10 Best Minecraft Plains Seeds (2024)

Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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Start your new Minecraft adventure with these plains biome seeds, perfect for builders, survivalists, and explorers. 

From massive flatlands to snowy peaks and isolated islands, each seed in this article promises a unique experience to any player. 


Flat Lands

Flat Lands
Flat Lands In-Game

Seed: 9971329180167551
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

For players seeking a nice flat area to set up their base, this seed offers plenty of land to work with. The plains area is also near a forest, providing an abundant source of wood for your needs.

In addition, this seed features two nearby villages with a pillager outpost between them. If that’s not enough, there are also two ancient cities hiding beneath the massive flat lands.


  • Plains Village (X: -736 Z: 592 / X: -768 Z: -448)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: -688 Z: -192)
  • Ancient City (X: -312 Y: -51 Z: -296 / X: -600 Y: -51 Z: -536)
Flat Lands Seed Map
Flat Lands Seed Map


Snowy Plains

snowy plains
Snowy Plains In-Game

Seed: 4316911022433271230
Screenshot Coordinates: X: -272 Z: 96

This seed spawns you right into a plains biome. It has a big flat area to build anything you wish. However, the best thing about it is that the entire plains is shaped like a circle. One half is regular plains, and the other is snowy.

Right from the spawn point, you’ll encounter plenty of cool stuff. There’s a village right in the plains. Plus, there are four other villages outside the plains biome but still near the spawn.

The snowy plains also feature a frozen ocean with some shipwrecks to explore.


  • Plains Village (X: -272 Z: 96)
  • Taiga Village (X: -816 Z: -384 / X: -352 Z: -496 / X: 32 Z: -224 / X: 160 Z: 736)
  • Shipwreck (X: -696 Z: 600 / X: -1,000 Z: 40)
  • Ocean Monument (X: -824 Z: 824) 
minecraft plains seeds
Snowy Plains Seed Map


Plains Island

plains island
Plains Island In-Game

Seed: -5185120850900340596
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

If you love going off-grid but want a plains biome, then this seed is the one to go for. It spawns you on a plains island with a small forest. While natural resources are still limited, having some source of wood is better than nothing.

If you explore the surrounding ocean, you’ll uncover dozens of shipwrecks, ocean monuments, cold ruins, and even ruined portals.


  • Shipwreck (X: 200 Z: -216 / X: -168 Z: -584 / X: 584 Z: -376)
  • Ocean Monument (X: 376 Z: -376 / X: -200 Z: -280)
  • Ruined Portal (X: 88 Z: -280)
Plains Island Seed Map
Plains Island Seed Map


Plains Villages

minecraft plains seeds
Plains Villages In-Game

Seed: 3825997
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

If you’re looking for a plains biome with a village at spawn, then this Minecraft seed gives you exactly that.

At spawn, you’ll find two villages and a massive plains area that works as an excellent blank canvas for anything you can think of building. As a bonus, there’s a small cherry grove near one of the villages if you want to check out Minecraft’s latest biome.

If you head south, you’ll find another village and an ancient city waiting for you to explore at coordinates: X: 440 Y: -51 Z: 520.


  • Plains Village (X: -144 Z: 32 / X: 0 Z: 0)
  • Shipwreck (X: 424 Z: -104)
  • Ruined Portal (X: -312 Z: 264)
  • Buried Treasure (X: 361 Z: -135)
Plains Villages Seed Map


Plains & Forest

minecraft plains seeds
Plains & Forest In-Game

Seed: 562950490522513
Screenshot Coordinates: X: 368 Z: 32

At spawn, you’ll think that this isn’t a great seed at all. You start in a normal forest, allowing you to gather initial resources to craft your tools.

However, upon exploring the nearby areas, you’ll stumble across a massive plains area with a thriving village. The plains biome is also surrounded by a river, giving you a well-balanced location to set up camp.

But the best thing about this seed is that there’s an added challenge of having to defend the village from the hostile mobs on the pillager outpost nearby.


