

One of the standout features of this garden fountain is the inviting porch area, which offers a perfect spot to showcase an array of plants and flowers, extending the beauty and charm of your Minecraft garden


Moon Fountain

Moon Fountain

If you are looking for something unique but easy to work on, this magical moon Minecraft fountain by Kelpie The Fox might give you some ideas. The fountain’s design isn’t too complicated and should be easy to replicate in your Minecraft world.

The main highlight of this build is the half moon on top of the pillar where the water flows down. It sticks out of the fountain and probably bigger than the entire base.

Materials used for this build include stone bricks, stone brick walls, blue terracotta, and chiseled stone.

You can also experiment with the overall shape of the moon and make it look sharper. Using other materials such as quartz can also take the overall look of this build to the next level.


Stone Fountain

Minecraft Stone Fountain Ideas

If you are planning to build a Greek-style fountain, this Stone Fountain designed by Ector Vynk might give you some ideas. Now, the entire structure is made from stone, which gives it a dull appearance. 

However, what we love about this building is the form and overall shape of the structure, which resembles classic European fountains. Besides that, the fountain is very easy to build.

We’ve recreated this Minecraft fountain design using better materials like quartz blocks, quartz stairs, quartz slabs, and chiseled quartz blocks and the result is simply amazing. 

While our list include some of the best Minecraft fountain ideas out there, don’t let them limit what you can do. Instead, draw inspirations from each build to create the best Minecraft fountain designs. Who knows? You might make it on our best-of list in the future!

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