50 Minecraft House Ideas – Ultimate List

    Let’s face it, it’s easy to conceptualize Minecraft house ideas to build, but not so much to make one from scratch.

    Fortunately, the internet is a vast compendium that has thousands upon thousands of cool Minecraft houses. With the creative prowess of Minecraft’s best builders, I’ve compiled a list of 50 of the best house ideas to give you the inspiration you need to create your next Minecraft home.

    Say goodbye to uninspired Dirt, Cobblestone, and Log house builds, and hello to fantastic Minecraft mansion ideas and cute Minecraft houses instead.


    Simple Wooden House

    Wooden House
    SOURCE: Folli

    Starting off – this Simple Wooden House by Folli is a spacious wooden home utilizing Stripped Logs and Door Panels to give a fresh, woodsy, and contemporary look. 

    The exterior features several lamps, and the interior is lit by natural sunlight that streams through the tall Glass Pane windows.

    A nice touch to this design is the hanging vines by the balcony. This gives a decorative touch to the home, especially complementing the dominant brown colors. For a Minecraft base, this house looks secure and homey. Perfect to run back to after a heavy day exploring!


    Wooden Survival House

    Survival Minecraft House
    SOURCE: One Team

    Excusing the rather dramatic angle, this Wooden Survival House by One Team does a wonderful job mirroring a cabin that fits a rural village theme.

    With a few grains of Wheat growing at your home’s entrance, as well as alternating bush plants sitting below the window sill, a lot of elements work like a charm in this simple yet alluring home.

    And I won’t forget to mention the Cobblestone and Stone Brick block placements! Gives a secure and mildly intimidating feel to the house.


    Modern House

     Minecraft Modern House
    SOURCE: SheepGG

    Stepping back from going a purely cottage-core route, let me introduce to you one of the first Minecraft Minecraft modern house ideas in the list – this Modern House by SheepGG.

    It deceptively uses normal and dark Quartz blocks to cover up the easy-to-find wooden blocks that are used extensively in this Minecraft house build. That’s not to say those logs make the build look bad. It just goes to show that you can make anything look good with the right planning and placement. And the right blocks too, of course!


    Aquarium House

     Minecraft Aquarium House
    SOURCE: SheepGG

    Now let’s kick it up a notch and look at something mega creative. This Aquarium House by SheepGG features an expansive two-floor aquarium – filled with fish, plants, and sea life as far as the eye can see!

    The aquarium fits perfectly with the aesthetic of the house. The ascending front-door staircase, the lush and orderly garden plants, the remarkable contrast between black, white, and gray – all of it comes to life in this modern-looking aquarium home.

    Speaking of aquariums, here are other furniture piece ideas you can add to liven up your home.


    Two-Floor Wooden House

    Two Floor House
    SOURCE: JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial

    To tell you the truth, I’m a real sucker for Skinned Log builds. It has a clean, furbished finish that scratches my minimalism itch. This Two-Floor Wooden House by JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial (yes that’s the creator’s name) marvelously makes use of the block in their attempt to create a humble two-floor home — and by all means, they did it right.

    From the outdoor second floor, the criss-cross fence at the first-floor entryway, to the well-spaced lamps, the elements of this home just exude finesse. Suffice to say, I’m quite impressed by this one.


    Desert Village House

    Desert House
    SOURCE: BlueBits

    Behold, this Desert Village House by BlueBits. Like a temple in the middle of the desert, this Minecraft home design proudly stands tall with a unique ensemble of materials making it up.

    Prismarine Slabs and Walls create a bold and imaginative design that provides a bright, visual contrast against the sea of sand that surrounds the four corners of this smack-at-the-middle desert build. 

    Some Bricks, Sandstone, Iron Bars, and Acacia Planks round off the exterior as well — pushing an abandoned and exotic feel to the place.


    Wooden Modern House

    Wood and Modern House
    SOURCE: SheepGG

    This Wooden Modern House by SheepGG shows a boxy design that crosses modern and cabin vibes. Peer inside, and you see each room decorated with various wildflowers and plants – divided neatly per room.

    You get a glimpse of the plant haven just from looking at the exterior too. With just wooden blocks and plant life, this is one of the more interesting Minecraft modern house ideas that make the most out of its small range of materials. And let me tell you: it looks fine.

    Wondering if your rig’s mouse is good for Minecraft? Check this best Minecraft mouse list.


