The Best Minecraft Parkour Maps for 2024

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Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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You might not know this, but parkour is an important skill you need to master in Minecraft. Whether you’re playing survival mode or multiplayer, traveling the world involves jumping through cliffs or avoiding falling into lava. 

Playing in parkour servers is a lot of fun. But if you want to improve your skills, it’s better to practice alone in parkour maps. 

In this article, we present the top Minecraft parkour maps of 2024, meticulously tested and selected to offer you the ultimate preparation for your future adventures.


100 Levels 2

100 Levels 2

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This Minecraft parkour map is one of the best out there. From the variety of levels available to the degree of difficulty it offers, it’s hard to find a replacement for this massive parkour map. 

With this map, you will encounter various mechanics in more than 2 hours of parkour, including ender eye collecting, warden, snake parkour, and more. 


PSC Reloaded

PSC reloaded

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PSC Reloaded is a standout Minecraft parkour map that takes players through an exhilarating journey of skill and agility.

It features 60 challenges, each divided into eight unique zones. Upon completing each zone, players are rewarded with an extra challenge, intensifying the thrill of the adventure. The map is designed to cater to a wide range of skill levels, making it a perfect fit for both beginners and parkour veterans.

With its approximately 700 stages, PSC Reloaded offers an expansive playground filled with diverse themes and varying difficulties.


Only Up 

Only Up

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Only Up is a great parkour map to play along or with your friends. It’s also a fun map to speed run thanks to the various obstacles you’ll encounter. What makes this parkour map even better are the hidden skips and shortcuts that you’ll eventually discover as you play. 

For an extra challenge, you can try the no checkpoints option, which resets all your progress when you die. 


Training Ground

Training Ground

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Are you tired of losing to other players in parkour servers? Training Ground is a custom Minecraft map that will make you a better parkour player. This map features insane varieties of jumps that will test every ounce of your Minecraft skills. 

From classics like strafe jumps and neo jumps to long jumps and ladder jumps, Training Ground has it all covered for you. 

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned Minecraft player, you’ll surely learn new parkour skills in Training Ground. 


The Tower of Hell 

The Tower of Hell minecraft parkour maps

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This parkour map is a direct tribute to the popular Roblox map, Juke’s Tower of Hell. The Tower of Hell is an insanely difficult map where you are tasked to climb a 250-block-tall tower with no checkpoints. 

On this map, you’ll be performing hundreds of different jumps that will eventually cause you to fall and lose time. 

Luckily, it has a practice mode where checkpoints are enabled so you can familiarize yourself with the obstacles. 


The Parkour Island

The Parkour Island

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Here’s another fun Minecraft map that offers tons of parkour for players. The Parkour Island is a fast-paced parkour map that features a huge island with tons of buildings and structures. Some mechanics it features include snake parkour, target shooting, and more. 

The Parkour Island also contains 10 Easter Eggs waiting for you to discover. Your main goal for this map is to finish all obstacles in 20 minutes or faster. 


Whirlpool Parkour

Whirlpoll Parkour minecraft parkour maps

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Whirlpool Parkour not only offers parkour levels but also a setting that will make you want to overcome all obstacles. With this map, you’ll start at the bottom of the ocean and make your way up to get out of the massive whirlpool. It also has a leaderboard that constantly gets updated.

Some features of this map include moving blocks, custom sound effects, and visual textures, fast-paced levels for a speedrun, and a complex timer and score system that checks for fails, time, and jumps. 

There’s also a smart checkpoint and auto-teleport system in place in case you want to skip some levels. 


Under The Secret

Under the Secret minecraft parkour maps

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This is one of the most difficult parkour maps in Minecraft. What separates this map is that you’ll need creative thinking to solve tricky puzzles incorporated in each level. It also requires excellent parkour skills to make your way from one platform to the other. 

If you don’t think about your next jump, you could end up getting stuck in one place where the only option is to start over.


8 Biomes

8 Biomes minecraft parkour maps

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This Minecraft parkour map features all eight biomes including the latest cherry biome. Each floating platform features a biome where you can test and improve your parkour skills. The obstacles for your map aren’t that difficult, which is a great starting map for beginners. 

What’s great about this map is that you can get familiarized with the different biomes in Minecraft, which can help you in your future gameplay.

That concludes our list of the best Minecraft parkour maps. From extremely difficult parkour maps to training grounds to hone your skills, we provide suitable parkour maps that can be enjoyed by both newbies and veterans. 

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