  • Pillager Outpost (X: 528 Z: 256)
  • Shipwreck (X: 136 Z: -168)
  • Ruined Portal (X: 376 Z: 8)
  • Buried Treasure (X: 281 Z: -135)
Plains & Forest Seed Map
Plains & Forest Seed Map


Triple Village

triple village
Triple Village In-Game

Seed: 234345
Screenshot Coordinates: X: 256 Z: -416

This seed offers you a massive plain at spawn point. What sold me this seed are the three villages near spawn, giving you plenty of opportunities for trade and resources.

If that’s not enough, you’ll be glad to know that each of the nearby villages has a nearby ruined portal that you can loot.


  • Ancient City (X: -1,032 Y: -51 Z: -264)
  • Plains Village (X: -144 Z: 400 / X: 336 Z: 176)
  • Shipwreck (X: 56 Z: 648)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: -1,184 Z: 80)
minecraft plains seeds
Triple Village Seed Map


Survival Island

survival island
Survival Island In-Game

Seed: 332503286
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

If you’re planning on testing your survival skills, then try this plains island seed. Basically, this seed will test everything you’ve learned in Minecraft, from collecting your resources to surviving with limited food and tools.

The island is quite small, and you’ll only find a few trees. This means that you’ll have to swim to the mainland to get more wood for your structures.

Fortunately, there are three shipwrecks near the island, which should provide you with some items.


  • Shipwreck (X: -104 Z: -120 / X: 8 Z: -136 / X: -88 Z: 24)
  • Ruined Portal (X: -504 Z: 24)
  • Buried Treasure (X: 281 Z: -311)
  • Cold Ruin (X: 56 Z: -232 / X: -232 Z: -200)
minecraft plains seeds
Survival Island Seed Map


Cherry Caldera

cherry caldera
Cherry Caldera In-Game

Seed: 1063292310985219505
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

Looking for stunning world generations? Check out this Minecraft plains seed.

It spawns you on top of snowy peaks with a massive crater. Inside the crater is a mix of cherry grove and plains biome that strikes a perfect balance between flatlands and cliffs. This is an amazing base location if you want to isolate yourself from the rest of the world.

Want more features? There’s a village inside the crater!


  • Plains Village (X: 224 Z: 224)
  • Ruined Portal (X: 264 Z: 344)
  • Ancient City (X: 520 Y: -51 Z: 120)
Cherry Caldera Seed Map
Cherry Caldera Seed Map


Mini Island

Mini Island
Mini Island In-Game

Seed: 7600
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

Here’s another amazing plains seed that spawns you in a stunning location. Initially, you’ll find yourself on a small island surrounded by a river. Thankfully, the mainland is just a few swims away.

There’s also a large village on a hillside south of where you spawned.

Underneath the village is a massive cave system and ravine filled with valuable resources and loot.


  • Plains Village (X: 192 Z: 112)
  • Shipwreck (X: -296 Z: -104)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: 608 Z: 96)
  • Warm Ruin (X: -216 Z: 120)
Mini Island Seed Map
Mini Island Seed Map


Plains & Mountain Range

Plains & Mountain Range
Plains & Mountain Range In-Game

Seed: 8617067142344778546
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

The combination of plains and jagged peaks creates a visually stunning landscape. This seed provides exactly that. At spawn, you’ll find yourself between spacious plains biomes and towering jagged peaks.

While this seed doesn’t offer a lot of features at spawn, there’s a nearby village and ancient city from where you start.


  • Pillager Outpost (X: -816 Z: -384)
  • Ancient City (X: 24 Y: -51 Z: -296 / X: 8 Y: -51 Z: 120) 
  • Mineshaft (X: 168 Z: -120 / X: 88 Z: 152)
  • Plains Village (X: 112 Z: -336)
minecraft plains seeds
Plains & Mountain Range Seed Map


Seeds included in this article transform Minecraft’s ordinary plains into extraordinary landscapes. Whether you seek a plain canvas for your builds, a snowy retreat, or a challenging survival island, these seeds will deliver what you’re looking for. 

Get ready to explore these seeds and shape your Minecraft adventures in unexpected ways.

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