    Underground House

    Underground House
    SOURCE: Spudetti

    Greatness isn’t limited to soaring high castles or imposing towers that loom the skies. A flat, one-floor build can be just as spectacular too – as seen in the glorious Underground House by Spudetti

    Divided into four equal spaces, this circular fortress built entirely underground switches things up from the usual two-story home Minecraft builds. As seen from the sky, the symmetrical circular marvel is a sight to behold. And we can just imagine how good it looks to stare at the sky at night from down there.


    Modern Villa House

    Villa House

    SOURCE: Akila Gaming

    This Modern Villa House by Akila Gaming is one that isn’t stingy when it comes to showing all its frills — hanging chandeliers, an outdoor kitchen area, a bamboo garden, heck, even a jacuzzi. It’s the sort of place where anyone can easily find themselves saying, “Hey, I want one of that.”

    With a predominantly white Quartz exterior with black outline edges, this modern villa encapsulates sleekness to the core. Definitely not something just anyone could think of in a whim, I’m sure.


    Beach House

    Beach House

    SOURCE: Zaypixel

    If there’s one thing I love more than owning cute Minecraft houses, it’s taking a good dip at the beach. With this Beach House by Zaypixel, my dream of recuperating on a beach is fulfilled…

    …is what I would like to say if those wishes weren’t wasn’t locked behind a video game. But you know what, it’s a start.

    In all seriousness, this is one of those house designs Minecraft that makes for a good tropical build, if you so happen to spawn by the open waters. Do some research, install some good mods, and it won’t be hard to feel in awe of the beauty of the wide-open Minecraft sea.


    Medieval House

    Old Style House Minecraft
    SOURCE: BlueNerd Minecraft

    Planning to build a medieval-themed village, ay lad? Then you can’t pass up this Medieval House by BlueNerd Minecraft. Featuring a spacious house with white walls and wooden partitions and roofs, as well as a stone base layer, this is one of the more suave house designs Minecraft creators have bestowed for the public to see. It could even pass off as an aristocratic or fine noble person’s home. Certainly one of the more sophisticated Minecraft mansion ideas.

    On top of that, a section of the home extends as a watchtower slash attic. I can see this Minecraft house design faring well in PVE maps as a base for your crew of pals.


    Underwater Modern House

    Underwater House

    SOURCE: Random Steve Guy

    Be one with the sea with this Underwater Modern House by Random Steve Guy. Glass-paned, top-to-bottom windowed walls surrounding all floors allow you to see past the submerged home and deep into the ocean floor.

    And if you want to take a look outside, climb to the top floor and get a glorious view of ocean waves on all four corners of your home. I’d imagine only the boldest of us would be brave enough for this build – imagine staying here at night with no island at sight. Shudders!


    Modern City House

    City House


    Instead of minimalist cabins or fantasy-themed builds, there are more ways to get funky with your Minecraft home. This Modern City House by JINTUBE injects a modern flair into the world – complete with well-laid-out furniture, potted foliage, hedges, a pool, and two floors of contemporary goodness.

    Its estate-like qualities can be attributed to the good use of spacing and white walls thanks to the Concrete blocks. If you’re planning to build a city, this is one of those Minecraft house ideas that are sure to give you some inspiration.


    Oak Survival House

    Oak House

    SOURCE: SheepGG

    Back to wooden builds, this Oak Survival House by SheepGG is a classic contender for a vacation home you wish your friends had in the middle of the woods where you could go on summer sleepovers.

    With various sets of staircases connecting different parts of the house, to the stilts and hedges, this is one of those majestic Minecraft house designs that doesn’t take too many resources to build. All you need are wooden planks and things made out of those planks. Lots of them.

    Read about Skyblock in Minecraft.


    Pirate Base House

    Pirate Ship Minecraft

    SOURCE: DiddiHD

    If you want unique fantasy Minecraft homes as your next project, this Pirate Base House by DiddiHD might be something worth considering. 

    Built on top of seawater (or at least, close to it), this home looks like a pirate ship from afar. No other home resembles a shape like it, making it worth testing if you want to stand out. It even has a black flag hung at the top of the build. 

    With Wooden Planks, Panels, and other decorative blocks, this is one of the best Minecraft house ideas that are menacing enough to get any other players’ timbers shivered.


