15 Minecraft Pixel Art Ideas

Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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Minecraft’s distinct graphics are the perfect canvas to let your imagination run wild. And what better way to do that than decorating your world with pixel art? It’s a match made in heaven with countless colourful blocks to build any design you can think of, and that’s why we’re compiling 15 Minecraft pixel art ideas for you. We’ve chosen them based on how manageable they are to replicate in a Survival world, but feel free to open your Creative world and make them there!


Master Chief

Master Chief How to Build Minecraft Design Wool

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The following video tutorial by JBros Gaming shows us how to build a cool Master Chief for your Minecraft world. The main protagonist from the Halo series has a distinct green colour palette that you can replicate by using Green and Lime wool and wrapping up the outer lines with Black wool. You won’t be able to miss it from a distance!


Super Saiyan Goku

Minecraft Pixel Art Design Goku Dragon Ball Z Tutorial
Screenshot by The Grande Gamer

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Goku’s iconic transformation gets the pixel art treatment in this incredible design showcased by The Grande Gamer. The video lasts about 30 minutes, so it shouldn’t take too long to replicate this design in your spare time. Goku has a simple colour scheme with red, orange and blue colours in his clothing, and let’s not forget the iconic spiked blonde hair. Wool is, as always, the perfect choice for this Minecraft pixel art. Don’t forget a bit of Sandstone for the face and hands!



Pokemon Pikachu Pixel Art Idea for Minecraft 1.18

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Pokemon has a dear place in our hearts, and why not have this beautiful Pikachu pixel art to flex your building skills with your friends? JBrosGaming has uploaded this video tutorial that’s super easy to follow and, you guessed it– you will need *a lot* of Yellow wool. Rather than going with a more neutral pose, we love the more aggressive stance combined with the sparkles coming out of its cheeks.

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Among Us’ Crewmate

Among Us Design for Minecraft 1.18 Pixel Art How to Build

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We cannot ignore how Among Us has become part of today’s internet culture, and what better way to pay homage to InnerSloth’s multiplayer game than by having a gigantic Crewmate in your world? This is another of those Minecraft pixel art ideas that are fairly easy to follow, and you can use RocketZer0’s tutorial if you’re unsure of how to replicate the design by yourself. Of course, you can use other wool colour variations if you’re not convinced with the blue version.


Pixel Heart

Cute Minecraft Pixel Art Heart Idea Simple Tutorial

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Some players aren’t looking to have famous characters from pop culture, and instead, would love to have something simple and cute to decorate their world. A heart is an easily-recognizable and nice detail to have. To be honest, it’s such a straightforward pixel art design, you may take longer in collecting the necessary resources if you decide to build in Survival mode!

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Undertale’s Sans

Undertale How to Build Video Tutorial Minecraft Pixel Art Blueprint

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We cannot help adding one of the internet’s beloved characters from Undertale to our list. His Overworld sprite is perfect for these types of projects, so it’s a matter of getting the proportions right with this video tutorial by SurvivalGuy13. Your material list only consists of White, Black, Blue and Grey wool blocks, and the creator goes into good detail on how to properly outline the body.


Batman Symbol

Batman Pixel Art Minecraft Design How to Build Black Wool 1.18

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Do you have some spare Black wool forgotten in one of your chests? We have the perfect Minecraft pixel art design for you! The Dark Knight’s bat symbol is as recognizable as it gets, and following JBrosGaming’s video tutorial lasting about 8 minutes should give you an insight on how to recreate it in your Minecraft game. Don’t forget to use Scaffolds to reach the top area!

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Falling Heart

Falling Heart Pixel Art Simple Minecraft Trick Contraption 1.18
Screenshot by Lemonslice

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We know we’ve already shown a pixel heart, but why not add an interesting twist? This video tutorial by Lemonslice takes advantage of Minecraft’s physics to create a cool contraption. No Redstone needed! Instead of using Wool as many other Minecraft pixel art ideas, you will need Concrete Powder that you will start to stack up and keep in position with Torches. Simple, yet quite ingenious!


8-Bit Mario

Classic Mario 8bit Design for Minecraft 1.18 Terracota Wool Tutorial

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80’s video games are a perfect source of inspiration for pixel art designs. One of the most iconic sprites from that era must be Mario, and you can have the original 8-bit design right in your Minecraft world. With this video tutorial by DanielAnimations, you only need some Red, Yellow, Blue and Black wool. But how to faithfully recreate Mario’s skin tone from his first game? The solution: White Terracota blocks and Brown Terracotta for his facial hair. Awesome!


The Mandalorian’s Grogu

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Design Cute Simple Pixel Art 1.18 How to Build
Screenshot by RocketZer0

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Another internet sensation from The Mandalorian’s series, Grogu (or Baby Yoda), has won our hearts with his cuteness. We have this video tutorial by RocketZer0 with a pixel art version of this lovely Star Wars character, which will require some Brown, Green and Black blocks. However, note that the tutorial uses an excellent combination of Wool and Terracota blocks to be as faithful as possible to the original colour palette. Nice!

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Nintendo 64 Icon

Nintendo 64 Simple Plastic Design Pixel Art Style Minecraft 1.17

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If you’re looking for an excellent Minecraft pixel art design to show off to other players on a server, why not go straight for nostalgia with this Nintendo 64 icon? The following video tutorial by The Grande Gamer only demands 4 colours and it’s super easy to follow. Compared to other featured designs that use Wool or Terracotta, here you can use Green, Blue, Red and Yellow Concrete to have a smoother texture in the final design.


Skull & Crossbones

Skull Pirate Minecraft Pixel Art Ideas 1.18 Simple Design

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If you have a pirate ship ashore or want to decorate an evil lair, PhoenixDeath Gaming has uploaded this video tutorial to guide you on how to have some skull with crossbones in pixel art style. Such a simple design only demands Black and White wool, but you can always use Terracota or Concrete if you think these materials look better.

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Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar Minecraft 1.18 Pixel Art Idea Design Video Tutorial
Screenshot by RocketZer0

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Chocolate is so delicious it’s a shame that you cannot craft it in vanilla Minecraft. However, you can build this Minecraft pixel art design featuring an open chocolate bar with a white and pink wrapper. The following video tutorial by RocketZer0 lasts only about 8 minutes and only requires Black, White, Pink and Brown wool to complete. If you’ve set up a grocery store or similar shop inside a multiplayer server, it’s great to mark the spot from a distance!


Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Pixel Art Design Minecraft 1.18 Tutorial
Screenshot by RocketZer0

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Marvel movies have left a significant impact on pop culture in the last decade, and it’s only fair that we include this superb Minecraft pixel art design in our list. The all-mighty Infinity Gauntlet can be yours in Minecraft with this video tutorial by RocketZer0, and the good news is that you can easily replicate it in your Survival or Creative world on a whim. Ideally, start with the exterior outline and fill the interior accordingly to avoid major mistakes.



Yoshi Mario Cute Design Pixel Art Style for Minecraft 1.18

Watch Tutorial

Super Mario World has already made an appearance in this list, but come on– who doesn’t love Yoshi’s cute face? The following video tutorial by RocketZer0 has the green dinosaur facing forward and accompanied by the iconic egg. The design’s size is manageable to build in a Survival world without risking instant death when taking a wrong step into the void. As always, we hope that you have enough Wool and Dyes!

While we’ve compiled all of these cool Minecraft pixel art ideas for you, nothing is stopping you from creating original designs. If you want visual guides for making this type of art in your Minecraft world, you can always convert images with online tools to obtain a pixeled template. Are you using one of these video tutorials? Which design was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for reading!

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