    Modern House

    Modern House

    SOURCE: Detsnow

    A clean, sleek look from this Modern House by Detsnow is a perfect example of how simple ideas executed well can still look great. This Minecraft house design gives a very clean, contemporary look to it — without a ton of extravagant embellishments or designs.

    The home itself feels like a simple yet cozy abode one could come back to after a long day of exploring. Take a dip in the infinity pool or doze away in the outdoor lounge – either way, you’re sure to feel rested in one of the cleanest Minecraft house designs you’ll ever see.


    Luxury Modern House

    Luxury Modern


    When someone mentions a house party, this is a home that’ll guarantee guests a good time.

    I mean, c’mon, just look at it! This house looks like a place you can rock in with your friends for game night. A continuation of luxurious Minecraft mansions, this Luxury Modern House by OSHACRA is quite the eye candy to behold. A cozy pool area, a spotless marble walkway, and a warm-toned, second-floor interior are some of the parts that make up this establishment.

    And, with no surprise, they all harmoniously fit together into one fine-looking mansion.

    Read up on cute Minecraft texture packs to use in your next world.


    Water Modern House

    Water Modern House

    SOURCE: Random Steve Guy

    We all think of Log planks and cool plants when it comes to designing builds – but have you considered making water an integral part of your Minecraft home? This Water Modern House by Random Steve Guy has a design that hinges on water.

    Upon entering the place, you must hop across elevated platforms to make it through the house. (Otherwise, you’d get wet!) The house design is simplistic and flat, but it does give off a handsome visage with its sleek black and white wall color combinations.


    Treehouse House


    SOURCE: Typface

    Imagine waking up to the sight of a horizon of canopies. Not above you, but spread on all four corners right by your feet!

    This Treehouse House by Typface lets you relish that dream with a 360° vista of the surrounding woodland. The woodwork is wonderful, the roofing is thematic, and the high level gives you the perfect height to look down at all those pesky mobs who think they can get one over you!

    This treehouse could be the perfect source material for a home in a makeshift village tribe. Simple and cozy.


    Underground Survival House

    Mini Underground  House

    SOURCE: SheepGG

    This Survival House by SheepGG offers an interesting, cozy take on a flat survival home in Minecraft.

    It takes a lot of creativity and minimalism to make good use of such little space and make it look good too. And lo and behold, this design manages to do just that!

    It features Stone Slabs, Skinned Wood, Glass Panes, some Tree Leaves, and the first-day essentials to get you prepared for your next adventure. As for me, I’d stay in a place like this or at least convert it into a storage area.


    Epic Modern House

    Modern House Party

    SOURCE: LubovLC

    You may be tired of all these modern houses – but they’re well-regarded for a reason! This Epic Modern House by LubovLC features a two-floor structure with a twist. Violet-styled walls and a wooden wall design with stripes at the corner offer a little more creativity compared to the other modern homes featured in the list.

    A lawn complete with a garden and sun lounge makes the deal so much sweeter too if you have to ask me. The quintessential white wall provides a striking contrast against the dominant lush backdrop of the forest, which is quite nice to see.


    Smallest Modern House

    Small Minecraft House

    SOURCE: Random Steve Guy

    This Smallest Modern House by Random Steve Guy is so small it can practically match the size of a dirt hut!

    The pride and joy of this house is the fact that it’s built with just Quartz blocks and a few decorative elements. Nothing but the essentials to keep those mobs out at night. Despite its miniature stature, it still doesn’t fail to look like a star.

    If you want to test out the extremities of eye-catching design, owning the smallest house is an eyebrow-raiser for sure, especially in PVP mode.


    Mountain House

    Mountain Face Home Minecraft house ideas

    SOURCE: JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial

    Have you ever wanted to build a house on the mountain that still manages to look good as Minecraft house ideas? This Mountain House by JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial is arguably one of the coolest looking ones out there.

    The circular windows offer natural sunlight and a full view of the great outdoors. The view looking at the interior looks stunning too, from well-lit ceilings and a couple of cabin furniture pieces to spruce up the place.

    Whether you’re playing on Minecraft 1.18 or some other version, replicating this unique take on a variety of mountain Minecraft mansion ideas is sure to impress crowds.


    Mountain Vine House

    Mountain Vine Home Minecraft house ideas

    SOURCE: Zaypixel

    This Mountain Vine House by Zaypixel is another brilliant design that makes use of Minecraft’s procedurally generated mountains.

    The use of vines and wooden planks around the place give it a hauntingly beautiful ambiance befitting of a home found deep in the face of a mountain range. The patch of wheat fields work beautifully with the decking and the overall build design as well, allowing players to enjoy a stylish and practical sight even when they’re inside their abode.

    Truly one of the cooler Minecraft house ideas that make me want to take plenty of pictures!


    Japanese House

    Japanese  Home Minecraft house ideas

    SOURCE: BlueBits

    Don’t try to hide it, we’re all enraptured by Japan’s naturally stunning architecture. This Japanese House by BlueBits perfectly recreates a home that looks like it’s been transported straight from the heartland and into the digital world of Minecraft.

    From the well-fitting foliage to the Japanese-style light sources, this Minecraft build inspiration is one that’s surely going to be a lot of fun boasting about.


    Modern Mansion House

    Modern Mansion  Home Minecraft house ideas

    SOURCE: Random Steve Guy

    Building on flat land? Pssh, been there, done that.

    Building on the side of a cliff that looks terribly close to toppling over? Now you’re speaking my language.

    If you like to live life on the edge (pun absolutely intended), this Modern Mansion House by Random Steve Guy is one of those Minecraft house ideas you’d enjoy recreating.

    It utilizes concrete blocks and a few black inner blocks. It’s generally small too, but nothing’s stopping you from putting your own creative spin on one of the most thrilling Minecraft modern house ideas.


    Large Japanese House

    Temple Home Minecraft Minecraft house ideas

    SOURCE: BlueNerd Minecraft

    Taking inspiration from Edo architecture, this ancient Large Japanese House by BlueNerd Minecraft is one that looks beautiful under the orange, autumn colors. On its own, it also looks strikingly similar to the quiet temples you can find scattered across East Asia.

    It’s quite hidden too. This makes it perfect for players looking to stay under the radar and enjoy the simplicity of life without distractions!


    Underwater Mountain House

    Underwater Home Minecraft house ideas

    SOURCE: Zaypixel

    We’ve featured mountain houses. We’ve featured underwater houses.

    Here’s an idea that brings to you the best of both worlds: this Underwater Mountain House by Zaypixel.

    Similar to a mountain house previously shown, this home is built by digging through layers of stone. Only this time, it’s situated underwater.

    For extra protection, this build idea is a fun way to make a super-secret lair or a cozy viewing deck. You can watch fish swim or drive off Drowned from knocking over your windows. Your choice!


    Waterfall Modern House

    Waterfall Home Minecraft Minecraft house ideas

    SOURCE: Random Steve Guy

    With the right Minecraft shaders, you can make almost all Minecraft house designs look totally different than it does in the base game. Maybe even a hundred times cooler than this Waterfall Modern House by Random Steve Guy.

    This design is a cube-like structure with water falling on the exterior walls, leaving behind a dark blue stream in its path. It’s enclosed in a neat Quartz block outer wall as well.

    While the build looks like it’s floating mid-air (or jutting out of the cliff), you can recreate this build on the ground or designated spaces as you see fit.


    Spruce House

    Spruce Home

    SOURCE: Reimiho

    This Spruce House by Reimiho is a spacious compound with a healthy dose of old-fashioned vibes.

    From its Spruce wooden slabs to its Cobblestone rooftop, this design is easily replicable as long as you have the right materials.

    Of course, if you’re not a fan of Spruce, you can always go ahead and replace them with your personal preference like Acacia or Oak instead!


    Leatherworker Desert House

    Leather Home

    SOURCE: BlueBits

    Sometimes, we spawn in the dense brush with trees and streams nearby. Other times, the middle of a desert is our spawning point.

    This Leatherworker Desert House by BlueBits considers the latter. It’s a simple design built with Wooden fences, Sandstone, and Acacia Planks, but these parts can be replaceable depending on what’s available.

    In a desert, having the orange of the Acacia provide contrast against the pale yellow sand is an inviting and sophisticated touch. Sure beats staying under the heat of the sun all day.


    Modern Pink House

    Flashy Pink Minecraft Home

    SOURCE: Kam The Builder

    If you’re tired of this shuffling between Quartz blocks and wooden planks, you’re in luck. This Modern Pink House by Kam The Builder is a modern home with a dash of the cutest and most rosy color anyone can go for.

    This design can be created in 1.18 with Pink Concrete blocks. You can go ahead and replace them with your preferred Concrete color type (assuming you have the right materials), but we’re sure most of us would agree that this design is a gorgeous one.


    Modern Blue House

    Cool Blue Minecraft Home

    SOURCE: LubovLC

    Another colored home makes the list. This time, this Modern Blue House by LubovLC shows an impressive intersecting blue square design and a cozy pool for good old R&R.

    The simple yet effective mix of blue and white definitely makes this design pop out. It also helps some various decorative elements like the chairs and poolside tables help bring out the best in this Minecraft design.

    For those looking for more Minecraft house ideas to add to their list, this one’s definitely a hit.


    Snowy Tundra Cabin House

    Snowy Minecraft Home

    SOURCE: InfiniteDrift

    Building in a snowy biome? This Snowy Tundra Cabin House by InfiniteDrift can help.

    This build is one that has a Stone Brick pyramid-shaped exterior and looks snug and warm on the inside.

    On the inside, some hay bales, sweet berry bush, and potted plants bring out the festive Christmas character for this Minecraft home idea.

    Definitely makes me want to brew some hot cocoa and get cozy under the covers of my bed.


    Medieval Mansion House

    Medieval Minecraft Home

    SOURCE: BigTonyMC

    This Medieval Mansion House by BigTonyMC could pass as a castle fit for a king like King Louis XIV of France.

    Featuring some ornate stone brick that works great with the brown and white color scheme, this build is one high-end Minecraft house idea that captures the old days with stunning accuracy.

    You can feel the regal presence all over this mansion house design.

    If you want something big, then this is the most suitable choice for your medieval-themed village.


    Lovely Pink House

    Pink Minecraft Home


    The pink revolution isn’t over just yet. This Lovely Pink House by GAMES is another great piece of architecture that utilizes our favorite color with Pink Concrete blocks.

    Aside from that, glass panes, white Concrete blocks, plants, and a few wooden rooftop elements complete the look of this build. You can substitute the pink blocks into any color you want.

    Want to add more visual flavor to your game? Read more on Minecraft Plastic Texture Packs.


    Large Modern House

    gray Minecraft Home

    SOURCE: IrieGenie

    Nothing is as lifelike as this Large Modern House build by IrieGenie. This stunning mansion has it all in its two floors – from a dedicated pool area, a living room, some indoor lounges, and a bedroom.

    On top of that, the architecture inside is designed with such professionalism and forethought, it looks like the screenshot was taken from an entirely different game!

    Finding this build would likely entail you to look for a bunch of mods and shaders as well. But even if you take hours of scouring, the masterpiece you’ll end up with will make it more than worth the effort.


    Maximalist Modern House

    Cool White Minecraft Home

    SOURCE: BlueBeey

    Slinking back to the pattern of white-walled houses, this Maximalist Modern House by BlueBeey is one of the coolest contemporary Minecraft house designs that features a mix of white walls and wooden partitions. It also features glass panes and a few lanterns hanging by the rooftop as well.

    This build looks great overlooking a lake. One thing though, this home’s garden’s a little sparse. Why not check some Minecraft garden ideas to create an even better rendition of the place?


    Large Pink Modern House

    Big Pink Minecraft Home


    This Large Pink Modern House by GAMES is an appealing and sophisticated villa design that’s number 39 on this list.

    These stunningly cute Minecraft houses lathered in hot pink paint look well-maintained despite being situated in a forest biome. It also has an outdoor pool in case anyone wants to take a swim.

    The house itself is an airy design that lets you see through the first floor and second floors, letting light in for a bright, rosy environment inside that matches its lavish and femme exterior.


    Luxury Villa House

    Villa Minecraft Estate

    SOURCE: LubovLC

    Another design that’s jaw-droppingly good is this Luxury Villa House by LubovLC.

    This contemporary villa house looks good enough to be a vacation destination. With connected rooms, a swimming pool, and a perfectly-placed sun lounge, it’s no wonder why this design is regarded highly as one of the best Minecraft house ideas out there.

    While the color scheme’s been tried and tested to oblivion countless times over, this one’s still very much worthy of being on the list.


    Japanese Compound House

    Japanese Compound Minecraft Home

    SOURCE: BlueBits

    This Japanese Compound House by BlueBits is an impressive design that replicates the architecture of the East.

    Before entering the establishment, you’ll have to pass through a structure with curvy, elongated roof eaves – already striking you with the iconic air of Japanese culture.

    Then you enter a courtyard where you can explore the Japanese-themed compound as you please. If you want to take a break, you can step outside and enter a tranquil bamboo garden where you can meditate or take a stroll in.


    Modern Building House

    Huge Mansion Minecraft

    SOURCE: IrieGenie

    If you can’t live or visit a mansion in real life, learn how to build it with one of the most jawdropping Minecraft mansion ideas instead! This Modern Building House by IrieGenie looks like an absolute dream to visit. Aside from the well-kept and symmetrical garden and pool, the house doesn’t shy away from dazzling any guests that step foot in the place either.

    One thing’s for certain: this ain’t no starter house.


    Spruce Wood House

    Spruce House

    SOURCE: TSMC – Minecraft

    If you find solace in simplicity, this Spruce Wood House by TSMC – Minecraft is one that’s approachable for any novice or an intermediate-level builder. It doesn’t require much in terms of materials, but it’s no 9 by 9 Dirt block shelter either.

    If you want building tips and house designs Minecraft creators have made, check this guide.


    Mountainside Castle House

    Castle Home

    SOURCE: BigTonyMC

    Castle in the sky? Not quite; it’s a mountainside castle!

    This Mountainside Castle House by BigTonyMC is a structure that’s made out of Stone Brick and Black stone blocks. It resembles a castle with its high walls and tall towers.

    While the roofing might not be what you’re used to from castles, this build has other elements that make it worthy of being on this list: a nice garden, some large rooms, and extra-fortified defense against threats with mountains all over.


    Fairytale Cottage House

    Fairy Minecraft Home

    SOURCE: BigTonyMC

    This Fairytale Cottage House by BigTonyMC is an excellent Minecraft house idea for players who want something simple yet captivating.

    The cottage itself is decorated with themed pink palettes, some overgrown plants, and even a watchtower. The surrounding forest outside adds to the rustic feel of this cute little home.

    If you like frolicking in the outdoors with some flowers or over a bridge, this is regarded as one of the best Minecraft house ideas to return to after a good day exploring.


    Librarian Desert House

    Librarian Minecraft Home

    SOURCE: BlueBits

    This Librarian Desert House by BlueBits is a unique house build with distinct architecture that can house your village librarian.

    You’ll need 188 pieces of Terracotta, 168 Cut Sandstone, 103 Spruce planks, and 80 Dark Oak planks to make this house. Watch the video linked above for the full list of items.

    If you’re seeking something as creative as this, you may also draw some inspiration from our article on cool Minecraft houses for your Minecraft animals.


    Ultimate Survival House

    Survival Minecraft Home

    SOURCE: SV Gravity

    Here’s a unique design that you can create in your Survival world. With easy-to-find materials like Logs, Planks, and Cobblestone, it won’t be hard for you to make a survival home similar to this Ultimate Survival House by SV Gravity. Just be sure to do it before the Zombies and Skeletons get to you!

    If you want to find cool background images on Minecraft, check this article for a complete list.


    Large Spruce Mansion House

    Large Spruce Mansion

    SOURCE: Folli

    There’s something magical about creating a house with the simplest of materials and making it incredible.

    This Large Spruce Mansion House by Folli manages to accomplish such a feat – using the game’s most common materials and creating a stunningly gorgeous two-story home. Aside from the Wooden materials and Cobblestone, lamps light up the area to make it all the more inviting.


    Woodland Mansion House

    Woodland Minecraft Home

    SOURCE: BigTonyMC

    Have you ever wanted to build a castle, without all the commitment of actually making one?

    This Woodland Mansion House by BigTonyMC closely imitates a castle with a turret jutting out of the home’s wooden roof.

    While some may argue that this looks more like a tavern than a castle, I’d still think this looks like a mini-castle of sorts.

    But what do you think? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.


    Large Oak Survival House

    Large Oak Survival Home

    SOURCE: Folli

    You’re now in the endgame, and want to make the best fortress to protect you against spawners and mobs.

    This Large Oak Survival House by Folli can help you fulfill your objective, with walls on all four corners, watchtowers, a gated entrance, and an elevated base on stilts in the center of it all. No other Minecraft house ideas can leave you as guarded as this one.

    While I think that some of these features may be too over the top, when a mob of zombies starts running amok, who’s really going to be the one making it out alive?

    Joshua Munoz A writer first, gamer second, Josh enjoys playing strategy games, chilling with his dogs, and making it big on YouTube.

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